September 29, 2002

Incident at HAMILTON ON (CYHM)

C-GTOL (PA31T1) had leveled at FL230 on a test flight when they experienced a pressurization problem and returned to Hamilton.

December 5, 1999

Incident at St. John's NF

FOBYN PAY1 departing St. John's reported Low Oil Pressure in one engine. Aircraft cancelled IFR and returned to St. John's 2052z. UPDATE: Nil TSB

November 12, 1999

Incident at Gander Oceanic

This airacraft was involved in 3 different occurrences while enroute Reykjavik. N272HJ PAY1 enroute Goose Bay to Reykjvik was cleared to maintain FL110. Just prior to 50W the flight climbed to FL170 without ATC clearance. Nil Traffic. At Prince Christansan flight climbed from FL170 to FL210 without ATC clearance. There was Traffic at FL180 entering controlled airspace with a planned 1000 foot separation. Separation achieved is undertermined but is estimated to be about 60 nm lateral where 120 nm lateral separation is required. Flight was cleared 61N/40W direct 63N/30W. Aircraft progressed by 40W estimated 62N/30W. Gander ATC recleared aircraft via 62N/30W. NIL TSB

January 12, 1999

Incident at 30NM WEST OF DEER LAKE

CGVKA PAY1 departed Deer Lake enroute to Stephenville at 8000 feet. ARN828 DH8B was inbound to Deer Lake and cleared to 9000 feet. Traffic advisory was passed when aircrafts were approx. 35 miles apart. ARN828 was inadvertently cleared to 7000 feet & recleared to final approach fix (UDBEX) for runway 25. Both aircraft passed within 3/4 miles laterally and 700 feet vertically. ARN828 later advised he had received a TCAS advisory to reduce his descent rate. TSB case close