February 25, 2017

Incident at 5447N04947W

UPDATE: JRCC Halifax SARSUM Report#[H2017-00199]: (473540N 0524688W - St John's NFLD). Gander Domestic called to inform of a commercial flight (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747 400 (PHBFW/ KLM643) from Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM) to New York, NY (KJFK)) that had diverted and landed in St. John's NL, an on-board passenger had suffered from a medical emergency in flight and was transferred to medical assistance personnel on the ground in St. John's.
A westbound KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747 400 (PHBFW/ KLM643) from Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM) to New York, NY (KJFK) at 5447N04947W reported a medical emergency on board. The aircraft requested and received clearance direct to St John's, NL (CYYT). The aircraft landed at 2146Z.

July 11, 2013


The pilot of a Government of Canada Department of National Defence Lockheed C-130 (Hercules) enroute from Summerside, PEI (CYSU) to Gander, Nfld. (CYQX) reported a prop out of tolerance, shut down the engine and diverted to Greenwood, NS (CYZX) for repairs. No emergency declared and no assistance required. No impact on operations.

May 8, 2013

Incident at 511650N 0552910W - ST. ANTHONY NL (CYAY) (ELT)

JRCC Halifax SARSUM Report: E.A1 - 082142Z. ADCC400578002F1 (511650N 0552910W - St. Anthony, Nfld). SARSAT detected ELT B side over St Anthony, A side over airfield in Wyoming. CMCC indicates source likely on US side, AFRCC hasn't confirmed source but is confident it originated at their position.

June 3, 2011

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

CHI831, Sikorsky S92A, was enroute to the Hibernia Oil platform when the crew requested clearance to return to St. John's (CYYT) due to a sick pilot. The aircraft cancelled IFR at 19:55Z and landed at 19:59Z without further incident. There was no impact on operations. TSB Case Closed.
UPDATE TSB: A11A0022: The Cougar Helicopters S-92A helicopter (C-GQCH), operating as flight CHI831, departed St. John's NFLD and was enroute to the Hirbernia offshore oil platform to pick up passengers when the First Officer began feeling ill. The helicopter returned to St. John's without any further incident.

December 1, 2008

Incident at WABUSH NL (CYWK)

UPDATE TSB: A08A0153: The Exact Air Beech A100 airplane, was landing at WABUSH LAKE, NFLD when the pilot noted the right brake was stuck on. The pilot attempted to keep the airplane straight on the runway using differential engine power but the airplane departed the right side of the runway. The airplane rotated 180 degrees through the snow and came to rest about 75 feet from the side of the runway. The pilot indicated the right brake had frozen during the flight from BAIE COMEAU, QUE. There were no reported injuries. Company maintenance personnel indicated the right propeller and engine will be changed due to damage sustained as the airplane skidded through the snow. Additionally, both right side wheel assemblies were changed due to the large holes worn through the tires.
During landing at Wabush aiport, on Runway 36, ET824, Beech A100,experienced a wheel lock up causing the aircraft to slide 75 feet off the end of the runway. There was no known damage to the aircraft and there were no injuries to the 10 souls on board. The runway was closed for 33 minutes while the aircraft was removed which resulted in the delays of 3 aircraft.

September 28, 2006

Incident at Aux environs du VOR de Mirabel (YMX)

N189H, a privately-owned Cessna 560 registered in the United States, was conducting an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from Rochester, NY (KROC) to Goose Bay, Nfld. (CYYR). While the aircraft was at FL390 in the vicinity of the Mirabel (YMX) VHF omnidirectional range (VOR), the crew, for an unspecified reason, requested a diversion to Newburgh, NY (KSWF), in descent to FL240. There was no impact on ATC operations.

September 25, 2006


The Embraer 170 operated by Air Canada as flight number ACA627 was inbound for Dorval (CYUL), having departed from St-John's, Nfld. (CYYT), when the crew reported a problem with the flaps. No emergency was declared, but the crew requested that aircraft crash, fire-fighting and rescue (CFR) be on site for its arrival. The aircraft landed without incident on Runway 24R at 1127Z. There was no impact on ATC operations.
Update #1: The TSB occurrence number and class of investigation were added. The aircraft registration was added. According to the TSB #A06Q0172: The Air Canada Embraer 190, registration C-FFYM, encountered a flap fault on final approach to Dorval airport. The crew initiated a go-around and requested emergency vehicles as a precaution. The aircraft landed without incident. Both L/H and R/H outboard slat skew sensor harness were replaced per AMM 27-83-07-04 and the aircraft was returned to service.

