September 29, 2022

Incident at 50NM N KUUJJUAQ QC (CYVP)

After a missed approach and not declaring an emergency, an Air Inuit Ltd. Boeing 737-2S2C (C-GAIC/AIE753) from Québec/Jean-Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Kattiniq/Donaldson, QC (CTP9) reported being low on fuel. The aircraft landed safely at Kuujjuaq, QC (CYVP). No impact on operations.

Incident at QUÉBEC / JEAN LESAGE INTL QC (CYQB) (Dangerous goods/hazardous materials, Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Upon takeoff, an Exact Air Inc. Beech A100 (C-FDOS/ET824) from Québec/Jean-Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Havre-St-Pierre, QC (CYGV) asked to return to land because it had lost a fuel cap. Runway 06 was closed from 1615Z to 1645Z due to the contamination. A Peregrine Aerial Surveys Incorporated aircraft (SEE09) and an Orizon Aviation Québec Inc. Cessna 172P (C-GOAQ) were delayed for five minutes and landed on Runway 11. No further impact.

September 20, 2022


A Provincial Airlines de Havilland DHC-8-300 (PVL3056) from Kattiniq/Donaldson, QC (CTP9) to La Grande Rivière, QC (CYGL) rerouted to Val-d’Or, QC (CYVO) after being cleared to conduct an approach for Runway 26 at Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY), due to low fuel. No impact on operations.

March 16, 2022


TSB Report #A22Q0028: C-GATX, a Canadian Helicopters Ltd. Airbus AS350B2 helicopter, was on a local visual flight rules sling load flight from Elmer Camp, located approximately 35 nautical miles ENE of the Eastmain River aerodrome, QC (CZEM). While moving several fuel barrels over a short distance, a diesel barrel detached and spilled onto the snow. The lanyards were inspected and found to be in good condition. A barrel fault is suspected. The procedure for minor spills was followed and environmental authorities were notified.

September 20, 2022


A Government of Quebec Canadair CL600 2B16 (QUE10M) from Québec/Jean-Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) initiated a missed approach for CYUY without providing a reason. Impacts on operations: a Provincial Airlines de Havilland DHC-8-300 (PVL3056) from Kattiniq/Donaldson, QC (CTP9) to Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) was delayed for 38 minutes and decided to land at its alternate airport, Val-d’Or, QC (CYVO) for fuel reasons, and the landing at CYUY of a Propair Inc. Beech 1900D (PRO4371) from Sudbury, ON (CYSB) to Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) which was the next aircraft in the sequence, was delayed for about 45 minutes. QUE10M landed without incident at 2348Z.

September 15, 2022


An Exact Air Beech A100 (ET835) en route from Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Intl, QC (CYUL) to Gaspé/Michel-Pouliot, QC (CYGP) reported a possible fuel leak and requested to be diverted to Québec/Jean-Lesage Intl, QC (CYQB). No emergency declared. ET835 on the ground without incident. No impact on operations.

September 11, 2022

Incident at MONTRÉAL / PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU INTL QC (CYUL) (FOD (foreign object debris))

A Jazz de Havilland DHC-8-402 (JZA8005) from Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Intl, QC (CYUL) to Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl, ON (CYOW) reported foreign object debris (FOD) when departing Runway 24L. During inspection, a 1 ft by 4 ft aircraft fueling wing mat was removed. The shift manager was notified. No impact on operations.

September 10, 2022


An Exact Air Piper PA-31 (ET870) from Montréal/St-Hubert, QC (CYHU) to Montréal/St-Hubert, QC (CYHU) declared an emergency due to a left engine failure. The aircraft returned to CYHU and landed safely at 2005Z. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22Q0111: C-FVYW, an Exact Air Piper PA-31 (ET870) was on a local visual flight rules flight from and to Montréal St-Hubert, QC (CYHU) with one pilot and one passenger on board. When reducing power upon levelling, the left engine experienced a loss of power. The pilot declared an emergency. During the checks procedure, the engine power was restored. The aircraft landed without incident with the two engines in operation. The fuel pump and the fuel control engine were replaced as a precaution.

