June 17, 1997

Incident at Sydney

ARN818 DH8 was on an IFR flight from Halifax to Sydney. The flight was cleared for an approach and instructed to contact Sydney FSS. Sydney FSS observed ARN818 on the landing roll runway 07. There had been no contact with the flight to this point. Weather conditions at Sydney - Vertical Visibility 100 feet, Visibility 1/2 mile in drizzle and fog. Taxiway Juliette was closed and was being used for military parking. ATL454 DH8 landed 4 minutes prior to ARN818. The pilot of ATL454 called the FSS to express concern regarding the operation. ARN818 did not provide an explanation for not contacting the FSS prior to landing.

October 14, 1994

Incident at J.A. DOUGLAS MCCURDY SYDNEY AIRPORT (ATS operating irregularity)

Air Nova, ARN818, DHC-8 ARN 818, arriving from Halifax was cleared for a staight-in to runway ILS 07. While ARN was approximately 25 west, Sydney FSS received a clearance for ATL 455, who who was taxiing for runway 01. The clearance had a departure restriction "Do not depart until ARN is on or cancels IFR". There was a discussion between the FSS and the ACC about ARN 818 being allowed to circle for runway 01. FSS read back the clearance without the restriction and the error was not detected by the ACC controller. ATL departed 2045Z and ARN 818 landed at 2046Z.