July 27, 2020

Incident at 5149N / 11650W

A Kisik Aerial Survey Inc. Piper PA-31-350 (C-GXHK) from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Golden, BC (CYGE), on a photo flight, was observed entering without a clearance and not being on the frequency. Air traffic control (ATC) issued an IFR clearance to C-GXHK once contact with C-GXHK was established. No impact to the operation.

July 4, 2020

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

There was an information request (INREQ) for a privately registered Piper PA-28-201T from Wetaskiwin, AB (CEX3) to Golden, BC (CYGE). Foreflight flight plan (FP), assumed departure. Search and Rescue (SAR) contact was reached during the Information Request to Departure Station (QALQ) stage and indicated that the pilot did depart. All alerting procedures followed. The pilot was contacted by the Edmonton flight information centre (YEG FIC) during INREQ stage at Ram Falls, near Rocky Mountain House, AB (CYRM). All agencies were advised. Communications search (CommSearch) was terminated.

June 26, 2020

Incident at REVELSTOKE BC (CYRV) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, Flight plan – activation)

A Simm Enterprises Cessna 172L (C-GEJY) from Edmonton/Villeneuve, AB (CZVL) to Revelstoke, BC (CYRV) entered the Information Request to Departure Station (QALQ) phase at 2312Z. Kamloops flight information centre (FIC) officials called the pilots cell phone, and left a message. Officials had received an outgoing flight plan (FP) from the aircrafts destination, CYRV, from the Edmonton (YEG) FIC a few minutes prior to the QALQ phase. Officials called the YEG FIC at 2319Z and asked if the pilot had closed their FP before filing a new FP. YEG advised that the pilot did not close their FP. Attempted to contact the aircraft on the CYRV frequency, without success. The aircraft entered the information request (INREQ) stage at 2342Z. The search and rescue (SAR) contact was called at 2345Z and they advised that they would try and contact the pilot. Received a call from another pilot of the same aircraft advising that the SAR contact must have been wrong, as they were not flying. Contacted the pilot on Golden, BC (CYGE) frequency at 0000Z. The pilot advised that they had closed the flight plan with the YEG FIC and confirmed that they had landed safely in CYRV and departed on the next leg of the flight. FP was closed. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria advised. YEG FIC advised that the pilot did close the FP with them.

March 9, 2020

Incident at CALGARY / SPRINGBANK AB (CYBW) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, Flight plan – activation)

The flight plan (FP) of a Mount Royal University Cessna 172S (C-FSTP) from Calgary/Springbank, AB (CYBW) to Golden, BC (CYGE) to Calgary/Springbank, AB (CYBW) was closed in error instead of a privately registered Cessna 172H from Medicine Hat, AB (CYXH) to Edmonton, AB (CYEG). The Cessna 172H was returning to CYXH after departing and encountering Marginal VFR (MVFR) weather (WX). FP for Cessna 172H was to be closed at 1526Z, but the FP of C-FSTP was closed in error. The error was discovered at 1616Z when an Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) message came through from the Kamloops (CYKA) Flight Information Centre (FIC) advising of a change to the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of C-FSTP. ETAs for the two aircraft were similar (Cessna 172H had an ETA of 1755Z, C-FSTP had an ETA of 1809Z), placing them next to each other in the ACTIVE queue.

September 13, 2019

Incident at 20NM NE Kelowna BC (CYLW)

A Carson Air Ltd. Beech B350 (CA911) MEDEVAC from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) was arriving at CYLW from the northeast and was passed traffic twice, which involved a parajump aircraft, an Okanagan Air Ventures Ltd. Cessna 182B (C-GVEF) from Vernon, BC (CYVK) to Vernon, BC (CYVK). CA911 cancelled its IFR, then reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) with C-GVEF. No operational impact.

July 15, 2019

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (ELT)

A Government Of Canada, Department Of National Defence Bell 412 (FREE71) from Golden, BC (CYGE) to destination unknown reported an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal on departure. The signal was continuous for at least 6 minutes. The Area Control Centre (ACC) and Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria was advised.

