March 9, 2014

Incident at 420629N 632936W/ FL370

An Aeromexico Boeing 767 300 (AMX001) from Mexico City (MMMX) to Madrid (LEMD) deviated from flight plan and entered Moncton airspace at 420629N 632936W. New York (NY) Oceanic was queried and informed Moncton that they were investigating the deviation. No impact. No traffic in the vicinity.

December 8, 2006

Incident at Moncton ACC (ATS operating irregularity)

AMX001, Boeing777-200, enroute from Mexico City (MMMX) to Madrid (LEMD), was flight planned to enter the Moncton FIR at ENGLE from New York OAC and then re-enter New York OAC enroute to 43N/50W. New York was about to pass Moncton an estimate when they realized this, so they told Moncton to disregard the estimate as New York would reroute the aircraft to remain south of Moncton?s airspace. The aircraft did not receive the reroute and appeared on radar just south of ENGLE. A check with New York confirmed that the clearance had been issued to NY Arinc but the aircraft had not received it. There was no loss of separation and no involvement by Nav Canada ATS. Nil TSB.

October 11, 2005

Incident at Gander Oceanic (ATS operating irregularity)

AMX001, Boeing 767-300, enroute from Mexico (MMMX) to Madrid (LEMD) received clearance from Gander Clearance Delivery to route 46N050W 46N040W 46N030W 42N020W. Aircraft read back same. Routing probed and protected for separation purposes in GAATS was 46N050W 46N040W 44N030W 42N020W. No traffic. Separation not ensured. Nil TSB.

October 17, 2003


A Boeing 767 (AMX001) en-route from Mexico City to Barajas was observed untagged on Radar south of ENGLE at 0425Z. There was no flight plan information on this aircraft. Enquiries were made with New York OAC and revealed that the aircraft was AMX001, which had been issued a clearance that should have kept the aircraft south of Moncton FIR. The aircraft was contacted by New York via Satellite Phone and issued a reclearance and changed to Moncton ACC frequencies. Gander ACC was contacted and then normal coordination was carried out. The aircraft exited Moncton ACC airspace at 0500Z