February 6, 2004

Incident at FORT NELSON BC (CYYE) (Conflict - potential, Communication error, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

UPDATE from RAEB: Owner/Operator should read Sunwest Aviation.
CNK327, a Swearingen SW4, was at 13,000 feet heading Eastbound to Edmonton, while PE910, a British Aerospace Jetstream 32, was at 14,000 heading Westbound to Fort Nelson. The controller was waiting for a DME passage so he could clear PE910 for an approach at Fort Nelson. At 1815, the controller got updates on each aircraft and asked CNK327 to report passing the other aircraft if she saw it. The controller mentioned the other aircraft was cleared to 14,000. When she acknowledged this, she said ""and 14,000"". She understood she had been cleared to 14,000 and she then climbed before it was safe to do so. The two aircraft were estimated to be side by side at the same altitude. Lateral separation is not known because they were not on the same track. Neither aircraft reported seeing the other, although CNK327 did mention she was receiving a TCAS indication.
Update: Changed aircraft type

January 2, 1998

Incident at Calgary, AB

C-FCDF was on approach into Calgary after a flight from Fort St. John when the pilot advised ATC of an unsafe gear indication. He overshot the runway and was vectored for another approach and landed without further incident on Runway 34 at 1638Z. OPI - System Safety (RAEB)

December 10, 1997


CPB 300, a BAe 31, was taxiing northbound on Taxiway C at Calgary and the crew was instructed to hold short of Runway 25. CPB 300 did not hold short of the runway and entered the runway in front of C-GRJP, a Cessna 421 that was on short final. The pilot of C-GRJP overshot as a result. A review of the ATC tapes indicates that the crew of CPB 300 did not read back the hold short clearance. OPI - System Safety (RAEB)

December 3, 1997


After landing on Runway 25 at Calgary, the pilot of C-GYDE, a Cessna 172, was instructed to hold short of Runway 34 for landing traffic. The other traffic was C-GXHY, a Piper Seneca, of Kootenay Airways, which was on short final. The pilot of C-GYDE did not hold short of Runway 34 and crossed the intersection. The pilot of the Seneca overflew C-GYDE and landed further down on Runway 34, north of the intersection. OPI - System Safety (RAEB)

November 15, 1997

Incident at Edmonton, AB

CMM 650 was on approach to Edmonton International Airport, and on short final, the crew reported a possible bird strike. The a/c landed safely and there was no reported damage to the a/c. OPI - System Safety (RAEB)

Incident at EDMONTON CITY CENTRE / BLATCHFORD AB (CYXD) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

The pilot of C-GPIU was taxiing to the active runway for a VFR flight to Wetaskiwin, and was cleared for takeoff on Runway 30. At the time, Runway 34 had been NOTAMed closed for maintenance. The pilot acknowledged the takeoff clearance and was observed taxiing toward Runway 30. A short time later, Tower staff observed C-GPIU airborne off Runway 34 near the intersection of Runways 34/30. There were maintenance vehicles on the far end of Runway 34 at the time, but there was no risk of collision. OPI - System Safety (RAEB)