April 26, 2018

Incident at VANCOUVER CENTRE / ACC DE VANCOUVER (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The Vancouver control zone (CZVR) Air Traffic Operations Specialist (ATOS) filed a controlled VFR flight plan for a Kisik Aerial Survey Inc. Piper PA-23-250 (C-GXNF) from Vancouver Intl., BC (CYVR) to Golden, BC (CYGE) with an incorrect estimated elapsed time (EET).
UPDATE from Flight Operations: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. The incident was reviewed and appropriate action was taken. No further action is required.

July 18, 2017


An Air Canada Boeing 767-375 (C-FCAE/ACA121) on a flight from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR), on the instrument landing system (ILS) 26R approach, reported in the "traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) climb" due to traffic, a Carson Air Beech B300 (C-GJLK/CA611) on a flight from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR). After the maneuver, ACA121 was re-sequenced and landed without incident. No operational impact.

May 30, 2017

Accident at ROGERS PASS, BC

UPDATE: TSB Report#A17P0076: CF-VOB, a privately operated Boeing A75N1 Stearman aircraft, was en route from Revelstoke, BC (CYRV) to Golden, BC (CYGE). While flying through Rogers Pass, BC, the aircraft was not able to out-climb the rising terrain. While the pilot was conducting a turn to reverse course, the aircraft collided with the mountainside at approximately 4700 feet ASL. The pilot received minor injuries, however the aircraft was substantially damaged. The ELT did not active and there was no fire. The aircraft was equipped with a 220 horsepower Continental W670-6N engine. VFR weather conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.
UPDATE: JRCC Victoria SARSUM Report#[V2017-01007]: (511724N 1173057W - Rogers Pass Monument). Vancouver, BC (CYVR) Shift Manager called to relay a report from Surrey Fire Department of an aircraft crash of a privately operated Boeing A75N1 Stearman near the Rogers Pass Monument. Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Cormorant R907 was tasked to respond but was stood down prior to departure when it was relayed that an ambulance and medic were on scene and the 1 person on board (POB) was in the care of Emergency Health Services (EHS).
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Revelstoke reported a privately registered Boeing A75N1 from Vernon, BC (CYVK) to North Battleford, SK (CYQW) crashed 1 kilometer west of the Rogers Pass monument 500 meters from the highway. Subsequent updates from the RCMP indicated that the pilot was the sole occupant and had minor injuries. There was no flight plan filed and the Flight Information Center (FIC) had not been contacted. The pilot was on a flight itinerary with a colleague. The flight was enroute CYVK to CYQW with a fuel stop at Revelstoke, BC (CYRV).

January 30, 2017

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

TSB Report#A17P0011: C-FLIZ, a Silver King Helicopters Inc. AS350 BA, was conducting heli-ski operations north east of Golden, BC. The helicopter departed Heather Mountain Lodge with the pilot and 5 passengers on board for the south west side of Kinbasket Lake. On approach, approximately 6 feet from the ground, the helicopter experienced a reduction in tail rotor effectiveness. The helicopter began to rotate to the left and the collective was reduced to stop the rotation. The helicopter landed while rotating and the vertical fin and tail rotor impacted a tree. There were no injuries; there was substantial damage to the vertical fin, tail rotor and the tail boom.

June 26, 2017


A privately registered Stinson 108-2 from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Calgary, AB (CYBW) landed on Runway 17 and was instructed to exit on Taxiway C. The aircraft exited on Runway 08 and continued to taxi without authorization. No operational impact.

July 5, 2016

Incident at Kelowna

A WestJet Encore de Havilland DHC-8-402 (C-FOWE / WEN3120) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) received but did not act on a resolution advisory (RA) with a northbound MKJ Investment Holdings Inc. Robinson R44 II (C-GFYD) from CYLW to Golden, BC (CYGE). Traffic was passed both ways and the helicopter restricted east of the approach.

December 23, 2016


A Jazz de Havilland DHC 8 300 (JZA8171) from Edmonton, AB (CYGE) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) on departure climbing through 7400 feet reported a laser strike. No impact on operations.

