March 11, 2016

Incident at CAT LAKE ON (CYAC) (Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

A Slate Falls Airways de Havilland DHC-3 (C-FNWX) from Sioux Lookout, ON (CKA6) was landing in Cat Lake, ON (CYAC) and was pushed off the runway due to wind gust. Damage to the tail. No injuries. No impact to operations. Transportation Safety Board (TSB) was advised.
UPDATE: TSB#16C0026: C-FNWX, a de Havilland DHC3 Turbo Otter operated by Slate Falls Airways, was conducting a visual flight rules flight from Sioux Lookout, ON (CKA6) to Cat Lake, ON (CYAC). During the landing roll in significant crosswind conditions, the aircraft's right main wheel and tail wheel encountered ice patches on the runway. The pilot could not maintain directional control; the aircraft yawed to the left and collided at low speed with a snow bank on the left edge of the runway. The aircraft sustained minor damage to the right aft fuselage and none of the occupants were injured.
Follow-up information received from Flight Operations ? West [2016-04-08]: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. The CASI contacted the operator involved for more information and was provided with the pilot report for this low-speed landing rollout incident. There was no propeller strike, no leaks and no reported injuries. The CASI was satisfied with the information provided and advised that no further follow-up action by Transport Canada, Flight Operations was required at this time.

October 24, 2014


An Orca Airways Beech 100 (C-FAXE/ ORK101) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Tofino, BC (CYAZ) cancelled IFR and was proceeding VFR to land on Runway 29 at CYAZ. A Harbour Air de Havilland DHC3 (C-FODH/ HR307) from Vancouver Harbour, BC (CYHC) to Tofino Harbour, BC (CAB4) was observed 2 miles offshore squawking 0401 and heading to enter the CYAZ control zone (CZ) but did not respond to calls from flight service station (FSS). ORK101 was issued with traffic and HR307 was observed exiting the zone to land Tofino Harbour (CAB4). No operational impact

April 4, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: Galiano Island, BC

A Abbotsford Flying Club Piper PA-28-181 (C-GIUK) from Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) to Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) was 3 miles inside the Control Zone at 2500 feet eastbound without a clearance and not tagged up. Harbour Air (HR314), a de Havilland DHC3, 4 miles north of C-GIUK was instructed to descend to 2000 feet to stay clear of the aircraft. HR314 eventually got C-GIUK in sight, climbed to 2500 feet and passed behind the aircraft. The pilot of C-GIUK eventually contacted Tower and traffic was passed
Update Aviation Enforcement: This incident has been reviewed by Civil Aviation Enforcement and the appropriate action has been taken. This matter is now closed.

June 20, 2013

Incident at 38NM NE of YYZ

A Bombardier Inc de Havilland DHC3-400 (BBA800) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Toronto, ON (CYZD) advised controller they observed traffic on their TCAS and requested lower. The controller gave the aircraft a turn and advised traffic was VFR traffic at 5,000 feet unverified. Crew advised they received a TCAS RA and had traffic in sight.

June 27, 2013

Incident at FOND-DU-LAC SK (CZFD)

UPDATE - Additional information from the Government of Saskatchewan, Airport and Marine Operations: Runway incursion at CZFD on 27 June 2013 at 1607Z: The Airport Manager (APM) was conducting an airport inspection at Fond-du-Lac, SK (CZFD) with a total of four personnel on foot, wearing high visibility safety vests and equipped with two handheld radios. Several radio transmissions were received from a DHC3 that was landing on the water at Otherside Bay. The maintenance personnel heard an aircraft that seemed to be coming closer and looked back to see an aircraft on short final for Runway 28. The APM made a broadcast that there were personnel on the runway, however there was no response from the landing aircraft. The personnel hurried off the runway to the south side and the aircraft landed at 1607Z and taxied to the apron. The aircraft was a SAAB 340 C-GTJX operating as TW102. The APM went to the apron and spoke to the pilots. The captain advised that the crew had made three calls, at 20 miles, at 5 miles and on final. The captain and the APM tested the radios in the aircraft and found that the transmitter in use was unserviceable.
Incident ID # 13201: Four airport maintenance personnel on foot proceeded onto runway 10-28 at Fond-du-Lac, SK (CZFD) at 1555Z, after making a broadcast of intentions. At 1607Z the personnel noticed a Transwest Air SAAB 340B (C-GTJX/ TW102) was on final for runway 28 and they quickly proceeded off the runway and called off. The aircraft had not made any radio calls. The captain later informed the APM that the radio in use was unserviceable.

