June 18, 2013

Incident at CZNB (ATM - inaccurate aeronautical information)

CD phones for both Community Aerodrome Radio Stations (CARS) and Aviation Weather Briefing Service (AWBS) were unavailable from approximately 2030Z till 2130Z. Reason unknown.

April 24, 2008

Incident at KAMLOOPS BC (CYKA) (ATM - other)

UPDATE from ANS & Airspace: No further action required.
At 1730Z two radar products stopped being received on the FSS Weather Graphics System (FWGS) at Kamloops (CYKA) Flight Information Centre (FIC). Pilots requiring Aviation Weather Briefing Service (AWBS) were referred to Edmonton FIC. FWGS became serviceable at 0125Z. The Kamloops FIC was unable to provide AWBS full service from 2250Z until 0125Z.

October 3, 2006

Incident at KAMLOOPS BC (CYKA) (ATM - other)

The Kamloops FIC Weather Graphics System (FWGS) failed at 0445Z until 1630Z. All products (charts, RADAR, satellite) stopped being received by the FWGS system. Operators on the midnight shift noticed late charts at 0600Z but decided to wait (assuming that they were simply input late) as briefing traffic was virtually non-existent late at night. At 1145Z an operator called the NOC to confirm charts were being sent as normal. She then called the TOC to advise that no products were being received by the FWGS system. TOC logged the event but did not call out a technician. At 1430Z a technician reported for duty and began to address the problem. All AWBS briefing requests were referred to Edmonton FIC. At 1630Z the FWGS system was back on line at all positions. It took a couple of hours for most major products tp be updated in the data base. The technician advised that the problem originated with the CMOS clock on the system server. When it became incorrect, it went out of sync with the national server. No mitigation with reference to future occurrences could be suggested.
UPDATE from ANS & Airspace: No further action required.

August 31, 2006

Incident at London F.I.C. (ATM - other, ATM - inaccurate aeronautical information)

NAV CANADA staff at London F.I.C. reported that the F.S.S. weather information data collection and distribution system failed from 1600Z until 1714Z, resulting in no METAR and PIREP information from F.S.S./F.I.C. sites. Ops. impact -- AWBS and FISE were impacted.

August 21, 2006

Incident at London F.I.C. (Aerodrome - foreign authorities involved, ATM - other)

NAV CANADA staff at London F.I.C. reported that the United States alpha-numeric weather data (METAR, TAF, PIREP, AIRMET, SIGMET, upper winds, etc.) was reported as missing from both MIDS and FWGS. An AACN message was received from CWAO advising of the outage. Ops. impact -- aviation weather briefing services (AWBS) and flight information service en-route (FISE) were affected.

August 20, 2006

Incident at London F.I.C. (ATM - other)

NAV CANADA staff at London F.I.C. reported that a power failure at Environment Canada resulted in a lack of weather data. The operational impact was to FISE and AWBS which limited briefings, etc. At 1720Z, the Ontario weather radar data was missing, again affecting the FISE and AWBS. Ops. impact -- unknown.

September 9, 2004

Incident at London FIC (ATM - other)


February 10, 2003

Incident at YELLOWKNIFE NT (CYZF) (ATM - other)

During maintenance on the Yellowknife MIDS System the MIDS servers went offline. Yellowknife FIC was not able to provide AWBS (Aviation Weather Briefing Services) for the duration of the event. Contingency routing maintained the integrity of alerting services. The system was restored at 00:40Z.

November 20, 2003

Incident at HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (ATM - other)

The Halifax FIC FWGS server became unserviceable. No products were available at AWBS positions. AWWS site was being used for AWBS. Impact was minimal as products were being received from the backup system. There was no product looping or zoom in/out capability for RADAR and Satellite imagery. FWGS was returned to service at 1820Z.

September 29, 2003

Incident at HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (ATM - other)

Due to the passing of Hurricane Juan, several outages have occurred which were caused by the Commercial power outage at 0250Z. All FWGS weather products were unserviceable at 0410Z. The FWGS/MIDS satellite dish was blown out of alignment. AWBS requests were forwarded to Quebec FIC as necessary. FWGS/MIDS serviceable at 1223Z, databases were updating accordingly.