July 24, 2015

Accident at Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC / 5053N 11658W

An Alpine Helicopters Bell 407 (C-FNOB) on a local flight from Golden, BC (CYGE), had a hard landing (cause unknown) in Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC at 1419Z.
Update from Aviation Enforcement: This incident has been reviewed by Civil Aviation Enforcement and the appropriate action has been taken.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A15P0157: The Alpine Helicopters Bell 407, C-FNOB, with 1 pilot on board was transporting 6 workers from the Bobbie Burns lodge when the engine lost power. The pilot carried out an emergency landing to an area of new growth trees. The landing with low rotor rpm was hard, but the helicopter stayed upright. The tail section of the helicopter was struck by a main rotor blade and severed. The pilot and 2 passengers had no injuries, 3 passengers had minor injuries and 1 incurred a serious injury.
UPDATE: JRCC SARSUM Victoria Report#[V2015-01961]: (505317N 1165810W - Invermere, BC). A 406 emergency locator transmitter (ELT), registered to a helicopter based in Canmore, AB, became active. The helicopter suffered an engine failure near Golden, BC and crashed. The crash occurred approximately 25 miles south of Golden, BC with 7 persons on board (POB). Alpine Helicopters directed 4 of their aircraft that were already in the area to conduct the rescue. 3 POB were injured and transported to Emergency Health Services (EHS). The remaining 4 POB were transported to Golden, BC for assessment. No Canadian Forces (CF) resources were required.

July 15, 2015

Accident at Radium Hot Springs, BC

Update from Aviation Enforcement: This incident has been reviewed by Civil Aviation Enforcement and the appropriate action has been taken.
An Okanagan Air Ventures Cessna 182E (C-FVOA) from Red Deer, AB (CYQF) to Golden, BC (CYGE) crashed on a road near Radium Hot Springs, BC due to fuel exhaustion. The aircraft was on a VFR flight plan.
UPDATE: JRCC SARSUM Victoria Report#[V2015-01789] 503702N 1160420W - Radium Hot Springs). A Cessna 182 crashed near Radium Hot Springs on the outskirts of town. The 1 person on board (POB) sustained minor injuries. Local police, fire, and ambulance responded.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A15P0152: C-FVOA, a C182E operated by Okanagan Air Ventures, was carrying out a VFR ferry flight from a maintenance base in Red Deer, AB to Golden, BC with one person on board. In the vicinity of Lake Louise, AB, poor weather forced the pilot to turn around and seek another route. The pilot followed Highway 93 southbound to Radium Hot Springs, BC. At Radium Hot Springs, the pilot became concerned about fuel remaining due to the extra distance flown, and attempted to make a precautionary landing on a road. During the flare, the left wing made contact with a tree, the aircraft swerved to the left and collided with a fence. There was no fire and the pilot was uninjured; the aircraft was substantially damaged.

May 30, 2015

Incident at Kelowna

Update from Maintenance & Manufacturing: During the #1 engine 5 year engine bay fuel/oil hose replacement, the oil cooler quick disconnect self seal couplings were disconnected. Following the hose replacement, the quick disconnect self seal coupling, on the oil hose between the engine scavenge pump and oil cooler inlet, did not fully lock on. Although the coupling stayed on during a post hose change ground run and pre flight ground run, it separated on the take off roll. When the hose separated, the coupling self sealed, as per it?s design, caused the engine scavenge pump to blow out the o ring where the pump body attaches to the engine case. This caused a large oil leak and subsequent engine surging which led to the flight crew shutting down the engine. An Service Difficulty Report (SDR) is being filed on the quick disconnect self sealing couplings as this could happen to other operators.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A15P0122: The Beech King Air 300, C-GJLK, operated by Carson Air as Medevac Flight CA911 from Kelowna to Golden, departed Runway 16 and shortly after takeoff the crew declared an emergency due to one engine (PRATT & WHITNEY-CAN, PT6A-60A) inoperative (OEI). ARFF were put on standby; the aircraft returned and landed without further event. Company maintenance inspected the engine and found oil leaking at an oil cooler self-sealing quick disconnect fitting. This oil line was applicable to early series King Air models. The Company will file a Service Difficulty Report (SDR) with Transport Canada.
A Carson Air Beech B300 (C-GJLK/ CA911) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Golden, BC (CYGE) departed Runway 16 and declared an emergency due to the loss of one engine. Emergency services were put on standby and the aircraft landed safely. As a result WestJet (WJA115) was delayed for one VFR circuit.