December 6, 2012

Incident at Vicinity of Victoria Harbour (Water Aerodrome) (CYWH)

A Harbour Air De Havilland DHC3 (C-GLCP/operating as HR311) on a VFR flight, appeared on radar squawking 7600 for RDO Failure. Pilot did attempt to contact us by phone and let us know he was able to receive transmissions. We conducted blind transmissions as required and aircraft landed safely at 1734z with no incident.

August 19, 2012

Incident at Vicinity of Prince Rupert Airport (CYPR)

A privately registered DeHavilland DHC3 aircraft flew transborder without an active flight plan. PAKT FSS advise that pilot never filed a flight plan.

March 25, 2012

Incident at Overhead Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)

A Harbour Air deHavilland DHC3 (C-GVNL) operating flight HR304, VFR Victoria Harbour (CYWH) to Vancouver Harbour (CYHC), was northbound on the Oak Bridge transit route at 2,500 feet. C-GVNL reported having to climb in order to avoid unknown traffic which was estimated at 2,400 feet and passed directly east bound below the aircraft. The pass was in controlled airspace. The second aircraft, registration and origin unknown, had not contacted air traffic control and did not display a transponder target on the radar. C-GNVL described the aircraft as a yellow low wing. The aircraft continued through Boundary Bay (CZBB) Control Zone without contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and landed at Delta Airpark (CAK3) at 0123z.

December 29, 2011

Incident at GANGES BC (Water) (CAX6)

UPDATE from Maintenance & Manufacturing: While flying at 2500 feet the pilot heard a large bang followed by an engine failure and prop feathering. The pilot conducted a forced landing near Ganges Harbour. The passengers were disembarked onto auxiliary Coast Guard boats and taken to the harbour. The aircraft was towed to the dock. A visual inspection of the engine revealed damage to the case and exhaust. (TSO = 4267, TSN = 4267) The engine was removed and a new one installed. The aircraft is now back at YVR. A teardown is being scheduled for the engine. The teardown will be conducted by a 3rd party.
A Harbour Air DeHavilland DHC3 operating flight HR304, VFR Victoria (CYYJ) to Victoria Harbour (CYWH), reported engine failure to tower controller and was planning to divert to Ganges Harbour (CAX6). Harbour Express Operations called the tower at 2112Z to advise that HR304 had landed safely on the water and was being towed into the dock. No impact to operations.
UPDATE from Airworthiness; After an engine teardown conducted by a 3rd party it was determined that the engine had a Compressor Turbine (CT) blade failure. Metallurgical examination revealed that one of the CT blades failed due subsurface interdendritic cracking. The remaining blade fractures were in overload and believed to be secondary. No evidence of creep or overheating. An Service Difficulty Report was submitted at the time of the incident and has been updated accordingly. No further action is required by Airworthiness. A Transport Canada Technical Advisor has been assigned for any additional info.
UPDATE from TSB: A11P0173: A Harbour Air DHC-3 (Turbine) Single Otter, C-GVNL, was en-route from Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour at 2500 feet above sea level when there was a bang. The engine spooled down and the propeller feathered. The pilot made a successful emergency landing in Ganges Harbour on Saltspring Island. The aircraft was met by a boat and the all 13 passengers were rescued without injuries. A limited examination of the engine (PT6-34) revealed turbine damage.

