September 2, 2007

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

Air Canada Flight 650, an Airbus 320 en route IFR from Halifax to St. John's executed a missed approach to runway 34. Wx; 35/18-20 12sm OVC008 10/09 2980. Pilot reported turbulence on approach. The aircraft landed on the second approach at 1348z.
UPDATE National Operations: The Air Canada flight ACA650 conducted an overshoot, due to turbulence, in accordance with Air Canada's TC-approved SOP for de-stabilized approaches

July 20, 2004

Incident at MONTRÉAL / PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU INTL QC (CYUL) (FOD (foreign object debris), Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown, Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

ACA650, an Air Canada CRJ1, was taking off from Runway 28 at the Dorval airport (CYUL). The pilot reported debris on the runway, using the term "FOD" (foreign object damage). Seven minutes went by before the runway was inspected. Seven aircraft were delayed.

December 8, 2004

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

The pilot of ACA650 advised St. John's Tower they were executing a missed approach due to a Ground Proximity Warning Alert, at approximately 5 NM final for Rwy 16. The aircraft then did an approach to Rwy 29 and landed without further incident. Nil TSB .
Update from TSB Correction : TSB Case Closed .

December 2, 2004

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

ACA650 executing a straight-in Localizer approach to Rwy16 received a GPWS Alert at approximately 8NM on final. A/C executed a missed approach and circled for a second approach. A/C again received GPWS warning but chose to disregard it and continued and landed without further incident at 1645z. In addition CJA100 landed Rwy 16 at 1651z when questioned also reported that a GPWS warning had been received on their approach, but was ignored. Following this a Eastern Flying Services flight inbound for Rwy16 advised ATC that their Company Policy for this particular approach was turn off the GPWS so as not to frighten the passengers. TSB Case Closed .

November 25, 2003


ACA650 CRJ1 enroute Montréal to Moncton, reported bird strike while landing on runway 29 in Moncton at 1941Z. Five impact points found on aircraft, runway inspected and found remains of 4 snow buntings. Nil TSB

September 6, 2001


ACA650 DC9 on approach into Charlottetown from Toronto , overshot runway 03 due to possible gear problem. Aircraft orbited for several minutes then opted to carry out approach. ACA650 landed without incident at 0155Z. NIL TSB

December 17, 1996

Incident at Saint John, NB.

The Air Atlantic BA41, ATL441, was on approach for Rwy 05 at Saint John. About 10 miles behind ATL441 was an Air Canada CL61, ACA650, also on approach to Rwy 05. When ATL441 was about 100 feet AGL on final, the pilot executed a missed approach due to an unsafe landing gear indication. Prior to ATL441landing in Saint John, the FSS specialist passed the aircraft landing time to Moncon Center. The center controller was suprised when he observed ATL441 in the missed approach as he already had a landing time. A loss of seperation occured between ALT441 and AC650 when ATL441 executed the missed approach proceedure. The exact separation between the two aircraft has not been established, however, there was no risk of collision. ATL441 was cleared for another approach and landed without further incident. The Landing gear unsafe indication was the result of a burned out light bulb. TSB closed.