April 24, 2006


The Cessna 550 aircraft operating on clearance 58N050W 60N040W 62N030W reported passing 61N040W at 1552Z. When queried, the pilot advised that he was actually at the reported position instead of the cleared position making him 60 NM off course. The Cessna 550 registration D-ISEC was originating from CYYR (Goose Bay, NFLD) destined for BIRK (Reykjavik Airport, Iceland). Aircraft was recleared back on course. No Traffic. Nil TSB

April 25, 2006


The Boeing 767-383 (ER) ISRAIR aircraft was on a cleared oceanic route of 49N040W 48N050W NOVEP at F320 with a flight planned destination of KJFK (John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY). At 0716Z, the crew requested to divert to CYQX (Gander, NFLD) due to low fuel. The aircraft was cleared present position direct Gander at F350. The aircraft landed in Gander at 0812Z without further incident. Origin of flight was LLBG (Ben Gurion Airport, Israel). Nil TSB.

April 23, 2006

Incident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

N9444 Pilatus PC6 arrived in CYYR (Goose Bay, NFLD) without an active flight plan from KBGR. KBGR FSS advised that a flight plan was filed but not activated by the pilot on departure from KBGR (Bangor, ME, USA).

October 3, 2005


BRR201, Beech 200, enroute from Gander (CYQX) to Iqaluit (CYFB) departed Gander at 2152Z. At 2154Z the pilot requested to return to Gander due to a loose fuel cap. ATC cleared aircraft as requested. Aircraft landed without incident at 2158Z. Nil TSB.
Flight number BRR201 was changed to BFF201.

June 23, 2005


Lufthansa (DLH)423 A343 at 35,000ft enroute from Boston to Frankfurt was 50 miles east of Grindstone when the pilot reported a medical emergency. Doctor on board reported the patient had required immediate medical attention. Aircraft diverted to Stevenville Nfld (CYJT) and landed at 2230Z Nil TSB

May 28, 2004

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

At 1404Z, BAW 2167, B777 Gatwick to Tampa, reported 50N40W at FL340 estimating 44N50W 1520Z. At 1451Z the pilot declared a passenger medical emergency and requested to divert to St. John's Nfld. ATC cleared BAW2167 to FL330 then direct RONPO direct St. John's. At 1506Z in response to a query, BAW2167 advised having a passenger with meningitis symptoms being attended by an on board doctor. The aircraft landed St. John's at 1543Z. The sick passenger was transported to the hospital and the aircaft and passengers were isolated. Aproximately an hour later it was determined that the sick passenger did not suffer from meningitis, the aircraft was then released from isolaton and departed thereafter. Nil TSB

April 1, 2004

Accident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

The AS 350B helicopter, C-FXAL, was on a positioning flight from Pasadena NFLD to Goose Bay via Blanc-Sablon. After the helicopter had landed on the company pad in Goose bay and the pilot had completely lowered the collective and engaged the collective down lock, a severe vibration developed and the helicopter started to rock fore and aft on the landing gear skids. The pilot immediately shut down the engine and the vibration subsided as the main rotor spooled down. Inspection of the helicopter following the occurrence revealed that one of the arms on the main rotor head starflex head broken off. The helicopter also sustained damage to the tail boom and fuselage in the area where the tail boom attaches to the fuselage. TSB will forward information on the analysis of the starflex head. TSB case closed

August 19, 2003

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

A Canadian Military PS was operational East of Nfld at position 5302N 5440W when it decared a PAN due to an electrical problem and requested a clearance to St. John's. The aircraft landed at 1739Z