March 28, 2015


A Whitney Vertical Solutions Ltd. Cessna 172E (C-FFMM) from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) was observed 30 NM northeast of Cranbrook, BC (CYXC) at FL144 squawking 1200, a VFR flight. Through the facilities of CYXC Radio, contact was established. The pilot indicated needing to climb to avoid cloud. Aircraft descended to FL125 and was provided flight following westbound. No operational impact.

December 18, 2015


A Canadian North Boeing 737-300 (MPE1607) from Edmonton, AB (CYGE) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) conducted a missed approach at 2 mile final Runway 35L due to being too high on the approach. No impact to the operation.

August 8, 2014

Incident at 18 NM SSE GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

TSB Report #A14P0131: The Alpine Helicopters Bell 212 C-FAHB was struck by lightning while engaged in water bucketing activities on Fire 20173 in B.C. Main rotor (M/R) rotor blade damage was evident. Mandatory Inspections include overhaul of the Transmission, M/R hub, mast, tail rotor and gearboxes. Damage also occurred to numerous avionics components and engine instruments. The helicopter was trailered to the company's maintenance facility for repair.

August 18, 2014


An American corporately registered Aerofab Lake 250 (N59CA) from Calgary/ Springbank, AB (CYBW) departed on a flight to Golden, BC (CYGE). Shortly after, Calgary, AB (CYYC) terminal advised flight was inbound with engine trouble. Pilot declared PAN PAN with Tower. Airport Manager was called to arrange landing on Runway 08, which was closed per NOTAM at the time. There were no vehicles or other equipment on the runway at the time. N59CA landed safely on Runway 08. After a short delay, pilot restarted engine and taxied off. Runway 08 was released back to the airport manager. No further impact on operations.

June 10, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: RED DEER REGIONAL AB (CYQF)

An Okanagan Air Ventures Cessna 182E (C-FVOA) from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Red Deer, AB (CYQF) reported having difficultly finding airport, flight service station (FSS) visually spotted aircraft southwest of the airport. Aircraft landed without incident. No impact on operations.

July 3, 2013

Incident at In the vicinity of: GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Update Commercial & Business Aviation: Provided with a satisfactory short term and long term plan for immediate compliance and long term prevention.
Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: While taking off from the Golden Airport the engine lost power and the pilot smelled smoke. The pilot turned off the master switch elected to conduct a forced approach to a road near the airport. The aircraft was not damaged during the landing. The aircraft was trucked to a maintenance facility and inspected. Maintenance found that the starter had engaged during flight causing the engine to lose power. The Accountable Executive of the company stated that the starter, alternator and other electrical components were replaced. Subsequent flights were conducted with no mechanical issues.
JRCC Victoria SARSUM Report [V2013-01454]: F. A1 - 030023Z (July 03 0023Z). N Air Aviation Ltd Cessna 182B (C-GVEF) Mayday (511540N 1165476W - Golden, BC). C-GVEF reported missing after declaring MAYDAY near Golden, BC. C-GVEF landed safely on Highway 95, rescue crews on scene. Pilot is safe, No further assets required.

July 12, 2012

Incident at Kelowna

A privately registered Little Toot Myers aircraft on a VFR flight from Kelowna (CYLW) to Golden (CYGE) departed runway 16 without a transponder.

July 3, 2012

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (ATM - other)

The Golden Airport (CYGE) experienced DRCO failure at 1802Z. TOC advised and a NOTAM issued until 2359Z. FIC unable to broadcast SIGMETS.
UPDATE from ANS&A: No further action required.

May 11, 2012


A privately registered Mooney M20, VFR flight plan from Golden (CYGE) to Boundary Bay (CZBB), with an ETA of 1930z. A Comsearch was initiated at 2000z when no arrival message was received. A ramp check was conducted by airport staff and located the aircraft at 2043z. No contact was made with the pilot. Comsearch was terminated at 2043z. JRCC advised.

September 8, 2011

Incident at CRANBROOK / CANADIAN ROCKIES INTL BC (CYXC) (Incursion - runway - animal)

The pilot of a privately registered Cessna 172M, VFR Cranbrook (CYXC) to Golden (CYGE), reported a coyote on the runway near the threshold runway 16 as they were landing. No operational impact.
UPDATE from Aerodrome Safety: No further action required. The Cranbrook airport has a wildlife program in place meeting the regulatory requirement of CAR 302.

