May 10, 2022


An Académie Aéronautique Inc. Cessna 172N (C-GYBV) from Montréal/Mirabel, QC (CYMX) to Montréal/Mirabel, QC (CYMX), 5 NM east of CYMX, was approaching right downwind for Runway 06, indicated a loss of control, and was on final for Runway 24 when it declared an emergency. C-GYBV landed on Runway 24 at 0439Z without incident. The runway was inspected and everything appeared normal.

April 6, 2022


A Propair Inc. Beech 1900D (C-GORC/PRO100) from Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) to Rouyn-Noranda, QC (CYUY) was observed on radar approximately 15NM east of its authorized route. No operational impact.

March 9, 2022


An Orizon Aviation Quebec Inc.Cessna 152 (C-GQVQ) from Quebec/Jean Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Quebec/Jean Lesage, QC (CYQB) lost communications approximately 3NM east of the airport.

January 5, 2022


A Jazz de Havilland DHC-8-402 (C-GBJZ/JZA7937) from Quebec/Jean-Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, QC (CYUL) declared "PAN PAN" due to a cargo door issue that was causing pressurization problems. No emergency declared; the aircraft descended to 6,000 ft and continued to its destination. JZA7937 landed without incident at 2125Z. No impact on operations.
UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. During cruise, the flight crew received a "FUSELAGE DOORS" red warning indication linked with the aft baggage door. A "PAN-PAN-PAN" was declared and the altitude was reduced. During the descent, the warning light went out. The flight continued to the destination airport and landed without further incident. During maintenance troubleshooting, the aft baggage door lock sensor fitted on the door handle housing was found to be out of limits. The sensor was adjusted and the system was tested serviceable before returning the aircraft to service.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22Q0002: C-GBJZ, a Jazz Aviation de Havilland Dash 8-400 was on instrument flight rules flight JZA7937 from Quebec/Jean Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL). En route, approximately 92 nautical miles (NM) east northeast (ENE) of CYUL, at an altitude of 14,000 ft ASL, an unsecured aft cargo door indication appeared. The crew initiated a descent to 8,000 ft, during which time the indication disappeared. An emergency (PAN PAN) was declared. The aircraft landed without incident at CYUL.

April 28, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

A Skyline Helicopters Ltd. Agusta AW119 MK II (C-GSLY) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW), working on the north east-side field, was instructed to remain north of the control tower at all times; however, on their first circuit they proceeded south of the control tower, where another helicopter was working.

April 29, 2022


A privately registered Piper PA-28-151 from Langley, BC (CYNJ) to Langley, BC (CYNJ) reported a brake failure when landing on Runway 01, exited the end of the runway and stopped North of Runway 25 and East of Runway 19 in the grass. All subsequent aircraft landed on Runway 25 safely. No injuries or damage reported.

April 25, 2022

Incident at 4859N / 12336W

A Jazz de Havilland DHC-8-402 (JZA8034) from Victoria, BC (CYCD) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) while 10NM East of CYCD with a Victoria Flying Club Cessna 172S (C-GTDK) from Victoria, BC (CYCD) to Victoria, BC (CYCD) operating below Class C at 2500ft. Ascended to avoid. Traffic passed prior. No operational impact.

April 24, 2022


A privately registered Cessna 182H from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Chilliwack, BC (CYCW) descended to 3000 feet and into Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) tower Class C airspace, East of the airport.

April 13, 2022


An American, corporately registered Cessna A185F (N4756E) entered the Campbell River, BC (CYBL) control zone near the CYBL non-directional beacon (NDB), and flew through the zone, eastbound, with no radio contact at 1000 feet. Numerous contact attempts were made on the mandatory frequency (MF), as well as various other frequencies on portable radio. Comox, BC (CYQQ) was advised. The pilot contacted the CYQQ tower when 6NM east of CYBL.

March 31, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

A privately registered Cessna 172L called the Kelowna, BC (CYLW) tower when entering the zone over the east ridge, referencing the emergency locator transmitter (ELT) of an aircraft that was conducting COSARA work. The tower did not understand what the Cessna 172L said, so another aircraft relayed it. The tower asked if they wanted to work along the east ridge, and the Cessna 172L never replied. The Cessna 172L worked in the zone approximately 4NM northeast and 1NM east of the approach, at 5000ft, descending. The tower called out multiple times and the Cessna 172L never responded. The Cessna 172L orbited in the area without being on the frequency and eventually left the zone.

