August 12, 2016

Accident at 100NM NW FORT NELSON BC (CBL3)

TSB#A16W0117: a privately registered Just Aircraft Highlander advanced ultralight aircraft, was on a sightseeing flight departing out of Fort Nelson/Gordon Field, BC (CBL3). The pilot flew to a private strip located approximately 100 nautical miles North West to conduct several touch and goes. On the third touch and go, the pilot noticed that the aircraft was further down the runway and was concerned about the remaining distance. The aircraft was rotated early in an attempt to get airborne. The maneuver was successful, however the pitch increased. At approximately 40 feet AGL, the aircraft banked to the right and impacted the runway. The pilot, who was the lone occupant, escaped with no injuries. There was no post impact fire, however the aircraft was substantially damaged.

September 25, 2013


UPDATE: TSB REPORT#A13W0143: A privately operated Seawind 2000 was on a VFR flight from Gordon Field, BC (6nm sw of CYYE) to Grande Prairie, AB. While climbing out, FSWI experienced an engine failure (AVCO LYCOMING, IO-360-C1E6) which developed into an engine fire. The pilot attempted to divert to the Fort Nelson airport, but landed on a road in the industrial area in south west Fort Nelson. The pilot was able to evacuate from the aircraft before it was engulfed in flames.
A privately-registered Seawind 2000 departed Fort Nelson - Gordon Field airport, BC (CBL3) and shortly after reported to Fort Nelson FSS that he had lost his engine and was inbound for Fort Nelson, BC (CYYE). The aircraft crashed at the intersection of 55th Street & 46th Avenue (1/2 NM NE of YE Beacon/3.5nm final runway 03). The aircraft was destroyed by fire. No impact on operations.
Update Aviation Enforcement: This incident has been reviewed by Civil Aviation Enforcement and the appropriate action has been taken. This matter is now closed.
JRCC Victoria Report September 25 [V2013-02752]: 25 2319Z. (585018N 1223582W - CYYE : FORT NELSON). JRCC RECEIVED A REPORT FROM RCMP THAT A SMALL A/C (privately operated Seawind 2000) HAD CRASHED NEAR FORT NELSON AIRPORT. RCMP AND EHS ATTENDING. NO ACTION TAKEN BY JRCC, NFAR.

July 13, 2008


An ELT signal was reported by the Rescue Coordination Centre from satelite detection. It was determined to be an aircraft located at Gordon's Field.
UPDATE from RCC Victoria: Nelson). Composite formed in the Fort Nelson area (Gordon Field Airport). FSS reported hearing a faint signal. Buffalo, Cormorant, and CASARA were tasked but released when the aircraft reported an accidental activation.

September 27, 2003


N27HY an American registered Aviat A-1A did not report on the MF in a timely fashion. Pilot had entered the wrong strip (CBL3) in his GPS and the wrong MF in his radio.

November 23, 2002

Accident at Mile 232 Alaska Hwy, Prophet River 50 nm S Fort Nelson, BC

TSB Info. added: C-GIUT, a Piper PA18-150, had departed Fort Nelson Gordon Field, (CBL3) with 2 persons on board. On touchdown at an unimproved farm field, the pilot was not satisfied with the speed of the aircraft and he decided to abort the landing. Shortly after liftoff, the aircraft struck a power line, control was lost and the aircraft overturned into a small pond. Both occupants sustained minor injuries, and the aircraft was substantially damaged.
At 2145z Fort Nelson FSS received a call from an off- duty FSS that was a passenger on C-GIUT, advising that the aircraft had crashed at mile 232 of the Alaska Highway. The aircraft came in ""hot"" and struck 2-3 small hummucks and was launched back into air. The pilot attempted a missed approach passing between a home and detached garage but the aircraft stalled. Aircraft struck a power line and crashed nose first into a small pond. The pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries. The plane has extensive damage to the nose, engine and right wing. Minor damage to left wing and tail.