June 14, 2011

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (Parachute-related event)

UPDATE from System Safety; follow-up with Golden detachment of the RCMP confirms no injuries to a parajumper who utilized secondary chute to land safely. Occurence is considered an incident.
The RCMP phoned the Kamloops FIC at 2142z to say that there had been a parajump accident at the Golden Airport. From the NOTAM issued for the airport the organization involved was Okanagan Air Ventures Ltd.

February 12, 2010

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

A Government of Canada Pilatus PC12, registration C-GMPE departed CYKA (Kamloops) enroute to CYXD (Edmonton City) on an IFR flight plan, diverted and landed at CYGE (Golden) at 21:43Z due to a warning indicator light coming on.
UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A10P0040 - The RCMP Air Service Pilatus PC12 aircraft, C-GMPE, was en route from Kamloops to Edmonton City Center Airport when, in the vicinity of Golden, the booster pump warning lights began to flash. The pilot diverted to Golden, where the aircraft landed without further event. The fuel filter was drained and a small quantity of water was found. When the engine was run the booster pumps operated normally.

September 11, 2008

Accident at 8 NM West of Golden (CYGE)

Aircraft departed Calgary enroute to Revelstoke crashed in the vicinity of Golden (511934N 1171013W - HOLT CREEK.) A helicopter operating in the vicinity witnessed the crash and assisted SAR personnel in the recovery of the injured. All 3 persons on board were injured; one was airlifted to hospital.
UPDATE from Nav Canada: At 1810Z, Victoria RCC called the Kamloops FIC to advise that there was an aircraft crash in the vicinity of Golden BC, and requested any flight plan information on aircraft that may be operating in the area. At 1945Z, RCC confirmed that the accident involved the Skyquest Aviation Cessna C172, VFR Calgary to Revelstoke, and that all persons on board were in the hospital. ACC Shift Manager and site manager advised above.
UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A08P0294: A rented Cessna 172 (Skyquest Aviation) departed Calgary International Airport on a VFR flight plan direct to Revelstoke with an ETE of 4.5 hours, 6.0 hours fuel endurance and 3 person on board. The flight stopped briefly at Golden. The flight then headed Westbound toward higher terrain and was about 8 NN West of Golden when the aircraft was observed by a maintenance crew at a radio repeater site. The aircraft was low enough to the terrain to cast a shadow and was weaving back and forth across the valley above Holt Creek. It then entered a left turn, stalled, and crashed vertically into the trees at an elevation of about 6500 feet asl. The maintenance crew departed the repeater site by helicopter and overflew the accident site within 10 minutes of the accident. Three people were observed waving outside the aircraft. Search & Rescue crews rescued the survivors and transported them to the hospital in Golden. One person had no injuries and two had serious but non life threatening injuries. There was no post impact fire but the aircraft was substantially damaged. The ELT activated and was turned off by the SAR crew. The terrain surrounding the accident site on three sides was 7200 feet asl and higher. The weather was clear with unlimited visibility and little or no wind.

July 24, 2008

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

VIH Helicopter Bell 205A, VFR Okotoks Air Park to Golden. Contact was attempted on frequency and on pilot cell. RCC was advised of overdue aircraft. After the overdue time the aircraft was located at CYGE by weather office employee. The pilot did not submit an arrival report prior to the overdue time.

April 23, 2008

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

The RCMP Pilatus PC12, IFR Golden to Dawson Creek, climbed into controlled airspace above 12,500 ft at Golden before getting a clearance to do so. There were no conflicting aircraft.

February 21, 2008

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

The privately-registered 1201148 Alberta Ltd. Piper PA31, IFR Edmonton City Centre to Kelowna, in the vicinity of Golden BC declared an emergency due to engine problems developing in both engines. The pilot elected to turn back towards the Golden Airport and landed safely at 0004Z.
UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A08P0045: The Piper PA-31-325 departed Edmonton City Center, AB for Kelowna, BC. While in the vicinity of Golden BC, the pilot declared an emergency due to engine problems developing in both engines. The aircraft turned back and landed at Golden Airport. There were no injuries.