September 6, 2022

Incident at KUUJJUAQ QC (CYVP)

An agent doing maintenance on the apron at Kuujjuaq, QC (CYVP) informed the flight service station (FSS) that an American, corporately registered, amateur-built Van’s RV-10 (N7ZK) had spilled some aviation fuel during fueling. Airport manager (APM) notified. No impact on operations.

August 14, 2022

Incident at QUEBEC FIC / FIC DE QUÉBEC (ATM - inaccurate aeronautical information)

A NOTAM request was made for Rocher-Percé (Pabok), QC (CTG3) airport because fuel 100LL was not available, but it was issued to Gaspé/Michel-Pouliot, QC (CYGP).

August 15, 2022


A 9433-5346 Québec Inc. Piper PA-18-135 (C-GVWG) on a flight from Lac-à-la-Tortue, QC (CSL3), declared an emergency because it had minimal fuel and advised that it would attempt a water landing at Québec/Lac St-Augustin, QC (Water) (CSN8). Emergency vehicles were deployed. The aircraft landed safely on the water at 1934Z. Impact on operations: slight delay for an Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 (ROU1797) from Québec/Jean-Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ).

August 4, 2022

Incident at 120NM NE LA GRANDE RIVIÈRE QC (CYGL) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A Propair Inc. Beech A100 (PRO4650) from La Grande Rivière, QC (CYGL) to Kattiniq/Donaldson, QC (CTP9) asked to return to CYGL due to fuel loss. No emergency declared. The aircraft landed without incident at 1607Z. Impact on operations: Runway 13/31 was closed from 1606Z to 1610Z for inspection. An Air Inuit de Havilland DHC-8-314 (AIE704) from Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to La Grande Rivière, QC (CYGL) that was arriving had to hold before landing at 1616Z.

July 25, 2022

Incident at TROIS-RIVIÈRES QC (CYRQ) (Dangerous goods/hazardous materials, Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Taxiways B and C were closed due to a Jet A fuel spill. A NOTAM was issued until 2300Z; unknown impact on operations.

June 29, 2022

Incident at 5303N / 07708W

Shortly after take-off, a Propair Beech A100 (C-GDPI/PRO4650) from La Grande Rivière, QC (CYGL) to Québec City/Jean Lesage, QC (CYQB) reported that it was returning to land at CYGL due to a fuel loss. No emergency declared or assistance requested. The aircraft landed without incident at 2159Z. No impact on operations.

June 6, 2022


A Collège denseignement général et professionnelle de Chicoutimi Beech C 23 (C-GTYN) from Chicoutimi/Saint-Honoré, QC (CYRC) to Chicoutimi/Saint-Honoré, QC (CYRC) reported that the fuel tank cap was open and returned to land on Runway 30. No operational impact.

May 19, 2022

Incident at 4737N / 07229W

A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 (UAL944) from Chicago/O’Hare, IL (KORD) to Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) declared a medical emergency due to a sick passenger on board and changed its destination from EDDF to Boston/Logan, MA (KBOS). The aircraft had to dump fuel from 2140Z to 2146Z. Impact on operations: a Jazz Bombardier CL-600 2B19 (JZA8497) from Saint John, NB (CYSJ) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) and an Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER (ACA840) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) changed altitudes so that UAL944 could dump fuel.

May 12, 2022


A Propair Inc. Beech A100 (PRO4230) on a MEDEVAC flight from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Chisasibi, QC (CSU2) requested to return to CYUY due to an indication issue on board. An emergency was not declared and assistance was not requested. Afterwards, the aircraft cancelled its IFR and levelled at 20NM northeast of CYUY to burn fuel. PRO4230 landed without incident. No impact.