April 11, 2022


An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was reported by multiple units (CYHC, CYPK, CYVR, EAST and HIGH specialty air traffic control). It was approximately 5 minutes in duration. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria notified. JRCC Victoria reported that it was a false ELT by a WestJet Encore Ltd. de Havilland DHC-8-402 (WEN3329) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR), located at CYVR. The ELT was subsequently turned off. No operational impact.

April 16, 2022


First contact for an AAA Aviation Ltd. Cessna 152 (C-FGDE) from Langley, BC (CYNJ) to Campbell River, BC (CYBL) with the Flight Service Station (FSS) was when the aircraft was 3NM east at A020, inbound to land. Minimal impact on operations.

March 31, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

A Graham Air Limited Bell 206L (C-GNMD) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) working in the east side grass doing circuits was restricted to 200ft east of the runway. C-GNMD requested a right-hand circuit. The Tower stated they were unable. C-GNMD crossed the runway with a Flair Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 (FLE758) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) on 2NM final. The Tower corrected and C-GNMD moved east of the runway. No impact on operations.


A Principal Air Cessna 152 (C-FOOU) from Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) to Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) reported being in a cloud approximately 8NM east southeast (ESE) of CYXX. The pilot was provided initial assistance in the form of maintaining aircraft control and keeping a lookout for terrain. The pilot reported the ground in sight and then reported being on top of cloud, climbing to 3500 feet. The pilot was instructed to contact Victoria (YYJ) Terminal after co-ordination was complete. The aircraft was steered towards an opening near CYXX and was able to land safely.

March 27, 2022

Incident at 00NW East side of central Vancouver Island (Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO)

Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS) report given to Kamloops, BC (CYKA) flight information centre (FIC) regarding a bright phenomenon in the sky. Report passed to American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) by the area control centre (ACC) shift manager.

March 25, 2022


An International Flight Centre Cessna 172M (C-GIEL) from Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) to Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) phoned the CZBB tower east of the control zone to report they had lost communications and had no transponder. Clearance was given via phone into the zone and then light signals were given on final. The aircraft landed safely, with no issues.

February 16, 2022

Incident at VICTORIA INTL BC (CYYJ) (Aerodrome - other, Incursion - manoeuvring area)

A non-airport vehicle was observed on the East Apron, entering Taxiway Sierra without air traffic control (ATC) contact and then continuing on the East Apron behind the hangar line. The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit and security responded. No operational impact.

February 5, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

An Angel Flight East Kootenay Association Cessna 414A (C-GZBU) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies, BC (CYXC) was issued an IFR clearance (CLX) at Shell and then taxied via Taxiway F towards Runway 16 without authorization. No impact on operations.

January 28, 2022

Incident at Kelowna (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

An Okanagan Aviation Academy Cessna 172M (C-GJES) from Salmon Arm, BC (CZAM) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) touched down and made a left turn on the runway, into the snow on the east side of the runway. Crash alarm was pulled, and emergency vehicles attended the scene right away. The runway was closed via NOTAM.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22P0006: C-GJES, an Aurora Aviation Academy Inc. Cessna 172M, was conducting flight training exercises near Kelowna Intl, BC (CYLW) with a student pilot on board. During the landing roll at CYLW, directional control was lost. The aircraft departed the left side of the paved surface of Runway 34, in the vicinity of Taxiway B. The aircraft did not collide with any obstacles. The aircraft became stuck in the snow and the student pilot shut down the engine to prevent a prop strike. Aircraft rescue fire fighting personnel responded and assisted with towing the aircraft back onto the runway. There were no injuries and no apparent damage to the aircraft. The operator will complete an aircraft maintenance inspection prior to returning the airplane to service.

January 31, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

An American, corporately registered Bell 407 (N7007R) entered the Kelowna, BC (CYLW) control zone from the east on a 1200 code. They then tagged up on a code, continued inside the zone and called the tower for a clearance through the zone. No impact on operations.

January 21, 2022

Incident at Kelowna

An Okanagan Mountain Helicopters FTU Ltd. Robinson R22-Beta (C-GFTU) from Kelowna, BC (CYLW) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) was instructed to remain clear of the zone to the east due to an unreadable radio. C-GFTU then transited outside the zone to the north and entered via Highway 97 without permission. No impact on operations.

