January 7, 2012

Incident at 4850N6245W

RCH224, C17, enroute from Eglin Air Force Base (KVPS) to Ramstein Air Base (ETAR), reported minor technical difficulties and requested clearance to divert to McGuire Air Force Base (KWRI). The aircraft was cleared as requested. No emergency was declared and no assistance required. There was no impact on operations. The Boston and Gander Area Control Centres( ACC?s) were advised.

June 24, 2010

Incident at enroute from Eglin (KVPS) to St. John's (CYYT) (ATM - other)

RCH1010, C130, enroute from Eglin (KVPS) to St. John's (CYYT), filed a flight plan for 21,000 ft through an area for which a NOTAM had been issued documenting the airspace as active (CYR 712, 736-738). Routing of the aircraft was DAVES 168/14 direct YYT. The controller identified the issue prior to the aircraft entering Canadian airspace and on initial contact rerouted the aircraft around the active airspace.