August 23, 2012

Incident at GANDER INTL NL (CYQX) (Overshoot/missed approach, Incursion - runway - aircraft, Conflict - potential, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

C-FNSL, Cessna 152, was taxiing for departure on Runway 31. The aircraft was instructed to hold short of Runway 31 in Taxiway Echo. At 17:42Z the tower observed C-FNSL entering the runway at Echo. C-GYQX, Cessna 172S, was approximately one mile final when given instructions for an overshoot due to the traffic on the runway.

September 11, 2011

Incident at Enroute from Gander (CYQX) to Fogo (CDY3)

Gander Tower advised that C-GYQX, Cessna 172S, aircraft departed from Gander (CYQX), enroute to Fogo (CDY3). The aircraft entered the Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) without an active flight plan.

June 4, 2005

Incident at Approximately 100 nm east of Gander

Trout99 C135 enroute Paris (LFPB) to Miami (KMIA), approximately 100 nm East of Gander (GYQX) declared emergency. Shutdown #1 engine due to low oil pressure indication. Landed safely at 1705Z. Nil TSB