November 15, 2011

Incident at Kelowna

The privately registered DeHavilland DHC3, VFR Vancouver (CYVR) to Kelowna (CYLW), reported a landing gear indication. The pilot did two flybys and was advised that the landing gear appeared down. The aircraft landed safely at 1855z. No impact on operations.

November 12, 2011

Incident at VICTORIA INTL BC (CYYJ) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

While in descent, the Air Canada Jazz Dash 8-100, operating as JZA59 on a VFR flight inbound from Vancouver (CYVR) to Victoria (CYYJ), conflicted with the Harbour Air DeHavilland DHC3, operating as HR307 VFR Victoria Harbour (CYWH) to Vancouver Harbor Seaport (CYHC). Prior to ATC passing traffic and HR307 visually acknowledging JZA59, 0.7nm and 500 feet existed between the aircraft where 1.0nm and 1000 feet are required.
UPDATE from TSB: A11P0153 While on descent to Victoria International airport from Vancouver International airport, an Air Canada Jazz DHC-8, flight JZA59, conflicted with a Harbour Air DHC-3 Otter, flight HR307, enroute from Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour. The aircraft were NE of Victoria International in an area were 1.0nm and 1,000 feet separation is required. They were 0.7nm and 500 feet apart. HR307 had the Dash 8 visually and acknowledged the fact prior to an advisory being issued by Air Traffic Control.

November 10, 2011

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

UPDATE from Aerodrome Safety: No further action required. The Victoria Harbour Aerodrome has a wildlife program in place meeting the regulatory requirement of CAR 302.
The Harbour Air Ltd. DeHavilland DHC3, VFR Vancouver Harbor Seaport (CYHC) to Victoria Harbour (CYWH), landed east and reported possible bird strike when on short final. An injured gull was observed on the water. No impact on operations.

November 5, 2011

Incident at VANCOUVER HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYHC) (Aerodrome - other)

The Harbour Air DeHavilland DHC3 , HR312, was tied up overnight at the new floatplane facility beside the Vancouver Convention Centre and sometime overnight partially sank at the dock. The tail and fuselage of the aircraft were entirely submerged aft of the wing and the aircraft nose was pointing up at a severe angle. The aircraft was not visible from the tower until daylight and by then the Harbourmaster workboat had already attended the scene and put an anti-pollution boom around the partially-sunken aircraft. The aircraft operator, Harbour Air, had already been advised of the incident as well and their personnel were at the dock. There was no operational impact for Vancouver Harbour (CYHC) Tower.
UPDATE from Airworthiness: The aircraft was tied to the new facility in CXH loaded to 9,000 pound gross weight. The purpose of this was to test the wave action over a 48 hour period. The aircraft was monitored by dock staff and maintenance staff after hours. CXH maintenance crew forgot to check the aircraft before going home. The last pump was at 15:30 the afternoon before, being that the aircraft was loaded and the floats low in the water, the water lapped over the right rear float and slowly filled the rear compartment through hatch seals and the pump out ball had popped out as well. There was nothing wrong with the float or aircraft once removed from the water. The left float suffered minor damage from resting on the dock and the left elevator suffered damage on the dock. New policies will be put in place for any future projects like this. The aircraft was taxied back to the airport by the chief pilot and the necessary repairs done and the machine is back in service.

September 24, 2011

Incident at 56 36 00 N 126 12 80 W - Johanson Lake

JRCC reported that the 406 Beacon registered to the Saltwater West Enterprises DeHavilland DHC3, C-GFTZ, a single Otter on floats, was going off near Johanson Lake. Two aircraft were tasked to investigate. Prior to the floatplane getting airborne, the beacon was turned off and the pilot called his dispatch to tell them it was a false alarm.

