November 18, 2015

Incident at 20 NM NE 1B (Sable Island, NS)

UPDATE: TSB#A15A0092 : The Air France Boeing 777-300 (F-GZNB), operating as flight AFR055, was en route from Washington/Dulles Intl, VA (KIAD) to Paris/Charles de Gaulle Intl, France (LFPG). While in cruise over Sable Island, NS, the crew received a bomb threat and declared an emergency. The crew diverted to Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ) where the aircraft landed safely. The aircraft was stopped on the taxiway and the passengers and crew were deplaned from the aircraft. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police searched the aircraft and interviewed the crew and passengers. No bomb was found and the aircraft was released to service.
An Air France Boeing 777 300 (AFR055) from Washington, DC (KIAD) to Paris, France (LFPG) advised that they had a Bomb Threat from an external agency. The pilot declared Mayday. The aircraft elected to divert to Halifax, NS (CYHZ) and was rerouted and given immediate descent. Appropriate agencies were notified. The aircraft landed at 0224Z in CYHZ on Runway 23 exiting into Taxiway Alpha. No impact on operations.

September 18, 2002


An A340 enroute from Chicago to Paris was in the vicinity of Grindstone and declared a Medical Emergency. The aircraft requested a clearance to divert to Halifax. The aircraft dumped fuel east of Charlottetown enroute to Halifax and landed at 0142Z.

July 27, 1996

Incident at 45 miles NW of Stephenville Nfld. (ATS operating irregularity)

AFR055 (Air France) a B747 enroute from Chicago Illinois to Paris France at FL330. MPH806 (Martinair) a B767 was enroute from Newark New Jersey to Amsterdam Holland. At a position 45 nm Nortwest of Stephenville Nfld. the two aircraft's tracks crossed. Both aircraft took evasive action following TCAS warnings of a possible collision course. The aircraft crossed with less than the required seperation. TSB investigating with Don Coleman System Safety as Minister's Observer.