July 28, 2020

Incident at KENORA ON (CYQK)

A 11051199 Canada Inc. Piper PA-28-140 (C-FVLA) from Kenora, ON (CYQK) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) departed Runway 26 without an advisory.

April 27, 2020


A Kelly Panteluk Construction Cessna 550 (C-FAMJ) on a flight from Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker Intl, SK (CYXE) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) reported a gear issue on departure from Runway 27. The aircraft extended downwind to solve the issue and landed safely at 0111Z.

October 27, 2019


An American, corporately registered Cessna A185F (N4309R) from Fargo/Hector, ND (KFAR) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) flew a transborder flight without a flight plan.

August 11, 2019


A Jasons Agri-Motive Parts Supply Ltd. Cessna 182N (C-FZSM) from Minot, ND (KMOT) to Estevan Regional, SK (CYEN) transborder flight plan was not activated.

June 18, 2019


A privately registered, amateur built Vans RV-6A from Regina, SK (CYQR) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) reported on tower frequency ready to depart runway from Taxiway B as another aircraft, a privately registered Cessna 182G, was crossing the landing threshold of Runway 13. A takeoff clearance was started to be issued to the Vans RV-6A aircraft when the transmission was stopped, and the Vans RV-6A was re-issued a hold short instruction for Runway 13. The Vans RV-6A did not read back the hold short instruction and the tower did not obtain a hold short readback. Tower observed the Vans RV-6A crossing the hold line onto Runway 13 and air traffic control (ATC) re-issued another hold short clearance to the Vans RV-6A aircraft. Vans RV-6A stopped and provided a hold short readback. Training was in progress at the time. No impact on operations.

February 2, 2018

Incident at 5304N / 11145W

A Northern Aviation Pilatus PC-12/47E (C-FSFI) on a flight from Edmonton/Cooking Lake, AB (CEZ3) to Estevan Regional, SK (CYEN) was observed to deviate from the assigned route. The aircraft was assigned RYLEY direct YWV direct VLN. The aircraft informed air traffic control (ATC) it was proceeding RYLEY direct VLN. ATC amended the clearance to direct VLN and there were no impact on operations.

December 21, 2017


A privately registered Cessna 172F from Estevan, SK (CYEN) to Swift Current, SK (CYYN) entered the control zone from the south-east at 4,000' ASL and descended to 3,500' overflying mid-field then lower on the downwind leg. The controller believed the aircraft was no radio (NORDO) after several unsuccessful attempts to establish contact. When overhead the aircraft was asked to rock their wings if receiving the Air Traffic Control (ATC) transmission, and the aircraft complied. The receiver only (RONLY) aircraft was cleared to land Runway 08. At this time the pilot contacted ATC on 118.6 reporting they were now using a second radio. The aircraft performed a touch & go on runway 08 and then continued their flight to CYYN. No negative operational impact. No aircraft delayed.

March 21, 2017


The pilot of an Opsmobil Inc. Cessna 172S (C-GFXS) from Estevan Regional, SK (CYEN) to Medicine Hat, AB (CYXH) made initial contact entering mandatory frequency (MF) 5NM south west of CYXH and the pilot reported that the aircraft was still 10NM away from the aerodrome. No operational impact.

May 7, 2016


The Pilot of a privately-registered Van's RV9A from Estevan Regional, SK (CYEN) to Lethbridge, AB (CYQL) landed on runway 23 without notification on frequency 121.0 prior to or upon entering the Lethbridge control zone. Pilot did not respond to specialist's calls on 121.0. On the ground it was learned that pilot was mistakenly on frequency 126.7. No impact to operations.

November 28, 2014


A Chartright Air Beech B300 (C-FGGE) from Estevan, SK (CYEN) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) landed Runway 35R and was issued exit on D4. C-FGGE turned on reverse D3. No impact on operations.

October 15, 2014

Incident at KIPLING SK (CKD5)

Departing out of Kipling, SK (CKD5), a privately registered Cessna 182Q from Kipling, SK (CKD5) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) had a bird strike with a flock of geese. Passenger side wing tip damaged. Landed safely at CYEN.

July 30, 2014


An American privately registered Cessna 180H from Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) had prior approval to depart runway 31 without a functioning transponder. No impact to operations.

June 16, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN)

Numerous aircraft reported an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal in the vicinity of Estevan, SK (CYEN). Source determined to be a privately registered Cessna 172C, the aircraft previously confirmed crashed near CYEN (see CADORS# 2014C2151). ELT located and turned off at 1948Z. Joint rescue co-ordination centre (JRCC) advised.