October 28, 2007

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

UPDATE from RCC Victoria: (511795N 1165893W - Golden - Redburn Creek). Vancouver ACC were receiving high flyer reports of an ELT transmission over Golden, BC. SARSAT composite was formed shortly after, East of Golden. Tasked Buffalo and Cormorant aircraft along with CASARA to home signal. Poor weather prevented the Buffalo from acquiring a visual. The privately-registered Cessna 172 was reported overdue with 3 persons on board. Cormorant 902 was unable to proceed past Revelstoke due to poor weather. The Buffalo landed at Golden and SAR technicians were deployed via long line from a charter helicopter. SAR technicians rescued one 3 year-old girl airlifted to Golden Hospital. Two others were deceased.
A privatley registered Cessna C172, VFR Golden to Edmonton did not arrive at destination. Comm search initiated but unsuccessful at 23:37 Z. An ELT was active on 121.5 in the vicinity of Golden, BC. The weather was poor with low ceilings and visibility. The ground search initiated and at around 01:15Z (29 Oct 2007) aircraft located in the Blaeberry River area near Golden. Two (2) of the passengers were fatally injured and a third one is seriously injured. The TSB has been advised.
UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A07P0369: The Cessna 172L aircraft took off VFR from Golden for Edmonton City Centre. The weather was poor with low ceilings and visibility. A severe lee wave SIGMET was in effect. The aircraft was located by a ground search in the Redburn Creek area about 10 NM North of Golden. The pilot and one passenger were fatally injured. The second passenger sustained serious injuries.

September 21, 2007


Kootenay Direct Ailrines Piper PA31, VFR flight plan Invermere (CAA8) to Kelowna (CYLW). While enroute over Golden (CYGE) the pilot changed the destination to Fairmont Hot Springs (CYCZ), ETA 210050z. Pilot also filed an IFR flight plan CYCZ to CYLW ETD 210050z. Before the overdue time a log check revealed that the aircraft had requested an IFR clearance from the FIC while over CAA8 for the flight to CYLW. No mention of closing a VFR flight plan was made to the Kamloops FIC air ground position which did not know the flight was on a VFR flight plan. The pilot did not submit an arrival report for the VFR flight plan prior to the overdue time.

April 15, 2007

Incident at KAMLOOPS BC (CYKA)

Pilot of a private VFR flight from CYGE to CYKA declared emergency 2 nm SE CYKA due low oil pressure. Emergency standby initiated, Aircraft landed safely 0242Z.
UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A07P0112: The privately-registered Cessna 210E aircraft was enroute from Golden to Abbotsford, VFR at 8,500 feet when, 2 nm south of Kamloops, the pilot noticed that the oil pressure was indicating 0 psi. He declared an emergency, requesting a diversion to Kamloops. AFF was activated. During the approach to Runway 26 at Kamloops, the oil pressure was seen to be fluctuating between 10-50 psi. The aircraft landed at Kamloops without further difficulty. The oil quantity was found to be low, oil was added, the engine run, and oil pressure was normal thereafter.

April 1, 2007

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

SAR system activated after pilot of C-GAYX a Canadian Helicopters Limited Aerospatiale AS50 failed to advise late arrival at destination. After a communication search, pilot landed safely at destination in Golden, BC one hour and a half after his intended flight plan. Pilot failed to utilize FSS to open his flight plan ( FSS opened automatically), provide position reports or advise late arrival at destination. Flight planned routing was of limited value. Flight planned route as follows, quote: DONALD 12 NW ICE FALL LODGE 30 N unquote. Pilots SAR contact numbers all forwarded to the pilots personal voicemail and provided no useful information.

March 27, 2007

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (ELT)

High flyers reported hearing an ELT with squelch off in the vicinity of Golden, BC.
UPDATE from RCC: Vancouver ACC relayed commercial aircraft picking up an ELT signal near Golden, BC. SARSAT formed a composite in the same area. CASARA and CF resources were tasked but released when the ELT was located as an accidental activation.

February 23, 2007

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Maintenance of Tasman Helicopter Ltd. registered Bell 205A C-GFHA accidentally activated his ELT while doing routine maintenance. RCC was informed.