April 18, 2022

Incident at In the vicinity of: ROUYN-NORANDA QC (CYUY)

A Propair Inc. Beech A100 (C-FHGG/PRO4200M) from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL) returned to its departure point and had to burn fuel for 40 minutes before landing to attain its maximum landing weight (MLW). The actual time of departure (ATD) was 1319Z and the aircraft landed at 1414Z; no impact on operations.

April 7, 2022

Incident at 234NM N VAL-D'OR QC (CYVO)

An Airmedic Inc. Pilatus PC-12/47E (C-GMXD/AM267) on a MEDEVAC flight from Chisasibi, QC (CSU2) to Montreal/Saint-Hubert, QC (CYHU) had a pressurization issue and had to descend from A150 to A090 because of a patient on board. At 1719Z, the aircraft declared "minimum fuel for CYHU" and requested prioritization for CYHU, but did not declare an emergency. AM267 landed without incident at CYHU. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22Q0034: C-GMXD, an Airmedic Pilatus PC12/47E, was on MEDEVAC AM267 instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from the Chisasibi aerodrome, QC (CSU2) to Montréal/St-Hubert, QC (CYHU) with two crew members, two medical specialists, a patient and an attendant on board. Due to pressurization fluctuations, the crew left cruising altitude 15,000 ft above sea level (ASL) and descended to 9,000 ft ASL in order to maintain a cabin altitude of 2,000 ft for the patient. At 1911Z, the crew declared ”minimum fuel for CYHU” to the Montreal area control centre (ACC) because fuel consumption was higher than planned due to the lower flight altitude. The crew requested priority but did not declare an emergency. After dealing with the pressurization issue, the aircraft was able to reach 13,000 ft. The aircraft landed safely at 1851Z. There were no injuries.

April 1, 2022


Information received from the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Centre (ARTCC). En route to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB), an Aviation Starlink Inc. Learjet 45 (TLK557) from Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) declared PAN PAN due to a cracked windshield and asked to return to CYUL. TLK557 burned fuel for 20 minutes and then landed on Runway 24L without incident. No impact on operations. The National Operations Centre (NOC) and the Aviation Operations Centre (AOC) were notified .
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22Q0032: C-GVIM, an Aviation Starlink Inc. Learjet 45, operating as TLK557, was on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) in the US. En route to KTEB, the crew declared an emergency (PAN PAN) due to a cracked windshield. The crew then asked to return to CYUL. The aircraft landed safely and there were no injuries.

March 19, 2022


An Air Inuit Beech B300 (C-FKMG/AIE550) from Amos/Magny, QC (CYEY) to Puvirnituq, QC (CYPX) reported a fuel leak and a changed its destination to La Grande Rivière, QC (CYGL). The aircraft landed at 2159Z.

March 12, 2022

Incident at 5841N / 07146W

A TUI fly Nordic Boeing 787-8 (BLX597) from Copenhagen, Denmark (EKCH) to Cancun, Mexico (MMUN) declared a medical emergency with a passenger on board. Diversion to Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL). No fuel dump necessary.

January 26, 2022


A Mustang Helicopters Bell 212 (C-GPWX) on a flight from Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL), while approaching CYUL, reported having minimal fuel and being unable to climb in altitude to cross the airport and go to the fixed-based operators (FBO). The tower asked C-GPWX to land on the edge of Runway 06L (closed runway) to allow several other aircraft to land on Runway 06R. C-GPWX was able to reach the FBOs afterwards under its own power. No operational impact.