June 15, 2014


The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) advised the Winnipeg Area Control Centre (ACC) that a responsible person had reported a privately-registered Cessna 172C, that had taken off from a private strip in the vicinity of Estevan, SK towards Lampman, SK (CJQ2), was overdue at CJQ2 at approximately 1345Z. The JRCC later confirmed the aircraft had crashed in a ditch at location 4910.9N/10325.139W with two fatalities. The Royal Canadian Mounted Policy (RCMP) was in attendance at the scene. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), the National Operations Centre (NOC), and the Civil Aviation Contingency Operations (CACO) were advised. No flight plan on file.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14C0079: The privately-registered Cessna 172C was one of two aircraft en route to an event at Lampman, SK, with a pilot and one passenger on board. The second aircraft lost radio contact with the Cessna 172C and its wreckage was found beside a municipal road near Torquay, SK. The two occupants were deceased and the aircraft was destroyed by impact forces. There was no fire.
UPDATE: JRCC Trenton SARSUM #[T2014-00866] : (491090N 1032514W - NE Torquay SK). Concerned citizen reported an overdue aircraft when both their aircraft were separated due to weather while enroute to a fly-in breakfast in Lampman, SK. RCMP dispatched to the destination to check for the missing plane. 435 Squadron R335 tasked to search and cancelled once the caller reported having found the crash site. The 2 people on board (POBs) were deceased. RCMP and ambulance were directed to the scene and the TSB was notified.

May 15, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A Government of Canada, Department of Transport Beech C90A (C-FGXE/ TGO993) from Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) to Shaunavon, SK (CJC5) was operating at 16 000 feet on an IFR clearance on a route which would take the flight through Moose Jaw, SK (MJ) Military airspace for which prior coordination with MJ military terminal control unit (MTCU) had not been made by the Winnipeg area control centre (ACC) controller. No known aircraft in the vicinity. No impact to operations.
UPDATE Transport Canada Aircraft Services: The aircraft was cleared out of controlled airspace for an approach and the pilot was aware of, and ensured they did not enter this airspace during the approach even though the controller did not provide the appropriate coordination.

December 20, 2013


A CAN-AM Entertainment Ltd Cirrus SR22 (C-GWUF), from Estevan Regional, SK (CYEN) to Swift Current, SK (CYYN) advised airport personnel that the aircraft was experiencing electrical failure. Airport personnel responded to airport, activated airfield lighting and informed other local traffic of inbound aircraft with no lighting or communications. Aircraft landed safely at 0110Z without incident and remained overnight on the apron.

November 23, 2013

Incident at In the vicinity of: SASKATOON / JOHN G. DIEFENBAKER INTL SK (Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO)

A GWS Well Servicing Pilatus PC-12/47E (C-GWEL) from Estevan, SK (CYEN) to Edmonton, AB (CYEG) operating at FL200 reported a very bright meteor moving southeast bound just south of Saskatoon, SK. Object had an observed bright trail which faded in the cloud deck over the city. No other reported sightings. CIRVIS report filed.

November 12, 2013


A Can-AM Entertainment Cirrus SR22 (C-GWUF) from Casper, WY (KCPR) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) flew transborder without an active flight plan. The pilot had filed and stated he opened with the Tower on departure.

November 3, 2013


An Enbridge Inc Dassault Falcon 2000EX (C- GENW) departing runway 35L at Calgary, AB (CYYC) for a flight to Estevan, SK (CYEN) had rejected takeoff shortly after commencing the takeoff roll due to an indication light. A Jazz Aviation LP de Havilland DHC-8-400 (JZA8222) from Yellowknife, NT (CYZF) was overshot by the tower at 2.5 mile final. C-GENW taxied ahead to exit east on charlie 3 and taxied back to runway 35L for departure. No other impact on operations.

September 30, 2013


Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: Aircraft departed Calgary, when gear selected up crew had a LH unsafe gear indication, gear was selected down and aircraft returned to Calgary. Maintenance jacked the aircraft carried out numerous gear swings without fault, as precaution the cannon plugs at the LH gear actuator were cleaned, the PC board for gear indication was checked and the aircraft released to service.
Enroute to Estevan, SK (CYEN) AirSprint Inc Cessna 560XL (ASP672) had to return to Calgary, AB (CYYC) after departing due to the gear not retracting. No assistance was requested and no operational impact.