June 12, 2006

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

C-GXPT a private C-421 diverted to CYGE due to a failed engine. CFR alerted, safe landing at 2140z.
UPDATE from General Aviation: A safe landing was accomplished after an engine failure, consistent with good judgement and skill. It is suggested the OPI be changed to M&M. No further action required by General Aviation.

July 23, 2006

Incident at 60 NM W of Calgary Intl (CYYC)

UPDATE TSB reported that the corporate Pilatus PC12/45, N152PC, operated by Aircraft Guaranty Holdings and Trust LLC Trustee was en route from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Calgary (CYYC) on a VFR flight at a planned altitude of 11,500 feet asl. The aircraft climbed to 17,500 feet to avoid turbulence, and the pilot had not obtained an ATC clearance for that altitude. When N152PC entered controlled airspace for which the maximum permitted VFR altitude was 14,100 feet, separation from a private PA-46, C-GTCS, which was en route from Salmon Arm, BC (CZAM) to Springbank (CYBW), was reduced to 4.5 NM laterally and 600 feet vertically where 5 NM or 1000 feet was required.
N152PC, a Pilatus PC-12, was en route VFR from Golden, BC to Calgary when the pilot climbed to 17,400 feet without clearance in an area where the maximum VFR altitude is 14,100 feet. A loss of separation occurred with a PA-46 when separation diminished to 4.5 miles radar and 600 feet vertical in airspace that requires 5 miles radar and 1,000 feet vertical.

May 31, 2005

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Morningstar Air flight MA 701 Beech 100 was given the approach into Golden (CYGE) and did not call down. A search commenced and company verified with ATOS at 0119z that the aircraft landed safely at 0018z.

January 14, 2004

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Sunwest Home Aviation Ltd. flight CNK329, a Swearingen Metro SW4 filed an IFR flight plan from Golden to Calgary flight level 210 proposed at 2130. At 2056Z, aircraft contacted Vancouver ACC requesting pop up IFR clearance to Calgary. There is no low level radar coverage in the area, the controller confirmed the aircraft was airborne and coordinated with Edmonton ACC. Aircraft was acquired on radar by Edmonton ACC 5 minutes later, 70 miles SE of the proposed departure airport. No operational impact.

July 8, 2003

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

A Cessna 172N, C-GYPO, owned by the Calgary Flying Club, departed Golden, BC at 2030z (1:30 PDT) on July 8th for the return VFR flight to Springbank, AB. There were 3 people on board. The pilot called leaving the airport area to the east and that was the last communication from the aircraft. A massive search by military and civilian aircraft had been conducted. There was no ELT signal. July 30 (evening) RCMP notified TSB Edmonton that Paragliders had found the aircraft, which had a post impact fire, and all three occupants were fatally injured. TSB Edmonton will be investigating. RCMP and the Coroner are presently on-site. Transport Canada System Safety (Pacific Region) has appointed a Ministers Observer.

June 11, 2003

Incident at Kelowna

A Learjet 45 (LJ45), N273LP, originating at Kelowna airport (CYLW) and destined for Golden (CYGE), departed IFR runway 15 restricted to a Kelowna three departure (SID). The aircraft did not follow correct procedure and instead of climbing on a track of 214 from EX NDB, turned directly northbound for destination. No impact to operations as there were no other aircraft on approach to CYLW. Issue discussed with pilot by shift manager.

January 6, 2003

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (ATM - other)

C-GOKE as reported by NAVCANADA registration information requires updating/verification.
At 2145z aircraft attempted three or four times to dial up the Golden dial-up RCO. With each attempt he received the message to hang up and try again. This message was also heard on the kamloops FIC end, although we could not hear anything from the aircraft.