January 17, 2022


A Pacific Coastal Airlines Ltd. Beech 1900 (PCO1537) from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Kelowna, BC (CYLW) was northeast (NE) bound for CYLW, level at FL210, and being "worked" by the airports controller. A Carson Air Ltd. aircraft (CA611) on a MEDEVAC flight was westbound, level at FL200, and being "worked" by the East controller. Separation was assured and traffic information was passed to both aircraft. PCO1537 reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) and was going to climb. Neither aircraft were observed to change altitudes. The aircraft passed within 0.8 NM and 1000 feet.

April 21, 2022


The Montreal Area Control Centre (CZU) handed off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 (ASA840) from Boston, MA (KBOS) to Seattle-Tacoma, WA (KSEA) to the East High/Picton controller and advised the aircraft was "no radio" (NORDO). The aircraft transited Toronto Centre (CZY) airspace at FL320. Communication was established at 1620Z. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) was advised. No operational impact.

April 20, 2022


A Lake Central Airways Cessna 441 (C-GDTM) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYKF) did not follow published visual approach procedures as stipulated in the Canada Air Pilot (CAP) document. The procedure to not descend below 3000 feet was not followed and the aircraft was observed to descend below 3000 feet approximately 5 miles east of the airport.

April 7, 2022

Incident at HAMILTON ON (CYHM)

A Cargojet Airways Ltd. Boeing 767-300 (CJT346) from East Midlands, United Kingdom (EGNX) to Hamilton, ON (CYHM) executed a missed approach due to loss of localizer signal on approach Runway 12. No issues with localizer with any aircraft before or after, and it was "all green", showing it was serviceable.

March 17, 2022


A Toronto Airways Inc. Cessna 172S (C-GBLQ) from Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO) to Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO) was restricted to "not above 1 500 feet" on departure, northbound, off Runway 12, with reference to a survey aircraft, a Lidar Aviation Services Inc. Piper PA-31-350 (C-GCJX) from Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO) to Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO), performing east-west lines at 2 300 feet. The aircraft was contacted again on the climb-out to confirm the restriction. Once 3 miles northeast, the aircraft appeared on the surveillance display at 1.9 within 1 mile of the survey aircraft, still at 2.3. The Cessna aircraft was asked to confirm its altitude to verify the fidelity of the radar, and the aircraft confirmed that it had continued its climb.

April 6, 2022


A National Helicopters Inc. Robinson R22 Beta (C-FNHJ) on a flight from Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYFK), on the threshold of Runway 32, was told to remain south of Runway 08 while departing to the East. The helicopter crossed Runway 08 on departure. No operational impact.

March 21, 2022


An Island Air Flight School & Charters Inc. Cessna 172M (C-GUOB) from Toronto/Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) to Toronto/Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) was cleared to exit the zone to the east. The aircraft turned and went north instead, off frequency.

March 9, 2022

Incident at TORONTO / OSHAWA EXECUTIVE AIRPORT ON (CYOO) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Approximately 3 minutes after departure, the pilot of a 2269831 Ontario Inc. Dassault Falcon 10 (C-GFJX) from Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO) to Toronto/Oshawa, ON (CYOO) called reporting that they had an issue with gear retraction. The aircraft needed to remain airborne for approximately 15 minutes to burn off fuel before returning to land. East Satellite sector advised and communication was transferred for low level lines to reduce fuel. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) was advised, trucks were on site at 1520Z. Aircraft was re-established for the visual approach Runway 12, and landed safely at 1528Z. ARFF was called off at 1530Z. Some delays administered for VFR departures, overall minimal impact on operations.

February 15, 2022

Incident at 3.4NM E MUSKOKA ON (CYQA)

A privately registered Cessna 172M from Lachute, QC (CSE4) to Muskoka, ON (CYQA) made their initial call 3.4NM east of CYQA. No impact on operations.

January 29, 2022


A privately registered Aerostar 601P entered 5.1 space twice, at 2126Z, east to west, and 2131Z, west to east.

February 13, 2022

Incident at 6NM ENE Los Angeles, CA (KLAX)

Aviation Incident Report: Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) advised that an Air Canada Airbus A321-211 (ACA791) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) reported a red unmanned aircraft system (UAS) from the 3 oclock position while west-southwest (WSW) bound at 2,300 feet, 6NM east-northeast (ENE) of KLAX. No evasive action taken. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) notified.