August 19, 2013


Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: Owner contacted. Pilot experienced engine noise on takeoff beyond abort point. Precautionary return to land. Engineer inspected engine for possible FOD. T-wheel found damaged. Repair carried out and aircraft ready for return to service.
A GWS Well Servicing Piper PC 12/47E (C-GWEL) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) departed runway 20 IFR. Pilot reported abnormal engine noise on take off. Flight stayed with Tower, made a VFR circuit to land runway 12. No emergency equipment requested. Aircraft landed normally with no operational impact.

August 11, 2013


Brandon, MB (CYBR) FSS observed on radar a privately registered Cirrus SR22 from Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) to Estevan, SK (CYEN) entering the southeast corner of CYR410, Camp Shilo. FSS advised of restricted airspace, the aircraft then turned south to exit. No operational impact.

August 5, 2013


Aircraft reported ELT signal 50 NM WSW of Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) from 1625Z to 1628Z. JRCC subsequently contacted CSM and advised notification from pilot in Estevan, SK (CYEN) who had inadvertently activated an aircraft's ELT on the ground for a duration of approximately 3 minutes. Callsign of aircraft unknown.

June 13, 2013


A Blue Sky Air Piper PA-12 (C-FFZK) from Estevan, SK (CYEN) inadvertently activated ELT on take off roll. JRCC advised

February 21, 2013

Incident at Vicinity of RED DEER REGIONAL AIRPORT (CYQF)

UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: PIC asked for a gear check to be conducted. Aircraft flew from YYC to YBW with just PIC gear selected up enroute and functioned normally. Maintenance gear swings functions normally.
Shortly after departure pilot of a 1650667 Alberta Ltd Cessna 525A (C-GVSN) on a IFR flight from Red Deer (CYQF) to Estevan (CYEN) advised problem with landing gear. Pilot requested clearance to his alternate airport CYYC. ACC advised, one aircraft delayed approximately 10 minutes.

February 13, 2011


C172K was on Ramp completing run-up. Aircraft turned from into wind to crosswind. Airplane was lifted up by a gust of wind and the right wing and propeller impacted the ground. Wind reported before flight was 20 knots. At time of incident gust was observed up to 48 knots.


During Taxi wind gust tilted CFQII, C172K causing propeller to strike ground.

January 29, 2011

Incident at ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Airport Manager of Estevan Airport called to report a disabled aircraft (a Sunrise Aviation Co. Inc. Cessna 177B) - a flat tire. NOTAM was issued closing runway 15/33 until 2000z. No impact on operations.

May 24, 2010


A private Cessna 152 landed at Estevan on a flight from Minot, ND and the pilot called Winnipeg FIC to close the flight plan, but FIC had no flight plan on the aircraft. It was determined that the pilot never activated it on departure, so it was never sent to CYWG. Lockheed Martin, the FSS contractor, was advised.

September 18, 2009


An amateur-built Vans RV arrived in Estevan SK on a flight from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota without an active transborder flight plan. A flight plan had been filed with U.S. FSS but was not activated.

August 24, 2009


Numerous ELT reports in Southern Saskatchewan - 1601Z to approximately 1900Z. RCC advised. C130 dispatched from Winnipeg. RCC advised that aircraft ELT was accidently activated in air.

June 19, 2009


The pilot of a Sunrise Aviation Piper Seneca advised Brandon FSS that they were returning to Brandon due to a door becoming unlatched at 2128z. ARFF was requested to stand by. The aircraft landed safely, the pilot closed the door and departed again for CYEN at 2134z.

September 10, 2008


The pilot of a private Beech Baron conducted a transborder flight from Minot, ND to Estevan without an active flight plan. The pilot advised Edmonton FIC he forgot to activate the f/p on departure.

May 30, 2008

Incident at ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN) (ATM - other)

The pilot of a private Cessna 182 conducted a transborder flight to Estevan from Rapid City, SD without an active flight plan. The pilot stated that he had filed and activated but no flight plan was forwarded to Edmonton FIC. No VFR alerting was provided for this flight.

February 3, 2008


SARSAT search - false ELT activation.