June 26, 2003

Accident at Buchans NFLD

At 2330Z at a position 68 nautical miles west of Gander International near Buchans Newfoundland an M-18 Dromader GMVE operated by the Supermarine Aircraft Company was operating on spray operations. The aircraft was at tree top level proceeding to Base returning from a spray operation. The Pilot declared a distress on the operating frequency. The Pilot then pulled nose up to gain altitude and the aircraft stalled and crashed. People on the ground who witnessed the accident could not rescue the pilot since the aircraft was completely engulfed in flames. The aircraft was destroyed in a post crash fire. TSB - Investigating - TSB# A03A0076 - More to Follow
TSB update 2003-06-30: The PZL M18 Dromader was number three of four aircraft conducting spray operations. The pilot reported engine (PLZ 1000) difficulties. Shortly after, the aircraft was seen to enter a spin from less than five hundred feet and it did not recover. There was a post-impact fire, which initiated a forest fire. The pilot was fatally injured and the aircraft was destroyed.

June 20, 2003


Delta (DAL58), Boeing 777-200 en route from Atlanta to Gatwick reported a medical emergency west of Stevenville Nfld, and requested diversion to Gander. The company was making arrangements regarding a passenger in convulsions. The aircraft dumped fuel and landed at Gander Intl at 0353Z.

March 24, 2003


A Gulfstream 4 enroute from Gander to Teterboro at FL430 reported a cracked windshield in the vicinity of Stevenville Nfld. And requested descent to FL250. N493QS continued to destination and exited Canadian airspace at 1631Z. RCC was advised. TSB - NIL

October 13, 2002

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

During a slinging operation, where four fuel barrels were being slung, an engineer assisting the operation became entangled in the associated barrel strap. As the helicopter lifted the barrels one of the straps caught the engineer and lifted him into the air. Apparently the straps were being blown around by the down wash of the helicopter. The engineer was lifted an estimated 150 ft into the air. The engineer called the pilot with a hand held radio and informed him of the situation while he was being lifted. The pilot then set the engineer down gently 3 to 400 ft from the pick up point. TSB - Investigating
TSB Update - 2002/10/18 - A02A0118: The Bell 212 helicopter was slinging loads of fuel drums from St. Jacques Island to the mainland using barrel straps. The pilot had delivered a load of four barrels, and, after observing that the barrel straps had been disconnected and receiving the signal that ground personnel were clear, started to depart for another load. During the departure a barrel strap became tangled around the foot of the aircraft's engineer, who had been assisting at the drop zone. The engineer was lifted smoothly into the air. Now dangling by his foot, and about 150 feet in the air, the engineer was able to reach for his radio and contact the pilot. The pilot slowed, and subsequently landed the engineer 300 to 400 hundred feet from the drop zone. The engineer was not injured.

September 10, 2002


Halifax FIC was notified that a Citabria on floats was missing and overdue near Charlottetown Nfld. 413 SQN C130 and 103 SQN Labrador tasked to area and spotted a camp fire. The two persons from the missing aircraft were located and picked up. They had failed to return from a one day fishing trip due to an ankle injury, and were unable to hike back to the floatplane. They had decided to spend the night in the woods when rescued.

August 11, 2002

Accident at Big Eel Lake Nfld, N4906 W5512

At aproximately 1830 UTC, a C-185 on floats dipped a wing tip on landing, flipped over and sank. There were no injuries. TSB case closed
TSB Update - Aug 21/2002 - Cessna 185 was landing at Big Eel lake when the left wing tip contacted the water. The aircraft flipped over and sank; the pilot, who was the sole occupant, escaped without injury.

March 25, 2002


The SK61 helicopter had departed Westbrook Pond after completing some Slinging operations in that area. The helicopter was enroute to Stephenville NFLD. Approximately seven miles from Stephenville the #2 engine failed. The flight crew secured the failed engine and continued to Stephenville in VFR flight conditions and landed on runway 09 without further incident. As reported by the pilot, the flight conditions at the time of the engine failure were 1/4 to 3 miles visibility in snow, and clear of cloud, at a temperature of minus seven degrees C. The helicopter was not encountering any inflight icing conditions at the time of the engine failure. After inspection the engine compressor showed significant damage but there was no other damage to the engine.

