January 19, 2001


ANU302, an Avionair SW3 IFR from Dorval (CYUL), was at the cargo ramp at Mirabel (CYMX) when the pilot contacted the control tower to report a fuel spill. Emergency services responded. ANU302, SW3 d´Avionair en provenance de Dorval (CYUL) aux instruments (IFR), était à la rampe cargo à Mirabel (CYMX) lorsque le pilote a contacté la tour de contrôle pour les aviser d´un déversement de carburant. Les services d´urgences sont intervenus.

October 5, 2000

Incident at Charlottetown

ANU302 SW3 enroute Moncton to Charlottetown made initial call on left base runway 28 while VFR traffic CFMQO C172 was on final for runway 28. ANU302 landed in Charlottetown at 1150Z. Pilot failed to make the required reports as per CAR 602.104. Nil TSB

June 8, 2000


ANU302 SW3 aborted take off due to unspecified indication in the cockpit. ARN791 overshot runway as a result and landed 1146z. Note occurrence date June 8, 2000

February 23, 2000

Incident at Moncton NB

ANU302 SW3 enroute Moncton to Charlottetown declared Emergency due to Trim Problem. Pilot cancelled IFR and returned to circuit for landing. Prior to landing, pilot stated that problem solved and continued on to Charlottetown landing at 1252. No other aircraft involved TSB case closed. More to follow. Update: The Metroliner Aircraft employs a Horizontal Stablizer Trim system which is electrically activated by a toggle switch located on either the Captain or first Officers Control yoke. However, authority to move the Stablizer Trim is only available to one position at a time by way of a selector switch located on the center pedestal. Transferring command is accomplished by moving the selector switch left or right - Left for the Captain or Right for the first Officer. The first officer was the pilot flying during the take off in Moncton. The Trim Selector switch was set to the Captain's side. Consequently, when the first officer attempted to change the trim position during climb there was no effect. TSB file # A00A0031

October 15, 1999

Incident at Moncton

ANU302 SW3 departed Moncton for Charlottetown, returned to airport due to reported rudder problem. Aircraft remained on tower frequency, no emergency or assistance required on landing. Aircraft landed safely . NIL TSB