May 28, 2007

Incident at ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN) (ATM - other)

The pilot of an American Aviation AA-5 completed a VFR flight from the U.S. to Estevan, SK then called Edmonton FIC to close his transborder flight plan. Edmonton FIC did not receive a flight plan for this flight. The flight plan had been filed with Winnipeg FIC for a departure from Dunseith International Peace Garden and was forwarded to Grand Forks FSS. The flight plan was never activated, therefore VFR altering service was not provided.

December 6, 2006


The pilot of C-FYFQ, a Cessna 182, departed Estevan on a VFR flight then later reported an engine problem to Edmonton FIC and returned to the departure airport. The aircraft landed at 1750z.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that an AME advised than the induction hose to the engine intake worked itself loose and disconnected. The hose was re-attached and a new clamp installed, and the aircraft returned to service.

September 19, 2006


The pilot of C-FITX, a Piper PA-18 on floats, was taking off at a private strip east of Estevan. The aircraft was on a dolly being pulled by a truck and when it attempted to take off, a float got caught on the launch trailer and the aircraft crashed on the side of the strip. There was substantial damage to the aircraft, however the pilot was not injured. TSB report to follow.
UPDATE TSB reported that the privately-registered float-equipped Piper PA-18-150, C-FITX, was departing from the owner's private grass strip. The pilot/owner was using a dolly towed behind a pick-up truck to take off. At lift-off, a float snagged the dolly. The aircraft veered and crashed in the field at the side of the strip. There were no injuries; the aircraft was substantially damaged.

May 20, 2005


UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that an burnt out light bulb in the gear indication system was the cause of the problem. The bulb was replaced and the a/c returned to service.
The pilot of C-GOUL, a Piper Arrow which was on approach at Estevan, called Edmonton FSS and advised that he had no green light for the nose gear. Emergency Services, RCMP and the local Fire Department were called to respond to the Estevan airport. The aircraft landed safely with no incident at 2240Z.

June 29, 2004


UPDATE TSB reported that the pilot and a passenger were on a local pleasure flight departing from and returning to Estevan. Information reported indicated that winds were relatively calm out of the west, but with increasing heat some mechanical turbulence was evident. On final approach, as the aircraft was about to flare, it turned away from runway heading due to wind gust or turbulence. The pilot straightened the aircraft, but it descended and bounced on the runway. When the aircraft descended and bounced a second time the pilot applied power to go around. The aircraft went off the side of the runway and overturned. Neither the pilot nor the passenger were injured, the aircraft incurred substantial damage.
The pilot of the vintage Luscombe 8 was landing at Estevan in gusty wind conditions. During the landing, the a/c bounced and the pilot attempted to reject the landing by applying power and going around. However the a/c went off the side of the runway and overturned. The pilot and his son were able to exit the a/c and were not injured. It was reported that the a/c has substantial damage.

May 8, 2004


A student pilot who was conducting circuits at Estevan SK, had a propeller strike while landing. It was reported that the student had difficulty controlling the a/c in gusty wind conditions. Damage was limited to the tips of the propeller. The company has removed the engine for inspection.
UPDATE TSB reported that the Cessna 172N, C-GYAQ operated by Sunrise Aviation, was landing on Runway 15 in Estevan on completion of a student solo cross-country flight from Yorkton. As the aircraft touched down, a wind gust lifted the left wing. While adjusting the controls for the wing lift, the student pilot checked forward on the control column. The aircraft pitched forward, and the propeller struck the runway. The aircraft sustained minor damage to the propeller, and the engine has been removed for inspection. The student pilot was not injured.

May 2, 2004


An ELT was reported in the vicinity of Estevan, SK at approximately 2305Z. The ELT was apparently detectable while on the ground only. RCC Trenton was advised. RCC conducted a one-hour comm search and advised at 0013Z that ELT had been located in C-FFDT, a parked Cessna 172 at the Estevan airport. The ELT had been recently installed and it was reported that an improper installation method had been done.

January 14, 2004

Incident at ESTEVAN REGIONAL SK (CYEN) (Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