August 29, 2011

Incident at PRINCE RUPERT BC (CYPR) (Rejected take-off, Conflict - potential, ATS operating irregularity)

The Harbour Air Ltd. DeHavilland DHC3, C-FHAS, VFR Prince Rupert (CYPR) to Seal Cove (CZSW), called and was provided an advisory with active runway 13 at 2027Z. An American registered MBG LLC Canadair CL600, N23SB, IFR Terrace (CYXT) to CYPR, was 5NM final at the time. FHAS commenced immediate departure 2028Z. N23SB was provided departing traffic. Approximately 45 seconds after the rolling call FHAS rejected take-off and was exiting immediately on taxiway B. N23SB was advised and had the traffic visual and commenced a right hand 360 turn to allow FHAS to exit. FHAS exited the runway at 2029Z, no assistance was required. N23SB landed 2031Z. FHAS departed again 2034Z.

August 28, 2011

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

The Harbour Air DeHavilland DHC3 operating flight HR304, VFR Vancouver Harbour (CYHC) to Victoria Harbour (CYWH), executed a missed approach on a westbound landing due to a harbour taxi crossing the landing area "A" in spite of the strobes being activated well in advance of HR304's landing. The aircraft landed at 0239z with no further incident.

July 22, 2011

Incident at VANCOUVER HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYHC) (Other operational incident, Conflict - loss of separation)

A privately registered Cessna A185E, VFR Vancouver International (CAM9) to Vancouver Harbour (CYHC), was inbound for eastbound landing in Area Alpha. Numerous boats were operating in Area Alpha and the Cessna A185E was cleared to land. Due to the boat traffic, Cessna A185E was informed by the tower that landing south of the ball was at pilots discretion if required. Harbour Air Ltd. DeHavilland DHC3 (C-GHAG), VFR Vancouver Harbour to Nanaimo Harbour (CAC8) operating flight HR317, started taxi from Harbour Air docks and was told about the Cessna A185E inbound. The Cessna A185E landed south of the ball and north of HR317, passing very close to HR317. The pilot of flight HR317 was concerned about the possible risk of collision and asked we file a report. No operational impact.

July 18, 2011

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

A Harbour Air Ltd. DeHavilland DHC3, operating flight HR306, VFR Victoria Harbour (CYWH) to Vancouver (CYVR), departed Victoria Harbour south bound. Shortly after departure the aircraft advised they were landing due to a door seal issue. The aircraft landed near the breakwater, fixed the problem, then departed again. No impact on operations.

May 7, 2011

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A Kenmore Air Dehavilland DHC3 Turbo Otter, VFR Kenmore Air Harbor (KW55) to Victoria Harbour (CYWH), flew transborder without an active flight plan.

March 28, 2011

Incident at DAWSON CITY YT (CYDA) (ATS operating irregularity)

Loss of alerting service. VFR flight plan was not opened at actual departure time of 2250z. Flight plan was opened at FIMS proposed ETD of 0000z. At FIMS QALQ alarm time of 0130z CGDHW DHC3 had actually been overdue by 40 minutes.

July 10, 2011

Accident at WABUSH NL (Water) (CCX5)

A DHC3 Otter, C-FJZN (Air Saguenay) was on a VFR flight from Wabush, Labrador. Winds were 030 degrees at 10 knots. The aircraft took off from South to North in a crosswind from the left. The aircraft left the lake surface at the decision point of takeoff. During the initial climb, the aircraft performance seemed good but after a few seconds, the pilot realized that the aircraft did not have enough altitude to go over the transmission line. The pilot then decided to execute a precautionary landing. He made a left turn and set the aircraft about 100 feet before the end of the lake and the aircraft continued into a river dotted with shallow rocks. The left float struck a rock and the aircraft came to rest in 3 to 4 feet of water. No one was injured, damage to the aircraft are limited to below the left float.