August 29, 2003

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

At 1615Z the Halifax FIC received an Arrival message from the Saint John FSS advising that N45SD a PA34 had arrived VFR at 1549Z from Bar Harbour Maine and that hey had no VFR flight plan information on this flight. The Halifax FIC did not have a VFR flight plan for this flight. The aircraft violated Canadian Airspace by entering without an active flight plan. The pilot called the Halifax FIC at 1611Z to obtain an AWBS weather briefing; he asked if it is mandatory to file a flight plan within Canada, and whether it is mandatory to file to cross into Canada from the United States. The FIC Specialist advised the pilot it is mandatory to file a flight plan to cross into or out of the United States, and that it is always advisable to file for flights wholly within Canada as well. The pilot then filed a VFR flight plan from CYSJ to CCQ3 with Halifax FIC.

August 18, 2003


Halifax Tower advised Halifax FIC of a VFR arrival from Bar Harbour Me. Halifax FIC did not have an active flight plan for this flight. Bangor FSS was queried and it was discovered that the Pilot had filed a flight plan but had failed to open the flight plan or activate it on departure. The Bangor FSS stated that the tapes were checked and the aircraft had not contacted the Bangor FSS between the time frame 1845Z to 1945Z. The pilot claimed he contacted the Halifax FIC at approximately 2100Z to obtain an AWBS weather briefing and file a new VFR flight plan. He claims that he contacted Bangor FSS to activate the original flight plan to Canada, and at the same time to request the Boston Flight Following frequency.

July 2, 2001

Incident at VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR) (ATM - other)

The Vancouver FSS FWGS (flight weather graphics system) failed on the afternoon of July 2nd local and the printer associated with the Fax Manager System has been unservicable since July 1st @ 14:15z. The Vancouver TOC was notified and the Tech will not be available until July 3rd after 07:00 local. Vancouver FSS will provide AWIS level briefings, until the FWGS is restored, the Edmonton FSS will provide the AWBS level briefings to the customers that require them.

June 17, 2001

Incident at REGINA INTL SK (CYQR) (Aerodrome - power failure)

At 1513Z, commercial power failed at Regina FSS. Power was restored at 2225Z. During the disruption of power, the various systems were on backup power. During the period when the electricians were working to restore commercial power, FSS experienced numerous power bumps, which severely affected the FWGS. Data at FWGS position 2 was not being updated. Due to workload and weather conditions, the team supervisor escalated the maintenance response to priority 1. While the technician was working on FWGS, both positions were U/S from 2100Z until 2253Z. The FSS were unable to provide an AWBS level of service during this period.

October 8, 1998

Incident at LONDON ON (CYXU) (ATM - other)

The Image Manager system at London F.S.S. received no graphical data from RCTO for the period 0923Z-1332Z. Missing were all surface and upper air analysis charts, aviation progs., SigWx progs., subjective progs., U.S. radar maps, all GOES 8 and 9 imagery and the Ontario weather radars. The Environment Canada Atmospheric Environment Service (AES) help desk was contacted at 1100Z. Data returned at 1332Z. Ops. impact -- the missing data reduced the advertised Aviation Weather Briefing Service (AWBS) W1 level of service (including weather maps, satellite and radar imagery and consultation service) to Aviation Weather Information Service (AWIS) W2 level of service (a pictoral display available in the F.S.S. office). London, Toronto (Buttonville), Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto (LBPIA) were unable to provide the advertised level of service for over four (4) hours, while weather in the area was marginal VFR. O.P.I.: PAS

September 9, 1997

Incident at TORONTO / BUTTONVILLE MUNICIPAL ON (CYKZ) (ATS operating irregularity)

Multi Information Display System(MIDS): The TAF's for Toronto/Buttonville and London were received incomplete at 23Z issue on Sept 9, 1997. It is assumed that the length of the information in each TAF may be a factor in MIDS not displaying the complete TAF. The TAF's were received complete on the Image Manager. Five lines of the London TAF were missing. This missing data from both TAF's contained below IFR weather for an extended period due to the current weather system approaching the area. Current Status - This condition has not recurred since the issue of the 23Z TAF of 09 Sept., 97. Operational Impact - Severe, considering the current severe weather patterns, and the impact on the quality and accuracy of AWBS briefings and hazard to the safety of the aviation public cannot be overstated. Supplementary: MIDS specialist in Ottawa is working on solution.