July 3, 2006

Incident at Strathcona Lodge, BC

C-GDOV a Dehavilland DHC2 owned by EV Air failed to close Flight plan after landing at Strathcona Lodge. PIC located. The flightplan was closed ETA + 0104

July 1, 2006

Incident at ECHO VALLEY BC (CBJ4)

UPDATE from General Aviation: No further action required.
UPDATE from Commercial & Business Aviation: EV Air had voluntarily surrendered their AOC. The aircraft referenced is now a private registration.
The pilot of C-GDOV a Dehavilland DHC2 owned by EV Air closed the flight plan 1:07 after ETA, INREQ had begun.

August 18, 1996

Incident at Vancouver

While on approach to Vancouver, the pilot of GDOV reported gear problems. Aircraft landed with nose gear down, main gear up, along west side of Runway 12 at the threshold of Runway 30. No injuries, minimal damage.

May 22, 1995

Incident at VANCOUVER

Aircraft reported an unsafe gear indication during approach to Vancouver Airport. The CFR responsed and the aircraft landed without incident at 0447Z.