July 24, 2001

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ) (Conflict - potential, Conflict - IFR & VFR)

ARN8199 reported final rwy 32 at aprox. 2302Z. Aprox. 20 seconds later ARN8199 reported a C-172 passing below his nose by aprox 200 feet. Requested from ARN 8199 his distance. He advised 3 miles final. CGYRI then came up saying he was the C-172 in question. TSB evaluating
TSB Update July 26, 2001. A01A0085: The Air Canada Regional Dash 8, call sign ARN8199, was on a scheduled flight from Halifax, NS to Saint John, NB. A Cessna 172, C-GYRI, was in the circuit on Runway 23 at Saint John and had been advised of the inbound traffic. The pilot of the Cessna acknowledged the information and intended to complete the circuit then depart over the city while the Dash 8 was landing on runway 32. During climb-out the pilot of the Cessna turned left which eventually placed the aircraft in the approach path of Runway 32. A right turn out would have placed him in a more direct flight path over the city. Approximately 20 seconds after the Dash 8 crew reported final on runway 32 the Cessna 172 crossed underneath at an estimated 200 feet below the nose of the Dash 8. When the Dash 8 crew queried the FSS, the pilot of the Cessna 172 indicated he was the aircraft in question.