October 21, 2017


UPDATE: BST#A17Q0167: C-GNOE, a privately owned Piper (PA-28-140) was on a local visual flight rules (VFR) flight from St-Lazare, QC (CST3) with 1 pilot and 2 passengers on board. While the aircraft was approximately 1 NM north of CST3, it experienced engine failure (Avco Lycoming, O- 320-E2D). The aircraft crashed into the trees and was destroyed. The three occupants were seriously injured.
A Piper PA-28-140 (C-GNOE) operated by Warren Charles Productions Ltd., flying from Montréal/Saint-Lazare (CST3), QC, to Montréal/Saint-Lazare (CST3), QC, made an emergency landing near Chemin Saint-Louis in Saint-Lazare, QC. Reason unknown. Police and ambulances on site.

October 27, 1996

Incident at Les Cèdres

The aircraft lost power in initial climb at 200 feet. The pilot landed the aircraft on the last 200 feet of the runway but the deceleration terminated in a ditch at the end of the runway. Propeller was damaged. The loss of power was attributed to carburettor icing. The outside temperature was 9 degrees and dewpoint was 5 degrees.

July 7, 1994

Incident at vicinity Charlo, NB

Charlo FSS reported working GNOE, VFR from Debert, N.S. to Edmonston, N.B. Pilot was lost in poor weather. At 2320, Charlo advised that pilot called and had landed safely in a field. at O'Claire, P.Q. Aircraft and pilot O.K.. TSB evaluating.