January 7, 2022


A Propair Inc. Beech A100 (PRO4201) from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Chibougamau/Chapais, QC (CYMT) returned to CYUY due to an equipment issue. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: Duplicate record of AOR 281706-V1: Approximately 20 minutes after take-off, a Propair Inc. Beech A100 (PRO4201M) was on a MEDEVAC flight from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Chibougamau/Chapais, QC (CYMT) reported returning to land at CYUY due to an instrument problem. No emergency declared or assistance requested, but the aircraft had to burn fuel for approximately 30 minutes. The aircraft landed without incident at 2004Z. No operational impact as it went down to Class B and cancelled instruments. (Duplicate record of AOR 281706-V1/CADORS 2022Q0130 deleted after information merge)
UPDATE: Duplicate record of AOR-281706-V2: Approximately 20 minutes after takeoff, a Propair Beech A100 (PRO4201M) from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Chibougamau/Chapais, QC (CYMT) reported that it was returning to land at CYUY due to an instrument issue. No emergency was declared and assistance was not requested, but the aircraft had to burn fuel for about 30 minutes. The aircraft landed without incident at 2004Z. No impact on operations since it flew under Class B airspace and cancelled its IFR flight plan. (Duplicate record of AOR-281706-V2/CADORS 2022Q1503 deleted after information merge)

November 10, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

A Westjet Encore Ltd. de Havilland DHC-8-402 (WEN3343) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) indicated they were unable to do the approach for the active Runway 34. The aircraft indicated they were low fuel. No emergency was declared. The aircraft was given clearance to land on Runway 16. A number of inbound aircraft were delayed.

September 28, 2022

Incident at 50NM N KELOWNA BC (LW) NDB

A Government of Canada, Department of National Defence, Lockheed P-3 (CFC0466) from Greenwood, NS (CYZX) to Comox, BC (CYQQ) declared an emergency with one engine out approximately 50 miles north of Kelowna, BC (CYLW). The aircraft reported 17 souls on board (SOB) and 22,000 lbs of fuel. No hazardous material on board. The aircraft declared its intention to continue to its destination.

September 26, 2022

Incident at Kelowna (Incursion - manoeuvring area)

At Kelowna, BC (CYLW), a fuel truck (SHELL489) was told to give way to an exiting aircraft. Initially, the truck stopped then continued forward, blocking the exit. The aircraft held until the exit cleared.

September 24, 2022


A Creamer Engineering And Project Management Ltd Mooney M20C (C-GMFN) from Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) to Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) requested to return to land after departure from Runway 26R. The pilot reported the aircraft was missing a fuel cap. The aircraft subsequently landed safely on Runway 26R.

September 11, 2022

Incident at CAMPBELL RIVER BC (CYBL) (FOD (foreign object debris))

A Capital City Skydiving Inc. Cessna 182 (C-FQVL) from Campbell River, BC (CYBL) to Campbell River, BC (CYBL) departed and lost their fuel cap on the takeoff roll, leaving foreign object debris (FOD) on the runway.

September 9, 2022

Incident at CASTLEGAR / WEST KOOTENAY REGIONAL BC (CYCG) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

A white fuel vehicle crossed over the hold line of Taxiway Delta onto the runway protected area (RPA) while turning. Multiple fire-fighting aircraft were on final at the time. No impact to operations.

September 7, 2022


A Pacific Sky Aviation Inc. Beech B300C (LVW357) on a flight from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) reported a fuel pressure warning, declared an emergency, and returned safely to CYYJ with the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit on stand-by. No impact on operations.

September 6, 2022

Incident at LANGLEY REGIONAL BC (CYNJ) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

A fuel truck (FUELTRUCK) was cleared to "proceed Taxiway B, hold short of Runway 19", with readback confirmed. The fuel truck was observed rolling across the hold short line and was told to "stop", as an aircraft that was cleared to land on Runway 25 was crossing the threshold on final. The fuel truck stopped before entering Runway 25 but was a full truck length over the hold short line at Taxiway B. A privately registered Mears MK-1 from Langley, BC (CYNJ) to Langley, BC (CYNJ) was passing through the intersection of Runway 19/25, with no time to pull up or avoid traffic.