C-GYSC, a Beech King Air 200, was landing at Estevan and during rollout, the left training edge flaps hit a snowdrift on the runway. The crew could not see any damage when the a/c was parked and the flaps were retracted and later returned to base in Calgary. Maintenance inspection revealed that when the flaps were in the extended position, there was an assymetry evident in the left inboard flap, which was likely caused by the collision with the snowdrift.
Aerodrome Safety update reports that the landing portion of this event was not accurate, the snow drift was not on the runway. The airport winter maintenance program for proper snow dispersal on aprons, taxiways, runways as well as in and around the approach, runway and Papi lighting systems is dependent on the use of the cities snow blower. This is subject to the needs of the city. The airport maintainer operates a snow plough with a wing blade to remove snow. This type of vehicle is adequate when winter snow accumulations are normal. However these series of winter storms has forced the A.P.M. to issue a blanket Notam valid until April advising pilots to be extra vigilant when flying into and out of Estevan. Forty knot winds from the North, North West were producing obscured ceilings and reduced ground visibilities in blowing snow. The pilot reported that he elected to land on runway 33 rather than 26 because of the aircrafts crosswind limitations. The approach to 33 although bumpy and rough due to mechanical turbulence associated with the strong, gusting surface winds was accomplished with the green threshold light's visible. The pilot reported that just at round out he felt a shutter on the nose wheel. The aircraft was brought to a stop and turned to back track on runway 15 for the apron and terminal area, while back tracking the he noted that the red runway end lights were not visible. The pilot then saw that the snow had accumulated or been plowed between the runway end and the approach lights. The snow accumulation were estimated to be about three feet in height. On February 3rd Aerodrome Safety personnel flew to Estevan and conducted a winter / night inspection of the facilities there. Although the bank of snow at the end of runway 33 had been somewhat reduced snow build up was still in evidence as was tire marks prior to the approach lights and runway end. The airport manager has since reported that an older snow blower had been located and that the snow removal process is now on going. This should help restore normal operations. Aerodrome Safety have been in contact with the pilot from Sanjel Corp. regarding this event and have been assured that up to date runway condition reports will be obtained by flight crews from the A.P.M. or his representative at Estevan prior to departure. They will also advise A/S if and when other anomalies arise.
UPDATE TSB reported that the Sanjel Corporation Beech 200, C-GYSC, was on a corporate flight from Calgary, Alberta to Estevan, Saskatchewan. This was a single-pilot flight with no passengers. On landing at Estevan, the aircraft hit a snow drift that crossed the runway. The aircraft was placed in a hangar and no damage was noted. After a return flight to Calgary, during a daily inspection, it was noted that the left flap outboard section was misaligned with the inboard flap section. Flap assembly P/N 101-160001-17 was found to be buckled. The damage was not readily visible with the flaps in the flaps-up position, as the buckled area was hidden from view under the wing locker. The flap was removed for repair. Additional aircraft inspection has not identified any other related damage.
UPDATE TSB classification changed from ""Accident"" to ""Voluntary Incident"".

January 28, 2002


The student pilot of C-GYAQ, a Cessna 172, departed Regina at 1854Z to complete the last leg of a solo round robin flight plan from Estevan. Prior to the aircraft's ETA in Estevan, the owners of the flying school in Estevan called to see if Regina FSS had any information on the aircraft. FSS called the cell phone number listed on the flight plan and discovered the aircraft had landed in Williston, North Dakota. At 2143Z, Regina FSS received another flight plan for C-GYAQ from Williston to Estevan. At approximately 2350Z, Regina FSS received a phone call from the owners of the flying club to advise that the aircraft had landed in Garrison, North Dakota and to close the flight plan. During the pilot's return leg to Estevan, as the a/c was flying into the Weyburn area, FSS requested the student pilot assume a westerly heading to avoid traffic near the Weyburn airport. The pilot complied and flew west for about 10 minutes before he was advised he could resume his heading to Estevan. It appears that this diversion contributed to the pilot's becoming lost. He resumed his southeasterly route and, not locating Estevan, he eventually realized he was likely in U.S. airspace. The pilot contacted Grand Forks FSS for help, and they provided the pilot with a DF steer to land at Williston. Once on the ground in Williston, the student sought assistance from a local flight instructor, who gave the pilot a route and heading to fly back to Estevan. Unfortunately, the pilot mis-read the heading of 011 degrees given to him by the instructor as 110 degrees and flew southeast toward Garrison, ND. He landed at Garrison and advised the flying school of the situation. He was advised to stay there and staff from the flying school went to Garrison to pick up both the student and the Cessna 172. The a/c is now back at Estevan.
UPDATE In a review of their procedures on the day of this occurrence, Regina FSS confirmed that they were not in contact with the student pilot. The pilot carried out a touch and go on Runway 13 at Regina and was given a right turn by Tower for traffic. There was no request by any ATS facility for the pilot to fly a westerly heading at Weyburn, as reported by the pilot to the manager of the flying school.