March 7, 2002


A Beech 350 during a medivac flight from St. John's to Gander was on the approach to Gander and recognized a nosegear indication problem. They returned to St. John's and did an overflight over the company hangar to allow company personnel to visually inspect the gear. The personnel advised that the gear appeared down. The aircraft landed without incident. TSB - Case Closed - More to follow
Update - NFLD Gov't air Services: Indications in flight showed no nose gear down indication and the light in the gear handle was not illuminated. Maintenance discovered a block, common to all three lights had a tab inside which stuck. This was freed up and maintenance then carried out a gear swing with everything normal. A new Block is to be installed.
TSB Update - Maintenance troubleshooting revealed the presence of a poor ground at the landing gear light junction block. Corrosion present under the terminal connection was cleaned and function of the nose gear light returned to normal.

February 24, 2002

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

At 0239Z at Position N45 W42, a B 767 with 326 persons operated by Britannia Air en-route Puerta Plata to EKCH (Kastrup)experienced a fire in the left rear galley. Two fire extinguishers were discharged and the electrical systems were disabled. The aircraft at Flight level 330 declared an emergency ""MAYDAY"" and requested clearance direct St. John's Nfld. due to smoke in the cabin. Pilot made emergency descent to FL300 and a clearance was issued direct St. John's. The aircraft landed without further incident at 0358z. TSB - Case Closed

May 13, 2001


N56MD, a US-registered Gulfstream 4, was making an IFR flight to Minneapolis/St-Paul Int'l (KMSP). The pilot advised Montreal ACC that he was in minimum fuel state. He did not request priority for the moment. Toronto ACC and the Central Flow Management Unit did not anticipate any delay. The aircraft was cleared to proceed direct to the destination airport from the Nain, Nfld (YDP) NDB. N56MD, un Gulfstream 4 immatriculé aux États-Unis, effectuait un vol selon les règles de vol aux instruments (IFR) à destination de Minneapolis/St-Paul Int'l (KMSP). Le pilote a avisé le centre de contrôle de Montréal qu'il était en état de carburant minimum. Il ne demande pas de priorité pour le moment. Le centre de contrôle de Toronto et l'unité centrale de gestion des courants de trafic ne prévoyaient pas de délais. L'appareil a été autorisé à se rendre directement à l'aéroport de destination à partir du radiophare de Nain, Nfld (YDP NDB).

November 17, 2001


N1163A MO20T position 120 NM east Goose Bay reported low oil pressure and high engine temperature. Declared emergency but elected to continue on to Goose Bay despite several aerodromes in closer proximity to route of flight. Landed without incident at 2237 UTC. Halifax RCC advised. TSB Case Closed with more to follow.
TSB Update Nov 20, 2001. A01A0142: N1163A, a Mooney M20K, was en route from Narssarssuaq, Greenland, to Goose Bay, Nfld. At 18:20 NST, about 120 nm east of Goose Bay, the pilot declared an emergency due to low engine (Continental TSIO-360) oil pressure and high engine temperature. The pilot continued to Goose Bay, and landed without incident at 19:07.

June 19, 2001


AAL56, B-777, enroute Miami to London,declared a medical emergency over St-Anthony Nfld. Doctor on board and requested diversion to Gander . Fuel dumped enroute to Gander, landed at 0800Z. TSB Evaluating

June 18, 2001

Incident at Gander Oceanic 4830N 37W

BAW 208 B-747, enroute Miami to London, declared a medical emergency,requested and cleared to St-John's Nfld. Landed 0735Z. Nil TSB

December 16, 2000


Air Canada DC9 ACA645, was IFR from St. John´s Int´l, NFLD (CYYT) to Dorval (CYUL). The aircraft had to execute a missed approach on Rwy 06R at CYUL. The crew had trouble lowering the flaps. After a circuit, they got them to work and landed without incident at 1400Z. ACA645, un DC9 d´Air Canada, aux instruments (IFR) en provenance de St-John´s Int´l, NFLD(CYYT) vers Dorval (CYUL). L´appareil a dû effectuer une remontée lors de son approche sur la piste 06D à CYUL. L´équipage avait de la difficulté à abaisser les volets. Après un circuit, ils ont réussi à les faire fonctionner et ils ont atterri à 1400Z, sans encombre.

