August 3, 2018

Incident at 5820N / 06440W

An American Airlines, Inc. Boeing 787-8 (AAL55) from Manchester, United Kingdom (EGCC) declared a medical emergency due to an ill passenger and asked to be diverted to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR). No impact on operations.
Update Aviation Incident Report #15519: Aircraft registration added.

June 24, 2017

Incident at DERLO intersection

An American Airlines Airbus A319 (AAL2654) on a flight from Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) northeast bound was descending to FL240 and there was less than the required separation when passing an American Airlines Boeing 757-200 (AAL55) on a flight from Bangor, ME (KBGR) to Chicago/O'Hare, IL (KORD) who was westbound at FL260. No operational impact.

September 3, 2008

Incident at en-route from Manchester to Chicago

UPDATE Supplemental information received from NAV CANADA [2008/09/04]: Following an electrical problem, the flight crew declared an emergency (when the aircraft was in the vicinity of 46º08'N 078º10W) and requested to divert to Ottawa (M-CIA) (CYOW). The aircraft landed without incident on runway 14 at 1645Z. NAV CANADA Operations Centre and CACO both advised. __________ Suite à un problème électrique, l'équipage déclare urgence et demande d'être dérouté vers CYOW. L'appareil s'est posé sans encombres RWY14 à 1645Z. NOC et CACO avisés.
The American Airlines, Inc. Boeing 767 aircraft (operating as AAL55) was on a scheduled IFR flight from Manchester, UK (ESNT) to Chicago, Il (ESNT). The pilot declared an emergency due to electrical problems. The aircraft diverted to Ottawa and landed safely at 1645Z.

August 28, 2007

Incident at vicinity of Coehill to Simcoe NAVAIDS (ELT)

NAV CANADA staff at Toronto ACC received reports from the pilots/flight crews of numerous aircraft operating in the Coehill VOR/DME (VIE) area of an active ELT signal. The signal was lost westbound at Simcoe (Lindsay) VOR/DME (YSO). AAL55 25 SE YYB FL380 1617 COA9 30 N VIE FL320 1619

January 21, 2003

Incident at KUUJJUAQ QC (CYVP) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATM - NAVAIDS/radar)

The radar antenna at Kuujjuaq (CYVP) failed at approximately 1534Z. American Airlines Boeing B767 flights AAL87 and AAL55 experienced a technical loss of separation during the changeover from radar to non-radar procedures. The controller changed the altitude of one of the aircraft to ensure vertical separation. The incident did not create a collision risk. Nav Canada should dispatch a maintenance crew within 24 hours after the radar failed. Une panne de l'antenne radar de Kuujjuaq (CYVP) est survenue vers 1534Z. AAL87 et AAL55, tous deux des Boeing B767 d'American Airlines, ont subi une perte d'espacement technique lors de la transition des procédures radar aux procédures non-radar. Le contrôleur a changé l'altitude de l'un des appareil afin d'assurer l'espacement vertical. L'incident n'a pas créé de risque d'abordage. Nav Canada devrait envoyer une équipe d'entretien dans les 24 heures suivant le début de la panne.
Update #1: The radar antenna at Kuujjuaq was back in service at 2017Z on January 22, 2003. It had been out of service for approximately 28 hours. Mise à jour #1: L'antenne radar de Kuujjuaq est revenue en service le 22 janvier 2003 à 2017Z. Elle a été en panne pour un période d'environ 28 heures.

August 14, 2001

Incident at Gander Oceanic

AAL55 B767-300 enroute Manchester to Chicago, declared a passenger medical emergency, and cleared direct to Goose Bay. Medical assistance requested on arrival and landed at 1520Z. Nil TSB

January 29, 1999

Incident at 100 NM West St. John's

AAL55 B767 diverted to St. John's due passenger Medical Emergency. Fuel dump prior to arrival. Landed 0432z. Nil TSB

January 20, 1999

Incident at Gander ACC (ATS operating irregularity)

AAL55 B767 FL320 enroute Manchester to Chicago was radar identifed and being coordinated for a descent to FL310 at the Montreal/Gander boundary. The aircraft came within ten miles of the boundary descending through FL312 for FL310. Required separation at the Montreal boundary was ten miles Lateral or to be level at FL310. Nil TSB