August 31, 2022

Incident at 6NM W CAMPBELL RIVER BC (CYBL) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

An American, corporately registered, amateur-built Aircam (N86ND) on a flight to Campbell River, BC (CYBL) reported 6NM west, inbound for landing, at approximately 0315Z. The pilot was advised the runway was closed with multiple equipment on the runway. Pilot landed on Taxiway C due to low fuel.

August 15, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

A privately registered Cessna 421C from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Calgary/Springbank, AB (CYBW) at Shell was instructed to taxi via Taxiway Foxtrot and Taxiway Alpha to Runway 16. The aircraft proceeded to taxi onto Taxiway Foxtrot and Taxiway Delta, towards a fuel truck on opposite direction. The aircraft was told to turn around and taxi via Taxiway Delta and Taxiway Alpha. The aircraft turned around but passed Taxiway Alpha without turning. No operational impact.

August 13, 2022


A privately registered Piper PA-24-260 from Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) to Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) made an emergency landing, landing with its gear up on Apron 3, shortly after takeoff.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22P0072: A privately registered Piper PA 24-260 (Comanche), following the annual maintenance inspection, was conducting circuits at Vancouver/Boundary Bay (CZBB), BC, with only the pilot on board. Prior to turning base after a number of circuits, the pilot switched from the left main fuel tank to the right main fuel tank. After completing the touch-and-go, the pilot retracted the gear at 200 feet above ground level (AGL) and, at 300 feet AGL, the engine (Avco Lycoming IO-540-D4A5) stopped producing power. The pilot set the aircraft attitude for best glide, turned to the left, and landed on Apron 3 with the gear up. The aircraft came to a stop. There were no injuries. Damage to the aircraft was limited to propeller tips and some damage to the underside. The aircraft was lifted, the gear was dropped, and it was towed to its hangar. It will be inspected for any other damage and a plan made for repair.


An Air North Charter & Training Ltd. Boeing 737-548 (C-GANJ/ANT554) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Whitehorse/Erik Nielsen, YT (CYXY) requested Emergency Response Services (ERS) after reporting smoke and hydraulic fuel spraying over the left window while taxiing on Taxiway L for departure.

July 22, 2022


A Victoria Flying Club Cessna 172S (C-GJZB) from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Victoria, BC (CYYJ) reported being at minimum fuel 13NM Northwest of CYYJ. The aircraft was cleared direct to CYYJ and landed safely at 0330Z. No operational impact.

April 7, 2022


A Kisik Aerial Survey Piper PA-23-250 (C-GXNF) from Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) to Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) declared an emergency North of Vancouver (YVR) with the Vancouver Terminal. The aircraft had an engine failure and returned to CZBB. The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit was on stand-by at the scene. The aircraft landed safely at 2250Z. No operational impact.
UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. Engine was not shut down and power was restored via cross-feed of the fuel supply. Maintenance discovered that the right fuel tank selector valve cable broke at the swivel end. When the pilot selected the inboard fuel tanks, the left tank selector valve operated normally but the right tank fuel selector valve did not. Engine had reduced power and fuel flow, which corrected when the pilot utilized cross feed selection from left engine.
UPDATE TSB Report #A22P0025: C-GXNF, a Kisik Aerial Survey limited Piper PA-23-250 (Aztec), was engaged in aerial survey work on a return flight from Boundary Bay (CZBB) BC, with the pilot and a crew member on board. The pilot selected the fuel selector from the outboard to the inboard fuel tanks. Approximately 10 minutes later, the right engine (AVCO LYCOMING, TIO-540-C1A) began to surge. The pilot performed the action required by the aircraft checklists and, after selecting the fuel to cross-feed, restored smooth operation of the right engine. The pilot then advised the air traffic controller that they had an emergency, terminated the survey mission, and landed at CZBB. Once on the ground, when the cross-feed valve was closed, the right engine quit.A maintenance inspection found the lever in the cockpit from the fuel selector switch to the fuel tank selection valve was broken. The engine had continued to draw fuel from the outboard tank until it surged. The airplane has been removed from service pending delivery and installation of a replacement cable. A service difficulty report was submitted.