November 3, 2010


UPDATE from Maintenance & Manufacturing: After being cleared to land, the Pilot In Command (PIC) noticed that he only had two green lights, and conducted an overshoot and recycled the gear. Receiving four green lights he then proceeded to land without incident. After consulting the VP of Maintenance, the PIC checked the hydraulic level and the rear spreader bar for leaks. Not noting any leaks and having an acceptable level of hydraulic fluid, the pilot carried on flying for the rest of the day. The aircraft is being monitored for re-occurrence of the problem, and none have been reported. No further action required.
Harbour Air Flight HR312 (C-FHAS), a Dehavilland DHC3 VFR Victoria Harbour to Langley, executed an overshoot due to a gear issue. HR312 landed safely on next approach. There was no operational impact.

July 4, 2010

Incident at SANDSPIT BC (CYZP)

UPDATE from Airport Manager: The pilot of the DH3T on amphibious floats landing at the Airport advised that that he could not determine if the gear was down and locked. The Airport Manager (APM) was called at 1234Z by FSS Terrace (CYXT) and asked to come out to airside and observe the aircraft to help determine the position of the gear. APM and duty staff observed the aircraft on the several passes the aircraft made over the runway and it appeared that all 4 gear were down and symmetrical in their appearance. The pilot advised that he had contacted the company for advice and was going to land. The local Fire Department was called for standby and on their way when the aircraft landed safely and taxied in. The Fire Department and Transport Canada staff stood down. Relevant information was obtained from the pilot. There was no operational impact.
A North Pacific Seaplanes Ltd. Dehavilland DHC3 Turbo Otter, VFR Prince Rupert to Sandspit, did not have gear down indication, did several low approaches and landed safely.
UPDATE from Maintenance & Manufacturing: Upon inspection it was found that the landing gear indicator lights had been dimmed too low to be visible in the ambient light.

March 30, 2010

Incident at Kelowna

An ELT transmission was heard on Frequency 121.5 at Kelowna. The ACC and Rescue Coordination Center were advised. It was later determined the location was at Carson Air Hanger #3 and the aircraft was a private American-registered Sky Pro Enterprises Ltd. DeHavilland DHC3.

August 31, 2009

Incident at CHIBOUGAMAU / CHAPAIS QC (CYMT) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

Mise à jour #1: Selon les informations obtenues de la division Aviation commerciale et d'affaires, le pilote a été rencontré et celui-ci a mentionné qu'il porterait une attention particulière au suivi de vol et compte rendu d'arrivée.*** ** *** Update #1: According to information from the Commercial and Business Aviation Division, there was a meeting with the pilot, who said that he would pay special attention to the flight log and arrival report.
C-GLMT, un DHC3 exploité par Air Saguenay, avait effectué un vol selon les règles de vol à vue (VFR) depuis le sud-est de Chibougamau/Chapais (CYMT) à destination du Lac Caché. Le pilote n'a pas communiqué avec le spécialiste d'information de vol (FSS) de Rouyn (CYUY) après l'atterrissage, comme convenu. L'appareil a été localisé au sol par la Sureté du Québec à 1721Z.*** ** *** C-GLMT, a DHC3 operated by Air Saguenay, had conducted a visual flight rules (VFR) flight from southeast of Chibougamau/Chapais (CYMT) to Lac Caché. The pilot did not communicate with the Rouyn (CYUY) flight service specialist after landing, as had been agreed. The Sûreté du Québec found the aircraft on the ground at 1721Z.

August 3, 2009


Le pilote de C-GLJI, un De Havilland DHC3 de Labrador Air Safari, situé sur le lac des Plaines à Havre-St-Pierre, a avisé le spécialiste d'information de vol (FSS) de Sept-Îles (CYZV) que la radiobalise d'urgence (ELT) de l'appariel s'est possiblement déclenché entre 1500Z et 1515Z sur les fréquences d'urgence.*** ** *** The pilot of C-GLJI, a Labrador Air Safari de Havilland DHC3, located on Lac des Plaines at Havre-St-Pierre, informed the Sept-Îles (CYZV) flight service specialist that his aircraft's emergency locator transmitter (ELT) may have been activated on the emergency frequencies from 1500Z until 1515Z.

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

The Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DHC3, VFR Kenmore WA to Victoria Harbour, conducted a transborder flight without an active flight plan.

