November 13, 2001

Incident at 57 NM North of Red Lake (CYRL)

C-FYPB reported 57 miles GPS north of Red Lake (CYRL), estimating in 28 minutes and declared a fuel emergency. Fuel remaining 0130. Winnipeg ATC was advised and the pilot received clearence directly from Winnipeg Center on the YRL PAL. The aircraft landed safely Red lake (CYRL) at 18:20. Departure for BSC316 (B99) was delayed 20 minutes. Weather SPECI CYRL 131817z 13003KT 2SM BR OVC002 RMK SF7 CIG RGD BLN VSBL TO 400FT=

February 12, 1996

Incident at Val-d'Or

The aircraft was VFR from Dorval to Val D'Or and had an unsafe gear indication. The pilot declared an emergency and requested visual verification. He then cancelled the emergency and landed without problem. Weather 2600 -SCT Vsbl 6IC.

October 3, 1995

Incident at Cambridge Bay, N.W.T. (ATM - weather observation systems)

M1 OVC 1.35-M/-04/-05/2315/971/M 27 X M =. CARS observed actual weather 600-800 OVC visibility 1 1/2 VZL -S-. AWOS did not detect ZL. NWT661 B737 abandoned approach and returned to Yellowknife after CARS issued the 0424 special report (3 -Sct M10 OVC 2ZL-S-2419 SF2 SC8 beam VSBL 1500 ft drftg SNW=.