March 3, 2007

Incident at near 4439N06721W

An ELT was reported by AAL84, Boeing 767-300, at strength 4. The signal was lost at 04:44Z. The Boston Air Route Traffic Control Centre and the Halifax Rescue Coordination Centre were advised. Nil TSB.

March 13, 2006

Incident at RĂ©gion du radiophare de St-Georges de Beauce (VLV VOR)

Update #1: The TSB investigation number and class were added.
American Airlines Boeing 767-300 AAL84 was IFR from Chicago (KORD) to Frankfurt (EDDF). At FL350 the aircraft encountered severe clear-air turbulence accompanied by severe wind shear near St-Georges de Beauce (VLV VOR). It was flying in the airspace of Montreal ACC, under the control of Boston control centre. No impact on ATC operations.

March 27, 2005

Incident at 51N/50W

AAL84 B767-300 enroute Chicago (KORD) to Frankfurt (EDDF) had just reported by 51N/50W when the pilot requested clearance to return to Gander (CYQX) due none of the lavatories working. Aircraft descended 1,000feet. and cleared direct CYQX. ETA CYQX 0637Z. Nil TSB

February 2, 2000

Incident at 40 nm East Mont Joli

AAL84 B767 enroute Chicago to Frankfut pilot requested to divert to New York due to the failure of one of the aircraft's hydraulic systems. No assistance required. Exited Canadian airspace at 0120z. Nil TSB

December 13, 1999

Incident at Gander Oceanic

AAL84 B767 advised of Passenger Medical Emergency requested and given clearance to CYQX. Doctor on board. Landed at 0408z. Nil TSB

November 28, 1998

Incident at 54N/30W

The North West Airlines DC-10, civil registration N235NW, was enroute from Washington to Amsterdam. The crew indicated they were shutting down one engine and carrying out an emergency descent from FL360 to FL340. Traffic was American Airlines, AAL84, at 54/30 at FL350. Contingency offset procedures were followed and aircraft continued to destination. TSB nil.