January 2, 2022

Incident at East Midlands, United Kingdom (EGNX)

TSB Report #A22F0005: C-FGSJ, a Cargojet Airways Ltd Boeing 767-300, was conducting flight CJT979 from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl, KY (KCVG) to Derby/East Midlands, United Kingdom (EGNX). On descent into EGNX, passing through FL200 on radar vectors, the flight crew noticed the autopilot was not able to follow the assigned heading and received an Autopilot Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) message. The flight crew disconnected the autopilot and found that the aileron input was restricted/jammed. The flight crew consulted the QRH for restricted flight control and, without improvement, declared a "PAN PAN" and continued the approach for Runway 27. While on final at approximately 2600 feet above sea level, the roll function appeared to return to normal and the aircraft landed without further incident.

February 9, 2022

Incident at 14NM E Covington/Cincinnati, KY (KCVG)

Aviation Incident Report: Cincinnati terminal radar approach control (TRACON) reported that a Cargojet Airways Boeing 767-300 (CJT952) from Hamilton, ON (CYHM) to Covington/Cincinnati, KY (KCVG) was illuminated by a green laser on the left side while south-southwest bound at 5000 feet, 14NM east of KCVG. No injuries reported. Hamilton County Sheriff notified.

April 16, 2022

Incident at CALGARY INTL AB (CYYC) (Incursion - manoeuvring area)

An air traffic service (ATS) vehicle (Tow 504) was repositioning a Boeing 787 from the east parking pad on the main apron to Gate 88. Due to wingtip restrictions on the main apron, this would require bringing the Boeing 787 onto taxiways for its routing to Gate 88. The vehicle contacted east ground control at spot 22 (Taxiway Bravo/Alpha), and was told to "hold short Taxiway Bravo". The vehicle read back the hold short restriction. At the time, an Air Canada Airbus A321-200 (ACA132) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) was south of Taxiway Bravo/Alpha, taxiing north on Taxiway Bravo for a departure from Runway 17L. The vehicle pulled onto Taxiway Bravo, blocking ACA132 from their cleared routing.

April 20, 2022


A Transwest Air Beech 1900D (C-GWWK) from Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker, SK (CYXE) to La Ronge/Barber Field, SK (CYVC) was 5NM final for a contact approach for Runway 36 when they reported a light issue. The pilot was asked if they required assistance, which they declined. The aircraft circled 8NM to the East for a few minutes, then landed safely on Runway 36 shortly after. No impact to operations.

March 21, 2022

Incident at RED DEER REGIONAL AB (CYQF) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A Sky Wings Aviation Academy Cessna 172M (C-GWVR) from Red Deer Regional, AB (CYQF) to Red Deer Regional, AB (CYQF) was given a takeoff clearance and then was observed east of the runway in the infield grass area. The aircraft taxied back onto the runway under its own power and returned to base. Three VFR aircraft were rerouted to a different runway. Airport operator was notified and a foreign object debris (FOD) check completed. Nothing found.

March 18, 2022

Incident at 10NM IQALUIT NU (CYFB)

A Kenn Borek Air Ltd. de Havilland DHC-6-300 (C-GKBO/KBA309) on a flight from Iqaluit, NU (CYFB), before their departure from Runway 34, was advised of a Canadian North Aerospatiale ATR 42-300 (C-GHCP/AKT820) from Pangirtung, NU (CYXP) to Iqaluit, NU (CYFB) that was inbound for Runway 16. KBA309 confirmed it would remain west of the runway centreline (CL) for traffic. After initially remaining west of the CL, the aircraft later returned to the CL. Traffic updates were passed, with KBA309 advising they were turning west but still on the CL. AKT820 deviated east to avoid traffic when they were within 2NM, converging, and at the same altitude.

March 17, 2022

Incident at FORT MCMURRAY AB (CYMM) (Incursion - manoeuvring area)

A vehicle (ST40) on the east service road at Fort Mcmurray, AB (CYMM) requested Taxiways Golf and Echo. Ground control instructed ST40 to proceed via Golf and Echo. ST40 proceeded via Golf and Echo, short of the runway, then proceeded via Golf to the maintenance garage without clearance.

March 16, 2022


A Can-West Corporate Air Charters Ltd. Beech B200CGT (C-GLUF/CWA922) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) conducted an overshoot for Runway 35L due to a gear issue. CWA922 circled to the east of CYYC for 20 minutes, then diverted to CYEG and declared an emergency. No operational impact.