March 27, 2022


At 1707Z, a West Coast Helicopters Maintenance and Contracting Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (C-FWCA) from Bella Coola, BC (CYBD) to Bella Coola, BC (CYBD) crash landed under unknown circumstances near Hagensborg, BC. The helicopter was conducting heli-skiing activities, but the pilot was the sole occupant at the time of the incident. There were no reported injuries. There was significant damage to the tail section. There was no NAV CANADA involvement.
UPDATE TSB Report #A22P0020: C-FWCA, an Airbus AS 350 B2 operated by West Coast Helicopters Maintenance and Contracting Limited, was conducting heli-ski operations from Bella Coola Airport (CYBD), BC. After dropping off a group of heli-ski passengers, the pilot was re-positioning the aircraft to an unmarked (un-staked) landing zone on the crest of a ridge. The pilot conducted a visual reconnaissance of the ridge from the east and west side before proceeding with the landing. During the approach from the west, the pilot lost visual reference with the snow surface immediately prior to touchdown and the aircraft drifted laterally to the right. The right skid touched down in the snow and the aircraft rolled over to the right. The main rotor blades made contact with the surface and the tail boom before the fuselage settled upright on both skids. The pilot pulled back on the throttle lever and the emergency fuel shutoff lever to shut down the engine before egressing through the right cockpit door. There was no post impact fire or loss of fuel. The 406 MHz emergency locator transmitter activated automatically and the satellite signal was received by the Canadian Mission Control Centre. The pilot was uninjured and the aircraft was substantially damaged with the tail boom severed from the fuselage. The pilot contacted the company dispatcher with a handheld radio and the company activated their emergency response plan. A second company helicopter was operating in the vicinity and returned all heli-ski passengers to CYBD followed by the occurrence pilot.

March 9, 2022

Accident at 5910N / 12745W

An American, privately registered Cessna 180C from Golden, BC (CYGE) to Watson Lake, YT (CYQH) reported "MAYDAY" on 121.5 MHz. The call was heard by a passing high flyer, who passed the information to the Edmonton Centre. The Cessna 180C reported fuel exhaustion over Birches Lake (approximately 70NM southeast of CYQH) while en route to CYQH, and made a successful emergency landing on Birches Lake. There were 2 persons on board who had camping supplies, but were in need of assistance. No injuries. No damage. This information was passed to the Edmontn Centre and, subsequently, to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria. The JRCC advised it will coordinate assistance. (Duplicate AOR-283453-V1 deleted after information merge)

March 11, 2022


A Federal Express Corporation Boeing 777F (N894FD/FDX6014) en route from Anchorage, AK (PANC) to Indianapolis, IN (KIND) advised the Edmonton Centre that they were diverting to Seattle/Tacoma, WA (KSEA). While en route to Seattle, FDX6014 declared an emergency and was given "direct to Seattle". FDX6014 had to dump fuel (~20,000lbs) while en route through Vancouvers airspace. No operational impact.

Incident at 50.00NM W DEASE LAKE BC (CYDL)

A Federal Express Corporation Boeing 777-200 (FDX6014) from Anchorage/Ted Stevens, AK (PANC) to Indianapolis, IN (KIND) requested to divert to Seattle/Tacoma, WA (KSEA) due to a physiological issue. The aircraft was diverted, no impact to operations.
UPDATE TSB Report #A22P0015: N894FD, a Federal Express Corporation (FEDEX) Boeing 777F cargo airplane was conducting flight FDX6014 from Anchorage Intl (PANC), AK, USA, to Indianapolis Intl (KIND), IN, USA with 2 flight crew and 1 passenger on board. During cruise flight, the first officer experienced medical distress but was able to continue with flight crew duties. The flight crew declared an emergency with Vancouver Centre and requested diversion to Seattle Intl (KSEA), WA, USA. The flight crew requested to dump approximately 20,000 pounds of fuel during the diversion. The aircraft exited Canadian airspace at approximately 0646 UTC, and continued to KSEA where it landed without further incident

February 25, 2022

Incident at ABBOTSFORD BC (CYXX) (FOD (foreign object debris))

The pilot of a privately registered Lake LA-4 from Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) to Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) reported losing their fuel cap on the runway. The aircraft taxied back to the apron. No operational impact.