July 23, 2009

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

The Kenmore Air Harbour Dehavilland DHC3, VFR Kenmore WA to Victoria Harbour, flew transborder without an active VFR flight plan.

March 24, 2009

Incident at SMITHERS BC (CYYD)

The Saltwater West Enterprises Ltd. Dehavilland DHC3, VFR Smithers (CYYD) to CYYD, ELT was accidentally activated from 2058Z to 2122Z.

February 24, 2009


UPDATE from Aerodrome Safety: No further action required. The Vancouver Harbour has a wildlife program in place meeting the regulatory requirement of CAR 302.
Harbour Air Flight HR306, a Dehavilland DHC3 VFR Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour, reported a bird strike on departure but returned to land without incident.

August 25, 2009

Incident at GILLAM MB (CYGX)

PAG947 reported 2 aircraft in conflict with PAG947 in the vicinity of Gillam while SVFR. No other aircraft were authorized SVFR in Gillam control zone. No information on other aircraft other than one was a C185 and the other was either a DHC2 or DHC3.

October 15, 2008

Incident at NATASHQUAN QC (CYNA) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A de Havilland DHC3 operated by Labrador Air Safari, had just conducted a visual flight rules (VFR) flight to Natashquan (Lac de l'Avion) (CSY8). While on final for Lac de l'Avion, the pilot informed the Sept-Îles (CYZV) flight service specialist that he would call back once he had landed. Five minutes later, the specialist tried to contact the Lac de l?Avion manager since he had not heard anything from the pilot, but was unsuccessful. While the specialist was informing the Sûreté du Québec, the driver of the airport vehicle PERSONNEL29 reported that the aircraft had landed safely.

October 6, 2008

Incident at NATASHQUAN (LAC DE L'AVION) QC (Eau) (CSY8) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A Dehavilland DHC 3 operated by Labrador Air Safari was conducting a visual flight rules (VFR) flight to Natashquan (Lac de l'Avion) (CSY8). When the aircraft was 7 NM west of CSY8, the flight service specialist at Sept-Îles (CYZV) asked the pilot of the DHC3 to call on final. The specialist tried to contact the pilot, but was unsuccessful. The specialist requested that an airport vehicle and that the Sûreté du Québec [Québec police] be dispatched to the site. The specialist received confirmation that the aircraft had safely landed on the lake.

July 20, 2008

Incident at Coordonnée 5753N/6736W (Aerodrome - runway or taxiway surface condition)

At 1609Z, FAB864, an aircraft operated by First Air, informed the Kuujjuaq (CYVP) flight service specialist that, before landing, he was in contact with the pilot of a de Havilland DHC3 operated by Johnny May's Air Charter, which had conducted a visual flight rules (VFR) flight from Stuwart Lake to a destination 30 NM southeast of Kuujjuaq (CYVP). The pilot of the DHC 3 reported that the aircraft was stuck in a sandbank at the geographical coordinates 5753N/6736W, but the aircraft was not damaged and the passengers were not injured. The pilot of the DHC3 requested that the company?s operations staff be informed of the situation. ************** * ************** À 1609Z, FAB864, un appareil exploité par First Air, a avisé le spécialiste d'information de vol (FSS) de Kuujjuaq (CYVP) qu'avant son atterrissage, il était en contact avec le pilote d'un De Havilland DHC3 exploité par Johnny May's Air Charter, qui avait effectué un vol selon les règles de vol à vue (VFR) depuis Stuwart Lake à destination de 30 milles nautiques au sud-est de Kuujjuaq (CYVP). Le pilote du DHC 3 a mentionné que l'aéronef était coincé dans un banc de sable aux coordonnées 5753N/6736W, mais que l'appareil n'était pas endommagé et que les passagers n'étaient pas blessés. Le pilote du DHC3 a demandé à ce que le personnel des opérations de la compagnie soit avisé de la situation.

