May 4, 2009


PLR 603, a BAe Jetstream 31 operated by Northwestern Air Lease, departed from Runway 16 at Red Deer (YQF) on an IFR flight to Fort McMurray, then the crew cancelled IFR and returned to YQF. No reason for the turnback was provided to ATC.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that when training is carried out and an emergency gear selection is made/carried out, the bypass valve is tripped. Once the flight finished the crew re-sets this valve. Due to the design, the valve can look like it is re-set but not quite. Also they have noticed as the aircraft ages this happens more often. The valve is "on condition", but due to this incident, the company is going to remove this valve and send it out to be tested to see if the tripping pressure has lowered due to wear/age. If this is the case, they are going to begin a maintenance program to have the valves rotated out to be tested at a set maintenance interval (remove them from an "on condition" to a set time).
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that upon take off from YQF the main landing gear would not retract. The Captain cancelled the flight plan and returned to base. Upon approach to the airfield, the gear was cycled without incident. The Captain wanted to consult with maintenance and the landing was carried out without incident. After a call to NWAL?s maintenance department, it was verified that the MLG Emergency By-Pass shuttle valve had partially tripped, causing no retraction of the MLG. The valve was re-set and a ?crew only? test flight was carried out to verify maintenance actions. After an incident free test flight, the original scheduled service was carried out.

April 21, 2003

Incident at FORT SMITH NT (CYSM) (Aerodrome - other)

UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that the APM at Fort Smith as well as the owner of Big River Air called a safety meeting, which was attended by all individuals who operate on the airside at Fort Smith. They reviewed safety procedures and Airside Vehicle Operators Permit (AVOP) rules and requirements. The APM is still attempting to have Taxiway C2 designated as an apron area, which would eliminate this type of event. (Cadors #2003C0317)
The CARS operator at Fort Smith advised that a Big River tractor carrying a barrel of fuel in it's bucket travelled down Taxiway C from the Big River hangar to Northwestern Air Lease (NWAL) and back again without authorization. During this time, Mule 301 was towing a BAe 31 from the ramp to NWAL on Taxiway C. No communication was available with the tractor driver.

March 3, 2003

Incident at FORT SMITH NT (CYSM) (Aerodrome - other)

UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that the Fort Smith APM contacted the NWAL General Manager and advised him one of his staff members caused an incident on Sunday evening. The APM and the company manager discussed the fact that the mule operator had no right to make the decision to enter a maneuvering area even though he looked up and down the taxiway for aircraft and there were no taxiway lights on to indicate taxiing aircraft. The manager agreed fully. The APM also stated because this was not a severe incident and this was the operator's first incident, the best remedial action was for the him (the manager) to advise the employee of his error and let him know that if it happens again his AVOP will be revoked forthwith. The manager has counseled the employee and the APM will be receiving a note from him advising me on the remedial action he took.
The driver of Mule 301 entered Taxiway Charlie at Fort Smith airport from the hangar and proceeded to the ramp without contacting the CARS O/C.