January 1, 2022

Incident at DAWSON CREEK BC (CYDQ) (Aerodrome - other)

The pilot of a North Cariboo Flying Service Ltd. flight (NCB860-M) reported that the fuel hose at Dawsons Creek, BC (CYDQ) was not sealing properly and extra fuel was spilling out after they were done. The CYDQ airport manager was advised.

October 29, 2022


A Jazz Embraer ERJ 170-200 SU (C-FEJD/JZA7909) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Regina, SK (CYQR) departed from Runway 06R and reported an equipment issue (i.e. spoiler). JZA7909 elected to burn off fuel and return to land at CYYZ at 0245Z.

October 26, 2022


On initial contact, an Air Wisconsin Airlines Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (N448AW/AWI3747) from Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier, ON (CYOW) to Washington/Dulles, VA (KIAD) that was taking off from Runway 14 at Ottawa, asked to level off at 5,000 ft and stay close to the airport because one of its landing gear did not retract. Next, AWI3747 asked to burn fuel for 30 minutes and landed at CYOW.

June 11, 2022

Incident at 19NM SW RED LAKE ON (CYRL) (Dangerous goods/hazardous materials)

TSB Report #A22C0040: C-FDOD, a Bell 412 helicopter operated by Wisk-Air Ltd., was returning 4 drums containing Jet A-1 (UN 1863) fuel from a cache near Prospect Lake, ON, to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) fire base at Red Lake, ON. The pilot supervised the loading and the sling gear had been inspected and found serviceable prior to departure. After takeoff, the pilot de-activated the electrical release on the cyclic control. Approximately 8 minutes later, the load of 4 fuel drums fell to the ground. All of the drums were damaged and 3 released their contents. The remaining drum still held fuel. The fuel drums were retrieved by OMNR personnel on June 12 and remediation of the site was conducted. Details of the event were reported to CANUTEC. The operator reported that abrasion to the retaining strap connecting the load to the belly hook indicated that it had worked itself around and under the hook keeper. The hook and release mechanism were inspected and found serviceable. The emergency foot release had not been used. The operators aircrews that used the same helicopter type and hook system were notified.

May 30, 2022


TSB Report #A22O0064: C-GLQD, a Porter Airlines Bombardier DHC-8-402 aircraft (flight POE1310), was taxiing for departure at Toronto/Billy Bishop City Airport (CYTZ), ON. During the taxi, a flight attendant advised the flight crew that there was a strong fuel odour in the cabin. The captain decided to return to the gate and deplaned all passengers. There was no emergency declared and no injuries reported. Maintenance inspected the aircraft and found no faults. A possible scenario was that during engine start up with a tailwind, exhaust fumes may have entered the ECS.

August 27, 2022

Incident at 110NM THUNDER BAY ON (CYQT)

An Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER (C-FIVQ/ACA105) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) declared an emergency (PAN PAN) due to a suspected fuel leak and advised returning to CYYZ. Emergency services were dispatched, and the aircraft landed without further incident at 1605Z and proceeded to an inactive runway for assessment. No impact to operations.

August 18, 2022

Incident at KITCHENER / WATERLOO ON (CYKF) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A Waterloo-Wellington Flying Club Piper PA-44-180 (C-GMOP) from Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYKF) to Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYKF) reported that its nose gear was not down. The aircraft circled to burn fuel. C-GMOP landed with its nose gear up on Runway 26. Runway 26 was closed, as per NOTAM, due to the disabled aircraft. Emergency services responded.