September 17, 2008

Incident at VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR) (Conflict - potential, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

UPDATE from ANS & Airspace: Follow up by Air Traffic Control is ongoing.
Harbour Air Flight HR311, a Dehavilland DHC3 VFR Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour (CYWH), was Southbound to CYWH on a published VFR route at 2,500 feet. The private American-registered Aircraft Guaranty Title LLC Trustee Cirrus SR22, VFR Morelia MX to Boundary Bay, contacted Vancouver Tower at 3,000 feet Southeast bound enroute to Boundary Bay and was given descent to 2,500 feet. HR311 asked the controller about the traffic as the SR22 descended through his altitude.

August 24, 2008

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

The Kenmore Air Harbor Dehvilland DHC3, VFR Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base to Victoria Harbour, flew transborder without an active VFR flight plan.

May 25, 2008

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

US Flight Planning in Prescott AZ said the pilot of the Kenmore Air Harbor Inc. Dehavilland DHC3, VFR origin unknown to Victoria Harbour, activated his flight plan but no fight plan was received by Kamloops Flight Information Centre. The aircraft flew transborder without an active flight plan.
UPDATE from Nav Canada: Investigation revealed that the flight plan had been misrouted by unit responsible for alerting - Lockheed-Martin. Loss of alerting resulted.

July 13, 2008

Incident at WABUSH NL (Water) (CCX5)

A Canadian registered DHC3 on floats, was on final approach for Wabush (CCX5), when the pilot reported engine problems. No emergency was declared. The aircraft landed safely at Wabush at 14:44Z however the pilot reported that the engine had failed and assistance was required to tow the aircraft back to the dock. At 15:28Z, the company advised that the floatplane was back safely at the dock.
UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing (Quebec): The engine experienced a cylinder failure which damaged a second one. The two cylinders were replaced. The aircraft was tested and returned to service without further problems.

August 18, 2007

Incident at NANAIMO HARBOUR BC (Water) (CAC8) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, Communication error, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DH3T Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base (KS60) to Nanamio Harbour (CAC8) 1645. Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DH3T KS60 to Victoria Harbour (CYWH) 1631. Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DHC3 KS60 to CAC8 1659. Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DH3T KS60 to CYWH 1640. All above arrived transborder without flight plans. Seattle FSS attempted to send flight plans to Kamloops FIC but plans were not received until much later due to system failure.

July 30, 2007

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The Kenmore Air Harbor Dehavilland DHC3, VFR Kenmore WA to Victoria Harbour, arrived without a flight plan. Prescott (KPRC) FSS was queried and replied with a "roger" message. No information was provided.

June 10, 2007

Incident at VICTORIA INTL BC (CYYJ) (ATM - other)

American, DHC3, VFR KW55 to CYYJ flew transborder without active flight plan. CYWH FSS sent an arrival report to Kamloops FIC regarding this aircraft. FIC had no flight plan on file. FIC sent arrival report to Seattle FSS. They responded that aircraft had a proposed flight plan but did not activate it.

May 1, 2007

Incident at VANCOUVER HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYHC) (Navigation error, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

UPDATE from Commercial & Business Aviation: The company is no longer in existence.
Harbour Air Flight HR313, a Dehavilland DHC3, and a Baxter Aviation Dehavilland DHC2, both VFR Nanaimo Harbour to Vancouver Harbour, were inbound for a eastbound landing. The Baxter Aviation DHC2 was cleared to land eastbound north of HR313, but landed south of HR313 instead.