May 10, 2000

Accident at Near Cabot Island NF

Coast Guard Flt 305 was performing sling work and crashed 1/4 mile West of Cabot Island, Nfld. (60 miles east of Gander). A local fisherman notified RCMP, who contacted Gander ACC. Search located debris which included a fuel tank from the helicopter. RCMP are to send down a dive team to locate the wreckage and recover the body of the pilot. TSB Investigating. More to follow. TSB File # A00A0076 More to follow.

March 17, 2000

Incident at St. John's, Nfld.

While on an IFR flight from Frankfurt/Main Intl (EDDF) to Tampa Intl Airport (KTPA), CFG178 at approximately 45NO50W declared a medical emergency and requested to divert St. John's. Female passenger approximately 60 years old with heart attack, doctor on board requested ambulance. Nil traffic. A/C landed CYYT at 1439Z. Nil TSB

January 18, 2000

Incident at East of Grindstone

NVC100 CL60 had been conducting low level flight checks at Grindstone. Upon completion of the checks, the pilot requested clearance direct St. John's Nfld at FL 330. The flight was cleared direct at FL230. Shortly thereafter, the flight was observed on radar to the climbing through FL 300. When queried the pilot said that they were cleared at FL330 and that is what was read back. No conflicting traffic. NIL TSB

December 17, 1999

Incident at Port Hawkesbury NS (Other operational incident)

Aircraft reported a bright white light on the ground. Reported to RCC. They advised that similar sightings have been reported in the vicinity of Deer Lake and Hibernia in Nfld. and Shediac NB. Nil TSB

November 24, 1999

Incident at Vicinity of Norris Arm North. NFLD (Public complaint)

Resident of the community complained that an aircraft had operated between 400 and 600 feet above houses in the area. Limited information available. Nil TSB

March 19, 1999

Accident at 4 miles from Davis Inlet NFLD

SPR930 DHC6 enroute Goose Bay to Davis Inlet crashed 4 miles from the airport. Aircraft crash site located and investigation continuing. TSB investigating Update: Aircraft was enroute VFR to Davis Inlet with two crew members plus freight. Halifax RCC received reports from Davis Inlet residents hearing an aircraft execute a missed approach to the airport followed by a loud bang. One crew member fatally injured and the other (serious injured) was airlifted to Goose Bay. Weather conditions reported as poor visibility with blowing snow.

March 9, 1998

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

ECGSL WW24 landing St. John's advised flight was overshooting due to no green light indication on the nosegear. Tower observed the nosegear and it appeared extended. Pilot advised that there was now a green light for the nosegear. Aircraft landed safely 2208z. Nil TSB.

January 5, 1998

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

N977GA LR24 departing St. John's reported a gear door problem. Returned and landed safely at St. John's 1438z NIL TSB

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

N9295X PA32 departing St. John's had an Oil Pressure light indication. Returned and landed safely at St. John's 1032z. No emergency, no assistance required. Nil TSB

January 3, 1998

Incident at Stephenville NFLD (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

ATL452 DHC8 was held at Stephenville for approximately 10 minutes due to a runway obstruction (snow clearing equipment) NIL TSB

December 3, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

SPR910 BE20 experienced a pressurization problem at FL150 and descended to FL120. Cause unknown. Aircraft continued to Gander and landed safely at 2053z. TSB: More to follow. Update: Maintenace reported that the cabin door seal had failed.

November 29, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

C-FGNL BE10 departed St. John's 1051z and reported a minor electrical problem at 1053z. Aircraft returned St. John's and landed safely at 1100z. Nil TSB.