January 13, 1998

Incident at 60N 60W (ATS operating irregularity)

Other aircraft: AAL83, B767, American Airlines, IFR from Frankurt to Chicago. AAL51, B767, American Airlines, IFR from London to Dallas AAL55 was at FL340 on course 60N 60W, estimating 60W at 1445Z. AAL83 was at FL350 on the same course estimating 60W at 1450Z but was not radar identified. Authorization to climb was to FL350 was inadvertently issued at AAL55. The authorization was meant for AAL51, who was on the same course and had passed 60W at 1439Z. AAL55 climbed to FL345 before being reauthorized to FL340. Horizontal separation between AAL55 and AAL83 was 5 minutes when 10 minutes is required. Nav Canada will investigate internally. Autres aéronefs: AAL83, Boeing B767, American Airlines, IFR de Francfort vers Chicago. AAL51, Boeing B767, American Airlines, IFR de Londres vers Dallas. AAL55 était au FL340 sur la route 60N 60W et estimait 60W à 1445Z. AAL83 était au FL350 sur la même route et estimait 60W à 1450Z mais n'était pas identifié radar. Une autorisation pour monter au FL350 a été émise par inadvertance à AAL55. L'autorisation était destinée à AAL51, qui était sur une même route et avait passé 60W à 1439Z. AAL55 a monté au FL345 avant d'être réautorisé au FL340. L'espacement longitudinal entre AAL55 et AAL83 était de 5 minutes alors que 10 minutes sont requises. MISE À JOUR: NAV CAN va mener une enquête interne.

March 14, 1997

Incident at Toronto (LBPIA), Ontario - 40NM NW (Conflict - potential, Conflict - loss of separation, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATS operating irregularity)

UPDATE Supplemental information from T.S.B. Initial Notification (#A97O0042): The American Airlines, Inc. Boeing 767-323ER aircraft (N384AA, operating as AAL55) was on a scheduled IFR flight from Manchester International Airport, England (U.K.) (EGCC) to Chicago (O'Hare) International Airport, IL (U.S.A.) (KORD). The Canadian Airlines International Ltd. Boeing 767-375 (C-FCAE, operating as CDN985) was on a scheduled IFR flight from Toronto (LBPIA) (CYYZ) to Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). AAL55 was en-route westbound at FL310 in the Wiarton Sector airspace. CDN985 was climbing to FL330 in the Wiarton Sector airspace. In accordance with established operating procedures, the Wiarton Sector Controller transferred control of AAL55 to the Centralia Sector Controller while the aircraft was still in Wiarton Sector airspace. Approximately 40NM northwest of Toronto, CDN985 passed approximately two (2) miles laterally behind and 1,600 feet vertically below AAL55 in airspace where 2,000 feet vertical separation was required. The Wiarton Sector Controller did not continue to display the data block for AAL55 although it was still in his airspace and, as a result, forgot about the aircraft. The flight crews of both aircraft reported that they had been monitoring the progress of the other aircraft on their respective TCAS displays. There were no TCAS TAs or RAs. NAV CANADA is conducting a fact finding board.
AAL55 (American Airlines B767) was westbound at FL310. CDN985 departed Toronto and was northwest bound, cleared direct SSM from approximately 30 nm northwest of Toronto on V36 and cleared to FL330. The two aircraft conflicted approximately 40 nm northwest of Toronto. CDN985 passed approximately 2 nm behind and 1600' below AAL55. Ops. Impact -- unknown.

December 26, 1996

Incident at Vicinity of 55N 70W

The Amercian Airlines B767 was out of Manchester enroute Chicago. The pilot requested a diversion to Goose Bay to let offf an undesirable passenger. RCMP assistance was requested. No further details provided.

October 11, 1996

Incident at Gander Oceanic Airspace

Due to a medical emergency, the pilot request a descent and a diversion to Gander. ATC was unable to comply due traffic so the pilot descended to FL280 according to contigency procedures and was then cleared as requested.

July 25, 1994

Incident at E of Nain, Labrador - Moncton Domestic (ATS operating irregularity)

AAL55 enroute Amsterdam to Chicago at FL330. KLM611 enroute Manchester to Chicago cleared to FL330. Controller noticed possible conflict before KLM611 reached FL320, stopped KLM611 at FL320 and cleared AAL55 to FL350. TSB case closed.