July 26, 2000


ARN842 DH8 parked in gate 12 advised had haze/smoke in cockpit and requested fire trucks. Crash alarm activated. Crash crews advised all ok and returned to hall 1727Z. Airport Duty Manager advised. TSB Case Closed. Update: The Operator reported that the outside air temperature was very high at the time of the occurrence and that the aircraft passenger capacity was close to maximum. They also reported that under these conditions the air cycle machine would be under maximum load to control the cabin temperature and they suspect that this would be that source of the smoke. Maintenance will inspect the aircraft and report to the TSB. TSB file # A00A0117

February 21, 1998

Incident at 50 mi. est de Québec

During an IFR flight from Fredericton to Jean-Lesage Airport, the pilot of flight ARN842 advised the control tower the aircraft was experiencing engine failure. The pilot did not specify any emergency and the aircraft landed at Jean-Lesage without problems at 1745Z. UPDATE : During an IFR flight from Fredericton to Dorval, the pressure from the #1 engine fluctuated and the low pressure light went on. The crew shut the down the engine and changed direction, heading for Jean-Lesage Airport. The aircraft landed with no difficulty. Air Alliance maintenance crew reviewed the engine and reported the oil cooler was leaking. The cooler was replaced and the aircraft was put back in service. Lors d'un vol IFR de Fredericton vers Jean Lesage, le pilote du vol ARN842 a informé le contr,leur que l'aéronef avait subi une panne moteur. Le pilote n'a pas déclaré d'urgence et l'aéronef s'est posé sans problème à l'aéroport Jean Lesage à 1745Z. MISE À JOUR: Lors d'un vol IFR de Fredericton vers Dorval, la pression du moteur #1 fluctuait et le voyant pression basse s'est allumé. L'équipage a fermé le moteur et a changé sa destination pour Jean Lesage où l'aéronef s'est posé sans autre problème. L'examen du moteur par le service d'entretien d'Air Alliance a révélé que le refroidisseur d'huile avait une fuite. La pièce a été remplacée et l'aéronef a été remis en service.

November 14, 1998

Incident at Fredericon, N.B.

Pilot reported striking birds when landing on runway 27. Vehicle check recovered remains of two snowbirds. Pilot advised nil damage.

November 5, 1997

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN842 DHC-8 landing Halifax Intl advised Tower that the Engine Warning Light came on while on Final Approach. Pilot requested that CFR standby. Aircraft landed without incident and taxied to the ramp. No other Aircraft involved. TSB evaluating

June 24, 1997

Incident at Vicinity of Truro NS

ARN842 DH8 enroute Charlottetown to Halifax as aircraft entered Halifax Terminal Control Area started a descent through 11,000 feet. A conflict occurred when a Canadian Forces CP140 Aurora was observed transiting the area at 10,500 feet under Visual Flight Rules. The Aurora spotted the DH8 and took avoiding action. The DH8 crew advised that they saw the Aurora only at the last minute and were unable to take avoiding action. Initial indications are that the Aurora did not have their transponder turned on. This is possibly why ARN842 did not get the TCAS warning. TSB case closed. Action by Enforcement

April 22, 1996


The Jetstream 41 (ATL415) was cleared for a visual approach to RWY 33. The aircraft had to pull up because the Dash 8 (who cancelled the IFR) was landing on RWY 27. The Jetstream crew called Moncton after landing and complained about being "cut off". ARN842 landed RWY 27 at 1450z, ATL415 carried out a missed approach at 1450z then returned for landing RWY 33 at 1453z. TSB no involvement.

September 27, 1994

Incident at Halifax

C-GONO, DHC-8, Air Nova MEI 101 enroute Moncton to Halifax on airway V313 at 17000 feet and ARN842 was Halifax to Moncton on V313 at 12000 feet. The required separations of 3 miles lateral and 1000 feet vertical was lost when MEI101 was cleared to descend to 10,000 feet. The aircraft passed on each others right with 2.3 miles lateral and 700 feet vertical separations. The incident occurred inside Halifax terminal airspace shortly after automatic hand off from Moncton. A fact finding board will be held.

February 17, 1994

Incident at 45 North Halifax

DHC-8 was advised of VFR aircraft overtaking him at 12500 feet. VFR aircraft had DHC-8 in sight. Despite being given this info, DHC-8 pilot acted on the TCAS alert and descended to 11500 feet. Pilot advised that company policy required him to do so. TSB evaluating.