November 24, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

SPR916 SW4 commenced a missed approach at St. John's due to a landing gear warning light. Aircraft commenced another approach and landed safely at 2353z. No assistance required. TSB evaluating Other interested parties MAH-YYT

November 11, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

ACA860 B767 reported over the "S" NDB for landing runway 29 at 0246z. Aircraft executed a missed approach at 0247z when advised ARN898 was backtracking runway 29 to exit on runway 16. Nil TSB

October 15, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

SPR915 SW4 departing runway 34, pilot encountered difficulty controlling nose wheel and failed to remain within intended take-off area. TSB: Update to follow. Update: At 60 knots the aircraft veered sharply to the left and went off the left side of the runway. The aircraft came to a stop about 150 feet off the runway. There was no damage to the aircraft and no injuries to the 2 crew and 3 passengers. Maintenance found a malfunction in the nose wheel steering actuator. More info to follow. Update: There had been a nose wheel steering system snag (Amber Nose Wheel Steer Fail Light remained on after disarming), entered following a previous flight. Maintenance was unable to duplicate the snag but the occurrence flight crew were advised of this prior to accepting the aicraft. Following the runway excursion, nose wheel steering functional checks confirmed that an uncommanded signal caused the nose wheel to move left when the steering was in the off position. Maintenance replaced the nose wheel steering actuator (P.N. 27-19087-007) and performed static and ground taxi tests which confirmed the steering serviceability. TSB will receive a teardown report of the faulty nose wheel steering actuator. Maintenance is replacing the right engine and propeller as a result of FOD damage when reverse thrust was selected during the runway excursion. Several cabin windows and both nose wheels were replaced. NDT was performed on the main wheels and a hard landing special inspection will be completed.

October 9, 1997

Incident at St. John's NFLD

ACA610 EA32 on short final for runway 34, executed a missed approach due to loss of flight instruments on one side of the cockpit. Aircraft landed safely 1926z. TSB awaiting more information. UPDATE: The missed approach was due to the failure of the First Officers map function on the EFIS display. This resulted in a brief loss of IAS indications and there was an engine power surge. Research indicated that there was a similar computer software problem with this aircraft on 19 September 1997. Air Canada and the vender of the software will be following up with a further investigation to determine the cause of the problem and correct it. TSB closed.

September 22, 1997

Incident at Deer Lake Nfld

ARN830 DHC-8 on final to Deer Lake encountered a bird strike on the left engine. The aircraft landed without further incident. Maintenance boroscoped the inlet area and confirmed that no engine damage had occurred. The left propeller spinner was replaced and the aircraft returned to serivce. Nil TSB involvement.

September 17, 1997

Incident at St. John's Nfld

ATL482 BA146 landing St. John's, when flaps were selected on approach to runway 34 the flap fault light illuminated. The crew carried out an overshoot and came around for a flapless landing on runway 34. The aircraft landed without incident at 1242z NDT. Maintenance inspected the flap system and could find no faults. The ball nuts were lubricated and then the flaps were reset as per maintenance manual. System checked serviceable. Other interested parties - MAH-YYT.

September 18, 1997

Incident at Gander Nfld

AMT8719 L101 was on the take-off roll when the engine vibration light for the # 1 engine illuminated. The take-off was rejected and as the aircraft was being taxiied back to the ramp the warning light system was switched from the "B" system to the "A" system and the light extinguished. The "B" system was reselected and the light remained off. The engine was inspected and no faults could be found. The aircraft was returned to service and subsequently departed to 1240 NDT without any re-occurrence of the problem.

September 15, 1997

Incident at 30 E of Halifax

SPR701 was climbing out of Halifax enroute to St. John's Nfld. 30 nm E of Halifax the crew requested a return due to a mechanical problem. Approximately 1nm on final for runway 24 the crew declared a "Mayday" and requested CFR standby. The aircraft landed safely at 0238Z. They advised the tower that they had been losing power in the #1 engine and had to shut it down. Further investigation revealed that the crew had originally returned due to a door warning light, which was unrelated to the engine problem. After the aircraft had turned around the #1 engine started losing power. Initial information is that the #1 engine gear box failed.

September 8, 1997

Incident at Stephenville NFLD (ATS operating irregularity)

At Aprx 1100z an Interprovincial Airlines Merlin (SW4) landed on runway 28 and was taxiing to the "Taxi B" exit when a LabAir SH33 flew close over the SW4 and landed on runway 28 ahead of the Merlin while the Merlin was still on the runway. Call signs of the aircraft involved not available at this time.