October 14, 1999

Incident at Halifax

ARN885 BA46 was on right base, vectored for an approach runway 24 ahead of ARN827 DH8 who was vectored for a straight in on runway 24. Both aircraft approached within 2 miles of one another and about 600 feet before ARN was turned to a heading of 180 and brought around for another approach. Case Closed Update: ARN885 was to land ahead of ARN827and during the radar vectors, separation between the aircraft eroded to 2 miles horizontally and 800 feet vertically where 3 miles horizontal or 1000 feet vertical separtion is required. ARN827 was instructed to turn to a heading of 180 degrees and vectored around for another approach. Both aircraft landed without further incident. TSB File # A99A0141

May 19, 1999

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN827 DH8 landing Halifax was cleared for a Visual Approach Runway 33 and assigned Tower frequency. Aircraft did a missed approach at 1846z and was unable to contact Tower for landing clearance. Captain later advised that the assigned frequency had been incorrectly selected. Traffic on approach to runway 15 was turned for runway 24. The closest traffic came was 4 miles. ARN827 landed runway 15. Nil TSB

January 13, 1999

Incident at Halifax

ARN827 DH8A enroute from Charlottetown to Halifax, received a traffic alert (TCAS) 12 nautical miles on final for Halifax runway 24 . Moncton ACC reported no known aircraft in vicinity although pilot advised another aircraft depicted 1300 feet below . Nil TSB

October 18, 1997

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN827 DHC-8 departed Halifax 1944z enroute Moncton. At 1949z pilot advised tower they would be returning Halifax due to unsafe gear indication. ARN827 landed safely at Halifax 1952Z. TSB evaluating.

February 13, 1996


The pilot interrupted engine start and deplaned his passengers. ERS responded to an unspecified request from the pilot. An engine was replaced and the aircraft was returned to service the next day. TSB evaluating. UPDATE - TSB case closed.

February 3, 1996

Incident at Fredericton N.B.

Just after take-off from Moncton, the pilot observed that the rudder trim was not working. The aircraft was diverted to Fredericton where another aircraft was available to continue to destination. Maintenance determined that the rudder trim was frozen. The actuator was heated and the moisture evaporated. The aircraft was returned to service. TSB case closed.