November 2, 2019

Incident at 5107N / 05648W

An American Airlines Boeing 777-222 (N751AN/AAL78) on a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth Intl, TX (KDFW) to London/Heathrow Intl, UK (EGLL) declared a medical emergency, and requested a diversion to St. Johns Intl, NL (CYYT). The aircraft was cleared as requested and landed at 0701Z. No impact on operations.

February 9, 2018

Incident at 4600N / 06630W

The pilot of an American Airlines Boeing 777-222 (N791AN/AAL78) on a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (KDFW) to London, England (EGLL) declared a medical emergency due to passenger. The pilot requested a diversion to Boston, MA (KBOS) then later requested Bangor, ME (KBGR). The airline made their own arrangements for medical standby. The flight exited airspace at 0743Z.

April 15, 2010

Incident at Entre Ottawa (CYOW) et Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB) (Natural disaster (environment), Diversion)

En raison des cendres volcaniques et la fermeture des espaces aériens, deux aéronefs ont été retournés à leurs aéroports de départ. Il s'agissait de BAW24R, un Boeing 777 exploité par British Airways, effectuant un vol depuis Chicago (KORD) à destination de Londres (EGLL) et COA4, un Boeing 767 exploité par Continental Air Lines, effectuant un vol depuis Goorge Bush International Airport (KIAH) à destination de Londres (EGLL), tandis qu'AAL78, un Boeing 777 exploité par American Airlines effectuant un vol depuis Dallas (KDFW) à destination de Londres (EGLL) a été réacheminé vers l'intersection LOGSU, afin de procéder plus au sud.*** ** *** Due to volcanic ash and airspace closures, two aircraft were instructed to return to their departure airport. The two aircraft were BAW24R, a Boeing 777 operated by British Airways, on a flight from Chicago (KORD) to London (EGLL), and COA4, a Boeing 767 operated by Continental Air Lines, on a flight from George Bush International Airport (KIAH) to London (EGLL). Meanwhile, AAL78, a Boeing 777 operated by American Airlines, which was on a flight from Dallas (KDFW) to London (EGLL) was diverted to the LOGSU intersection in order to proceed on a more southern route.

Incident at between Ottawa and Québec City (Aerodrome - foreign authorities involved)

The American Airlines, Inc. Boeing 777-200ER series aircraft (operating as flight AAL78) was on a scheduled IFR flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TX (U.S.A.) (KDFW) to London (Heathrow) International Airport, England (UK) (EGLL). NAV CANADA staff at Montréal ACC reported that the aircraft was en-route between Ottawa and Québec City when the flight crew requested to divert to LOGSU to return to the south because of the volcanic ash plume from the active volcano in Iceland and the subsequent closure of all UK airspace after their departure. Ops. impact -- none.

January 14, 2007

Incident at 30 Miles east of Yarmouth(CYQI)

AAL78, Boeing 767-300, enroute from Dallas (KDFW) to London (EGKK), reported an oil pressure problem, requested descent to 28,000 ft. and a diversion to New York (KJFK). The aircraft exited Canadian airspace at 06:21Z. Nil TSB.

June 21, 2003


AAL78 a Boeing 777 enroute from Dallas to Gatwick advised of an unruly passenger. The passenger was a female approx 35 - 40 yrs, nationality unknown. The aircraft requested to divert to Gander and to have the RCMP meet the flight to remove the passenger. The aircraft landed in Gander safely at 0546Z.

December 10, 2000


Update December 12, 2000. No further action. Case closed.
VIR76 B747 enroute Orlando to Manchestear advised of a passenger Medical Emergency, 54 year old male with Kidney and chest pain. Requested and given clearance to St. John´s at FL340. At 0249 the aircraft advised that he was dumping fuel and that he would be off frequency for about 10 minutes. No request was made to dump fuel and no approval was given. Traffic affected by the dump were, DAL135 at FL320, CSA109 at FL330 and AAL78 at FL350. VIR76 landed at 0338z. Nil TSB

September 9, 1997

Incident at Gander Oceanic

AAL78 MD11reported a Medical Emergency and request divert to Goose Bay. There was a Doctor on board attending to the apparent heart attack. ETA Goose Bay 0415z.