January 23, 2022

Accident at 23NM ESE CAMROSE AB (CEQ3)

A call was received from Strathcona Fire regarding a Delta Helicopters Bell 206B (C-FCQJ) that crashed approximately 3NM southeast of Woodglen, Alberta. Police/Fire/Ambulance and Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) were en route to scene. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton advised that the emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was activated.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A22W0005: C-FCQJ, a Bell 206B operated by Delta Helicopters was conducting an aerial wildlife survey approximately 23NM East Southeast of Camrose, AB (CEQ3) with the pilot and three passengers on board. Approximately an hour and 25 minutes into the flight, the helicopter impacted terrain. The helicopter remained upright, there was no post-impact fire, and the 406 MHz ELT activated. The pilot and three passengers received serious injuries.

February 10, 2022

Incident at GRAND intersection

A Calm Air Aerospatiale ATR 42-320 (CAV2401) from Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson, MB (CYWG) to Sanikiluaq, NU (CYSK) was observed flying outside of its cleared flight path profile to a fix east of CYSK although it had only received a descent clearance. The route known to the Air Traffic Services (ATS) unit was: PIDVI GRAND CYSK.

April 4, 2022

Incident at 4440N / 06635W

A British Airways flight (BAW117) reported an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal. Multiple flights were reporting an ELT signal (strength 4, but intermittent) approximately 30NM east of ALLEX at FL400, westbound. Other flights, 30NM north or south, were not receiving any signal.

March 5, 2022


A privately registered Robinson R44 II from Charlottetown, PE (CYYG) to Charlottetown, PE (CYYG) was observed north and east of CYYG low level without communications on the mandatory frequency (MF). Traffic was passed to several aircraft as altitude and intentions unknown. No other impact to operations.

February 23, 2022

Incident at 140NM E GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

An Avianca Airlines Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (HK5040/AVA4974) from Goose Bay, NL (CYYR) to Reykjavik-Keflavik, Iceland (BIKF) departed CYYR. Approximately 140NM East of CYYR, a windshield cracked and the aircraft turned around. AVA4974 was recleared to return to CYYR. No traffic and no impact to operations.

January 22, 2022


A Jazz de Havilland DHC-8-402 (C-GJZX/JZA8050) from Halifax/Stanfield, NS (CYHZ) to Gander, NL (CYQX) reported severe turbulence, climbing through 150 east of CYHZ. The aircraft requested descent back to 130 for a smoother ride. No impact to operations.

September 2, 2021


Aviation Incident Report #17422: At 1156Z, an Air Tunilik de Havilland DHC-3 (C-FODT) on a flight to Purvinituq, QC (CYPX) landed at the bay and the CYPX universal communications (UNICOM) was waiting for them to establish contact for their next departure. At 1345Z, C-FODT contacted the CYPX UNICOM when they were 15NM east of CYPX, advising they were coming in for a landing. The mandatory frequency area (MFA) at CYPX is 15NM and 3100 feet above sea level (ASL), and all aircraft entering or taking off within the MFA are required to contact Air Traffic Services (ATC).

December 1, 2021

Incident at 4754N / 07707W (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

An Air Creebec de Havilland DHC-8-102 (C-GYWX/CRQ204) from Val-dOr, QC (CYVO) to Montréal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Intl Airport, QC (CYUL) was observed on radar at 7.2 NM to the east of its anticipated profile due to erroneous departure instructions. Separation not assured. No impact on operations.

November 27, 2021


A Dorval Aviation Cessna 172L (C-FHNO) from Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) entered Class C airspace at 2,000 ft, without authorization and without establishing contact. The pilot established contact after flying 3 NM East. Impact: A Skylink Express Beech 1900C (C-GSKW/SLQ100T) from Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) which was at 2,000 ft in a simulated holding pattern over ZMR, was instructed to descend to 1,500 ft.

November 23, 2021

Incident at 5002N / 06537W

A DHL Air Limited Boeing 767-300 (GDHLG/DHK377) from Covington/Cincinnati, KY (KCVG) to East Midlands, United Kingdom (EGNX) reported moderate to severe turbulence at FL350. The aircraft climbed to FL370 and reported a much better ride. The London (XU) flight information centre (FIC) was informed. No reported injuries and no impact on operations.