May 24, 2001

Incident at DEER LAKE NL (CYDF)

ARN826 DH8 during run-up checks on the ramp, pilot discovered an electrical problem and shut down both engines. The on-duty FSS noticed smoke coming from starboard engine and advised airport firefighting personnel. AFF responded, and later advised that the aircraft had a stuck starter that overheated. TSB Case Closed. More to follow.
TSB Update June 4, 2001. A01A0056: Shortly after completing the start of engine #2 then #1, the crew noticed an electrical problem and disconnected ground power. The ""DC Bus"" and ""#2 DC Gen"" caution lights then illuminated. The crew completed the QRH; however the #2 DC gen would not come on line. The starter button lights were out and the starter switch was centered. The crew then shut down both engines. After shutdown the crew noted that the #2 NH was at 18% and the prop was still turning. The prop continued to turn until ground power was disconnected and the the batteries were turned off. The on-duty FSS noticed smoke coming from the starboard engine cowl and advised airport firefighting personnel. AFF responded. The starter on the number two engine had failed to disengage, and the starter had overheated

March 12, 2001

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT) (ATS operating irregularity)

Controller issued departure clearance to SPR927 for runway 34. ARN826 advised that he was still taxiing on runway 16/34 and would be off on taxiway Golf shortly. Take-off clearance was then cancelled. Other OPI ANS and Airspace TSB Case closed with more to follow.

February 11, 2000

Incident at Halifax

2000A0075. ARN826 DH8A departed Halifax for Deer Lake, reported a slight hydraulic problem. Aircraft burned off fuel and landed safely in Halifax. No assistance required. Nil TSB. Update: When landing gear retracted after take-off, #2 hydraulic engine driven pump caution light illuminated and #2 Main hydraulic pressure indication dropped to zero. Landing gear still retracted, although slower than normal. Once gear up and locked, hydraulic pressure came back up and caution light went out. Returned to Halifax as a precaution after fuel burn to max landing weight. When gear selected down, caution light again illuminated and went out after gear fully extended. Maintenance bled air from #2 hydraulic system and carried out ground checks. Hydraulic fluid quantities were sufficient and no leaks found. A test flight was conducted with no further problems. Aircraft returned to service.

October 28, 1999

Incident at MONTRÉAL / PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU INTL QC (CYUL) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

Il y a eu perte d'espacement entre ARN731 (DH8A) et ARN826 (DH8A), lors du décollage de la piste 28 à l'aéroport de Dorval (CYUL). L'espacement planifié de 30 degrés et 1nm n'a pas été respecté. Une enquête est présentement en cours. There was loss of separation between ARN731 (DH8A) and ARN826 (DH8A) on takeoff from Rwy 28 at Dorval Airport (CYUL). The planned separation of 30 degrees and 1 NM was not met. An investigation is currently under way.

November 5, 1999

Incident at Fredericton NB

ARN826 DH8 landing Runway 33 at Fredericton reported a Bird Strike. Remains were found. No report of damage to aircraft. Nil TSB

September 6, 1999

Incident at Fredericton NB

ARN826 DH8 departing Fredericton Runway 09 and after contacting ATC was cleared on course to Saint John. Aircraft turned right prior to FRENN intersection and infringed on CYR724. NIL TSB

August 15, 1999

Incident at Saint John

ARN826 DH8A departed Saint John runway 14 reported possible bird strike. Pilot was advised of seagull remains found. NIL TSB

August 11, 1999

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN826 DH8 deparing Halifax returned due to Minor Trim Problem. Landed without incident 1747z. Nil TSB

February 2, 1999

Incident at Saint John

ARN826 DH8A enroute Saint John to Halifax returned after reporting icing encountered on previous flight. Landed at 1617Z with no assistance required. Nil TSB

December 2, 1998

Incident at Saint John

Occurrence: Unavailability of a runway Identification of other aircraft: NVC200 / ARN 826 Type/Model: CL60 / DH8A Origin: CYQM - Moncton / CYSJ - Saint John / CYSJ - Saint John Destination: CYSJ - Saint John / CYSJ - Saint John / CYHZ - Halifax Intl Remarks: ARN889 was inbound for runway 23 and received an advisory including traffic. NVC200 was inbound for an overshoot on runway 05 and was aware of the traffic. When asked if they saw each other, both replied yes. ARN889 advised he would break it off for runway 32. He was unable to do so due to ARN862 being in position on the threshold of runway 14 awaiting departure. ARN889 then did an overshoot of runway 23 at 1400 ft and then turned left. NVC200 did an overshoot of runway 05 at approximately 100 ft. (NVC200 was flight checking the ILS runway 05 at the time). A new approach clearance for ARN889 was received from Moncton ACC and passed to ARN889 at which time ARN889 cancelled IFR and proceeded VFR to land on runway 32 after ARN826 departed off runway 14 on a VFR departure clearance. TSB evaluating. Interested Parties: MAN, MAP

September 1, 1998

Incident at Saint John NB

N5770R C172 landing Saint John without a flight plan advised that he took "avoidance action while on short final to runway 14". Saint John FSS reported the following details. N5770R arrived on final to runway 14 without establishing contact on the Mandatory Frequency. ACA052 was on a short final when N5770R overshot runway 14, crossed over midpoint of runway 05/23 and then headed East. N5770R conducted loops and turns on the approach to runway 23 (still no Communications) while ACA052 lands. ARN826 had taxied to position runway 14 for an IFR departure to Halifax when N5770R turned for final on runway 32. ARN826 squeezed into the turn around area on the button of runway 14. N5770R lands at aprx 1520z. Another aircraft (BA146) was scheduled to depart and may have been delayed while N5770R landed. At no time did the FSS or any other aircraft hear N5770R call on the Frequency during theis event. Nil TSB

May 2, 1998

Incident at Halifax Intl

ARN826 DH8 aborted take-off at Halifax due to instrument problem. Flight departed 8 minutes later. Nil TSB

March 28, 1995

Incident at 40 North of Halifax Airport

ARN846 was inbound from Charlottetown to Halifax at 12,000 ft. CGOYX was outbound from Halifax to Fredricton with clearance to climb to 6,000 feet. ARN846 was given a heading vector and cleared to descend to 7,000 feet. ARN846 read back 6,000 feet. The readback error was not picked up and corrected by ATS. ARN846 descended through 7,000 ft. Seperation decreased to approximately 1.5 miles and 300 feet. TSB evaluating.

October 17, 1994

Incident at 100 NE Sydney, NS

ARN 826 was enroute Halifax to Sydney when one of the passengers experienced a symptoms of a heart attack. The flight was cleared direct to Sydney 1902Z. Company arranged for an ambulance.

August 2, 1993

Incident at HALIFAX