April 19, 2006

Accident at Lac Lagopède (5240N 7212W) (Loss of control - on ground, Collision on ground)

Update #2: Following the accident, the aircraft C-FKLC was supposed to be transported by helicopter. C-FKLC was dropped, falling several meters. Nordair Québec 2000 purchased another aircraft?C-FSVP. **** ** **** Mise à jour #2: Suite à l'accident, l'aéronef C-FKLC devait être transporté par hélicoptère. C-FKLC a été échappé, subissant une chute de plusieurs mètres. La compagnie Nordair Québec 2000 a fait l'acquisition d'un autre aéronef, soit C-FSVP.
Update #1: The occurrence type was changed from "incident" to "accident." **** ** **** Mise à jour #1: Modification de la catégorie "incident" pour "accident"
According to the TSB report A06Q0070, the DHC3 on skis, registered C-FODT and operated by Air Saguenay, inbound from Chibougamau, landed on the ice runway at Lac Lagopède. During the landing roll, the aircraft was unable to stop in time, and struck another DHC3, registered C-FKLC and operated by Nordair Québec 2000 Inc. which was parked on the runway, with the engine shut down. The left wing leading edge on C-FODT was substantially damaged. The right wing of C-FKLC was ripped off in the collision. Neither of the occupants of C-FODT, nor the pilot of C-FKLC who was on board, was injured.

November 6, 2006

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

Victoria FSS were experiencing difficulties with radio transmissions from C-FHAA a Harbour Air Dehavilland DHC3 low level enroute to Victoria Harbour. The aircraft was tagged up on NARDs with transponder flashing red with RDO (radio) in remarks on tag. FSS were able to pass an arrival advisory complete with traffic and SVFR (Special VFR Flight). While the aircraft was in the Control Zone passing Beacon Hill, it changed its transponder to #7600. The aircraft landed at 1836Z without further incident.

July 18, 2006

Incident at LA RONGE (BARBER FIELD) SK (CYVC) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

TransWest mule pulling a DHC3 proceeded onto taxiway C, B and across runway 10/28 without contacting FSS. No operational impact.
UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that the vehicle operator was contacted by the FSS specialist who then reviewed AVOP requirements as well as airside radio procedures with the TransWest employee. This event did not cause any reported air traffic interruptions.

March 29, 2006

Incident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

C-GLMT, Air Saguenay DHC3 arrived at Goose Bay (CYYR) from Alexis River, which is in the Canadian Air Defence Identification Zone (CADIZ), without a flight plan on file. Nil TSB.

October 28, 2005

Incident at BAIE-COMEAU QC (CYBC) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

C-GLCO, an Otter on floats (DHC3) operated by Labrador Air Safari Inc., was conducting a visual flight rules (VFR) flight to Lac Gibier, located approximately 1 NM southwest of Baie-Comeau (CYBC). The pilot reported when he was inbound for the lake from the east. He received airport advisory service at 1629Z. However, he did not report on final and landed on the lake.

September 21, 2005

Incident at YCR109 restricted airspace.

C-FDNK a Dehavilland DHC3 owned by Viking Air was receiving VFR advisories and was told of the CYR109 activation prior to termination of radar service. Aircraft subsequently transited the NW corner of CYR109 at approximately 6.5T (airspace was active to 14T). No operational impact.

August 4, 2005

Accident at Louie Lagoon (N4944.08 W12655.93)

TSB update: The DeHavilland DHC-3 (C-FQEI) was transporting eight passengers into Louis Lagoon on the north west end of Nootka Island. While on the downwind, left-hand leg of the approach, the engine stopped and the pilot conducted a forced landing into the lagoon. During the after-landing deceleration, the aircraft entered shallows on the east end of the lagoon and flipped over in about one foot of water. Only the pilot received minor injuries and everyone aboard escaped.
C-FQEI a Dehavilland DHC3 owned by Air Nootka was attempting a water landing at Louie Lagoon and flipped when it hit the beach. Nine SOB, no fatalities, one minor injury. RCC dispatched resources, however, the company was able to remove everyone with their own aircraft.

May 25, 2005

Incident at VANCOUVER HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYHC) (ATS operating irregularity)

Harbour Air flight a Dehavilland DHC3 entered the Vancouver Harbour control zone prior to contacting Vancouver Harbour tower. The pilot advised unable to request frequency change due frequency congestion Vancouver Tower.
Update from ANS&A: No further action required.