August 18, 2001

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Update from the TSB: The Cessna 180 (s/n 31048) was on a VFR flight from Cooking Lake, AB to Shuswap Lake, BC. In the area near Field, BC, at 12,500 feet asl, the engine suddenly made a bang, lost power and leaked oil on the windshield. The pilot issued a MAYDAY call on 126.7 Mhz and passed a position report to another aircraft. The aircraft landed on a gravel bar in the Kicking Horse River within Yoho National Park. There was one person on board; there were no injuries; the aircraft was substantially damaged. The engine had about 20 hours logged on it since a top overhaul.
Update: TSB Report #A01P0202: The Cessna 180 (s/n 31048) was on a VFR flight from Cooking Lake, AB to Shuswap Lake, BC. In the area near Field, BC, at 12,500 feet asl, the engine (Continental O-470-J, s/n 45412-5-J) suddenly made a bang, lost power and leaked oil onto the windshield. The pilot issued a MAYDAY call on 126.7 Mhz and passed a position report to another aircraft. The aircraft landed on a gravel bar in the Kicking Horse River within Yoho National Park. There was one person on board; there were no injuries; the aircraft was substantially damaged. The engine had about 20 hours logged on it since a top overhaul. Update 21 September 2001: A teardown of the engine revealed "ground in" metal deposits on all bearing surfaces. The number two connecting rod bearing had failed and seized onto the crankshaft journal. The number two connecting rod bolts were broken. The last major overhaul of this engine was completed in 1973. Since that time, 450 hours were recorded on the engine. Since 1979 there were 30 hours recorded on the engine up to the time of the accident. The engine manufacturer recommends a complete overhaul every 1500 hours or 12 years.
Helicopter pilot called YBW FSS to report mayday call from C-FHSG C180 on amphibian floats. The Pilot of C-FHSG reported engine failure and smoke in the cockpit with the river in sight and will attempt to land. RCC was advised of the situation. RCC update - RCC confirmed aircraft crashed and that there was emergency crew at the scene. substantial damage. 1 S.O.B. - minor injuries. Pilot in Lake Louise hospital for treatment.

July 13, 2001

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Pilot advised KA FSS he was VFR on top at 5147N 11811W enroute to Golden. Forecast for Golden was BKN not SCT or better as required. Pilot subsequently landed Golden after dark at approx 0457z without RWY lights.

May 22, 2001

Incident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE) (ATM - other)

Kamloops (CYKA) FSS relayed an IFR clearance to a Piper PA46 aeroplane, C-GWLH, by way of the Golden DRCO and receiving a read back just before the Golden DRCO became unserviceable. Further communication with the aircraft could not be established to confirm his departure time. Reported his departure time from the Golden (CYGE) Airport to Edmonton Centre.

April 22, 2001

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

The Bell 212 (C-fAHZ) was conducting heliskiing operations in the Bobby Burns ski area, approximately 30 nm southwest of Golden, BC. The helicopter had taken off from the Bobby Burns lodge with the pilot and 12 passengers on board. As the aircraft was touching down at 8,200 feet asl, the main rotor blades contacted a rock face, destroying about 6 inches of each blade. The helicopter remained upright and there were no injuries. Weather and visibility were not considered to have been factors in the accident.

April 27, 2001

Accident at GOLDEN BC (CYGE)

Update from the TSB - The Cessna 337 (C-FJZS) was on a pleasure flight from Kelowna, BC to Golden BC and return. The pilot and his two passengers had just graduated from a flight training establishment in Kelowna on the morning of the accident. They arrived in Golden for a planned quick turn-around and planned to return to Kelowna for their graduation party that evening. When the pilot attempted to start the rear engine (Teledyne Continental IO-360-C), the starter engaged but the engine did not start. On the next attempt the starter did not engage. An AME removed the cowl and visually inspected the starter system; there was no obvious fault with electrical connections to the starter. They then attempted to start the engine by spinning the rear propeller; the engine did start but the cowl had to be replaced so they shut down again. The cowl was replaced and the pilot attempted another start with no success. They then attempted the prop spinning procedure, again with no success. At that point, the pilot with one passenger on board completed a takeoff on runway 14 at the Golden aerodrome with the intent of attempting an airstart of the rear engine. Reportedly, the takeoff was ""normal"". However as the aircraft reached the upwind end of the runway the climb performance reduced significantly and the aircraft had difficulty maintaining altitude. The pilot decided that, by continuing straight ahead he would likely hit trees, so he commenced a right turn and ditched the aircraft in the Columbia River. Both occupants escaped without injury. The aircraft sank to a depth about 15 feet below the surface of the river.
The Cessna 337 had taken off from Golden enroute to Kelowna when the aircraft hit a powerline and crashed into the Columbia River. 2 SOBs, no injuries.